Denise Richards Discusses Charlie Sheen, Anger Management

By: WebProNews Staff - May 4, 2012

Denise Richards, ex-wife to volatile star Charlie Sheen, has accepted a role on the former “Two and a Half Men” star’s brand new show “Anger Management”. Here’s the kicker: She’s playing his love interest. Given that Sheen was outrageously enraged by Richards not too long ago, it’s strange that she would want to participate in anything involving her temperamental ex-husband. However, when you need work, I suppose any job will do.

Cynicism aside, I suppose it’s good that the two are attempting to put the past behind him. However, the next time Richards does an interview where she endlessly complains about Sheen’s behavior, I will roll my eyes and say “That’s what you get!” to whoever happens to be standing next to me at the time. No joke.

“Charlie came to me and asked me to do an episode on the show,” Richards explained to the television show Extra. “I saw a sneak peek of the first episode and it’s really funny. I did a table read last week. I play a love interest to my ex-husband.”

Regarding the duo’s tumultuous relationship: “He’s in a really good place. Everything is good. He’s been very focused on our children and on his job.” For the sake of their kids, here’s hoping that positive vibe continues into the future.

“Anger Management” has its FX debut on June 28th.

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  • connie

    MEOW! Let he who is without sin cast the frist stone. Eveybody messes up. I’d hate to have my dirty laundry aired before the entire world for everyone to see. I’ve improved with age…so can Charlie.

    • SonnyZappa

      Agreed. Everyone does the same shiz…they hate, scream, yell, explode and then it’s over. These two share kids – they damn better learn their boundaries and get with it and show some respect for one another. Their careers cause them to be vulnerable and unfortunately, we all get to see it. How much is real? How much is fake? Who knows! I also agree with the other comment – a job is a job..good luck to them both.

  • maryann

    Wow! I think Todd has nailed it with this article. Everyone has known that Denise Richards will do or say anything for money and attention this is just more of the same from her.

    • riley

      Come on,don’t eat c–p. You also forget what she’s going thru all the time with that alcoholic and drog addict?!.. She is good wommen, carried mom who also doing things good for the sake of the kids. I don’t know what’s wrong if she accepted a role in his new show?! He asked her and she agree, job is a job, nothing else. She deserves more than he, so if he can given up new pottential hit show,i don’t know why she can’t try something new where she can get some publicity.

  • Sue

    I hope the shows writing is good because her acting is even worse than Charlies. Looks like the booze and drugs have rotted his teeth away, I would bet from the looks of him that he is still an alcoholic.

  • Juju

    wow Sue you are seriously bitter like this Rodd guy is..Sad for you
    As for Charlie Sheen he is a great actor and Denise Richards is lucky to still get acting work thanks to him.

  • Lucy

    Despite you bitter quite tasteless article poor Rodd we are MANY who can’t wait to watch Anger Management, Denise Richards is not relevant Charlie Sheen is the STAR and will always will be because he is funny and he has talent no matter what the medias and other judgemental untalented people can say.

  • Tommy

    I don’t know about Denise Richard. She recently dated Nikki Sixx formerly of Motley Crew and not the nicest guy in the world. She says, “Charlie is in a good place.” I’m not sure what “place” she’s talking about. At one point he’d been living with Bree Olsen {one of the biggest porn stars in the world who’s probably slept with 500 guys} and another girl who won the award as Ms Chronic in High Times magazine. Maybe I’m just hopelessly bourgeoise and middle class but you begin to wonder about these people sometimes and their idea of “family values.”

    • Chris Richardson

      They are there for you to laugh at. Nothing more.

  • crochetboss

    Well…I guess we know who the grownup in the relationship was…lol! Good for them!

  • JoBobDiggity

    Pure Sheenius! When you’ve been with a chick that hot…you never forget about her.

  • http://yahoo sindy

    This is cool I would love to see him get really well
    and they get back together. That would be cool.

  • Joanna Backman

    These people are all ridiculous. This “actress” is minimal with ability and seems to make her living ragging on about her mentally ill ex-husband. Move on lady, we have all had to do it with husbands or wives who turned out to be losers from the get go.

  • http://yahoo Beckham

    I can’t believe so many people still like this ranting nut…He wasn’t the be all and end all on 2 1/2 men, it was the writing people(and his character people, NOT CHARLIE himself.. Ted Nugent has a temper flare up and the liberals are ready to burn him at the stake…This guy toured with ranting and you give him a standing ovation? What a bunch of sickos…

    • Steve

      Temper flare up? Try threatening the president of the United States. I’m no fan of liberals, but how you went from ‘if you’re a fan of Sheen you must be a liberal sicko’ to comparing him to that idiot Nugent boggles my mind – for the sake of America, I hope you were just trolling…

  • Rocky Ray

    Should There Be A New Hit Song About Charlie Sheen And His Ex?
    What do you think?
    Rocky Ray – YouTube Debut Single,” I Just Wanna Love You”.
    Hear It FIRST!!!

  • Betty Carter

    Just more off-color TV. The last show he “starred” in was nothing but low class humor full of nothing but sexual innuendos. I’m sure the new show will be the same.

  • dk

    2.5 men sucks with Ashwipe as the lead… terrible… he is already found a steady girl and a kid… cmon man! bring back chuck! dk

  • hollygolightly

    Two and half Men was successful with Charlie because the whole premise was based on his real life. Then when he lived up to the image and Chuck Lorre let him go. Chuck could have written in that Charlie was in rehab when he was having difficulty and the show could have gone on. Nice appreciation there of all the success Charlie gave you, Chuck. I won’t watch the current Two and Half Mean. It’s a ridiculous concept. I wish Charlie the best of luck with his new show and hope he stays strong to have a continued successful life and be healthy. Good luck to Denