Did You Think Making Money Blogging Would Be Easy?

Tips for Blog Success

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Ever since blogging became popular, people have been trying to make a living at it. A few have been successful, but many eventually give up, or if they actually do continue to blog, they aren’t making anything. In a session I attended about blogging at SXSW last month, one of the panelists asked the question, "how many of you have a blog?" Nearly everyone in the room raised their hands. Next, they asked, "how many of you are earning with your blog?" Very few people raised their hands.

That does not mean it can’t be done. It’s just going to take some work. We talked to Darren Rowse, one of the most famous people in the Blogosphere for making blogging profitable (he runs ProBlogger), who shared some tips on how to do it.

Have you been able to make your blog profitable? Tell us about it.

It’s Going to Take a While

As Rowse notes, a lot of people jump into blogging thinking they’re going to start earning quickly. That is very likely not the case. He says it’s about finding a good niche – something you’re passionate about. Ask yourself what your interests are, and if your topics are things you can see yourself writing about regularly for years.

When looking for a niche to take on, Rowse suggests doing  some  research on how many people are searching for that type of content. Use tools like Google Trends. Look at how many people are advertising on this type of content. Is there enough content to write about on the topic or will you eventually run out of things to say?


As Rowse says, there’s no rule for how often you should blog. People have been successful writing a post a week or less. Still, your chances of growing success are increased along with your frequency. Think about it.

"Every post you write is a doorway into your site," says Rowse. "If you’re only writing 52 posts a year, that’s 52 places people can connect with you through Google or through Twitter. If you’re writing 365 (one a day), then you’ve exponentially increased the amount of places that people can find you."

Despite the beliefs of some, blogging is not dead, and it’s not dying by the hands of social media. Social media can be the blogger’s best friend for sharing content, and attracting more readers.

Guy Gonzalez of F+W Media made a pretty good point in that session at SXSW: "Anyone who thinks Twitter is a substitute for a blog probably wasn’t a good blogger to begin with."

Last year, we looked at some polls that Rowse conducted, finding that more people preferred to have more blog readers, as opposed to more Twitter followers. Granted, Twitter use has grown significantly since then, but I don’t know that the outcome would be much different now. A lot of bloggers are using Twitter simply to drive traffic to their blog posts.

Either way, when it comes to content, it shouldn’t be about the format (blogging vs. Twitter). It should be about what you have to say, and whether you can convey that to the right audience. More on that here.

Share your own tips for an effective blogging strategy.

Did You Think Making Money Blogging Would Be Easy?
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  • http://posicionate.org Joseph

    Hi all,


  • http://www.collectiondelinquency.com collection

    We have found the pay per post plateforms never work well. It ends up costing too much

  • Zane Good

    3 out of 10 of my clients are diligent enough to make money blogging. That means 7 people will give up, and they go back to a regular day job. So, decide beforehand, are you diligent enough to devote a year or more to gain success?

    I set up WordPress blogs for $350.00. I have found that the bloggers who are diligently posting at least every other day are able to make money with a combination of advertising networks, and make that back within the year. It does a take at least one year, and I encourage them to do more than one blog (of course, I get paid each time) because one can exponentially increase their revenue, and they can see what works and what doesn’t. After the initial year or more, they tend to understand how to do this, and they surpass need for me.

    Philosophy #1: Why work 40 plus hours per week for someone else, when you can spend half the time maintaining 5 blogs, each of which can bring in income.

    Start now, however, since you won’t see diddly for a year or more. Devote time at night, or early morning.

    Philosophy #2: You can take 2 years and create multiple blogs now, or have that same two years pass and have nothing at the end if you don’t. Your choice.

  • Emmy

    I have registered for several platforms for getting paid for posts.

    I use both that you have mentioned Joseph and a few more as well. PPP is fine, but a few restrictions and Vertical Blogger is quite new – the payments are better I find and its simple to use.

    I generally look to do one post a day and if www.verticalblogger.com or PayPerPost send me an alert then I can do one for them and get paid for it. I also have affiliate links on my blog for the occasional sale.

  • http://www.culturacine.com Rafael Cueto

    Hi We registered with Vertical Blogger and got very little, now they have updated the site and it is working much better for us. I like it. But what really works for us is selling our own products. We did a small test with T-shirts designed with our own cinema flyers and they sold out in a day. Only 10 though but HEY.

    We will be going for affiliates too because it fits our theme. We post advertising of classic movies from a very exclusive collection so it makes sense to add a link to buy the movie.

    Guys lets keep it going if someone has any good tips share them.

    All the best to every one


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    My blog is bringing in a ton of money. I blog about every way you can think of to make money online and my readers just can’t get enough. Thanks for the post.

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  • http://pcscomputers.org Richard

    I’m just starting in the blogging/e-business world so any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the insight!

  • http://www.fowlercomputer.com Shane Fowler

    I have made some money off of my computer repair blog by writing about Viruses and malware as soon as I encounter them. The important thing to do is tell your audience about a product or service and then offer to sell it to them. SEO is key because no one will find your blog unless you are optimized.

  • http://www.insuranceblog.co.uk Insurance Blogger

    I run many blogs and I even run the most successful insurance blog in the world and guess what – I don’t make any money from them! Directly!
    My blogs get read by thousands, but that doesn’t make me any money
    I don’t sell links on my blogs – though I could…..
    I have adsense but that doesn’t make me any money
    I embed affiliate links but no one buys fom blogs……

    So why do I continue blogging

    Because I’ve only got to embed links in one post to a target site, that post gets spread far and wide with my links in it and bingo, my sites rise to the top of the SERPS – it’s the cheapest authority link building method there is!

  • http://yvonnefinn.com Yvonne Finn

    Hello Everyone,

    If making money with a blog, or any other tool for that matter, were easy,
    then we could all do it. Right?

    Anyway, one way to ensure you are getting the most of your blog is to
    have it build your marketing list for YOU.
    Some call it branding you, have your visitor connect to you, find out what
    THEY need and then go from there.

    Many marketers are still NOT doing this and what a waste that is!
    Your list is your connection to your subscribers, clients, leads and prospects.
    Even if you change your business or company, this list goes with you.

    So, my number one strategy, in addition to writing useful content is a simple
    form asking my visitor for their contact details so that I can keep in touch with them.

    Hope this helps!

  • kenzie

    what if your a teen?

    • http://www.searchsquad.com.au Mark – Search Squad

      Then you can only blog to a teen audience because as you just proved, you misspell 20% of your words and fail to punctuate correctly.

  • http://www.websuccessteam.com WebSuccess

    We run several blogs and we have never made money from anyone of them. We spend lots of time writing and researching good topics that we think will interest our readers. The result: The days we blog our traffic almost doubles. I find that some topics get better results than others. Overall, you might not make money directly from your blog but think of the indirect possibilities.

  • http://www.coveryourbed.com Kim

    Thank you for the article. I was very intimidated when I started my blog and am a little still today. I don’t make money from my blog but hope that it sends people to my site so I can there. The indirect importance is usually missed by polls, etc. I am new to blogging and am getting better at it a little each day. I look forward to more articles like this one.

  • http://www.angles-sur-anglin.eu/ Oiseaux

    Both my partner and her son blog almost every day. He has over a 1500 back links and a PR of 3. When I suggested that he possibbly had a niche blog that could earn him some money (and he is broke!!) he raised eyes and hands in horror !! It is very good, have a look.


  • http://myantiagingbeauty.com Rebe

    After taking a couple of blogging courses, decided to jump in and get feet wet. Been 2 years now and am seeing results with niche/affiliate sales. It took awhile to find my blog voice, tho. I also blog for a couple of clients in various niches and the more I write, the better the blogs do. With background in SEO, getting traffic wasn’t the hardest part…it was tweeking and testing content to improve conversions [sales].

    It’s a labor of love [writing] but always knew it would require work!

    Thanks, WPN for all the great stuff you make available…am addicted to reading (almost) all your posts. :)

  • http://www.globalclassifiedscentral.com/ Global Classifieds

    I have been blogging for 3 years and making money also. One thing you mentioned is really important is that posting. I post 3 posting in a week.

  • http://richinwriters.com Steve

    Although i have made money Blogging it’s more of a hobby to me I’m a late bloomer. The people that do my SEO for my other websites told me to start a blog so i did I like blogging and i’m learning allot.

  • http://www.friendly-tips.com/ Srinath

    I have reduced the posts per week & am focusing on quality of contents. I do a bit of research on high traffic & low competition long tail key words. Once i have done that i write a blog post mainly to give info rather than sell. Into the posts i insert affiliate product links.

    This change has gotten me much better income than adsense.

    Initially i had a lot of difficulty in getting traffic as my site www.friendly-tips.com was not optimized for any specific keyword. It had variety of topics like weight loss, self improvement, relationships etc. But by spending time on research, i get visits because of higher page ranks instead of overall site rank.

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    Hi to all bloggers who like to write but also to make some $ from that.

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    Eventually people will recognize that you are sincere about the topics and will start to come back.

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    it isn’t easy,but you can get money from blogging.How much? it’s depend on your skill and your work

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    It’s pretty hard to make money through pay per post, however, this can be adopted as an additional work but not the core business.

  • http://www.lawofattractionblog.info John Sammers

    I’ve just started blogging, previously thinking I didn’t have that much to say. I’ve found the idea of making money blogging has been tempered by the knowledge that you can only make money from a blog if you have traffic. I have found however, thatsits easier to write than I first thought.

    So, yes it makes sense to start a blog about something you’re passionate about, but as Darren Rowse says, researching the niche first makes a lot of sense as well. My blog is about the Law of Attraction. My next blog is going to be about something a lot more people are searching for if I want to make money blogging.

  • http://blog.maskil.info/ Maskil

    I never imagined it would be easy (to make a living from blogging), but I never realised it would be quite this difficult.
    My view now is that the only people who are making money from blogging are those who write about making money from blogging!

  • http://www.moneymanagementideas.com Anuj A

    This is really correct, twitter can not replace blog posts. Twitter is for making updates and some instant visits while blogs are there to share your knowledge and expertise.

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    Blogging would be much easier if there was much less garbage and misinformation sites/courses.

    For instance, when I say garbage information, first, there is of course those who claim themselves to be some authority or

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    to start blogging is not hard and its not easy, you need passion and the love to write. The ideas you put into your blog will be read by your visitors and its important to post fresh blog post daily. Well i started blogging few month ago, my aim is not to make money but to help and interact with others.

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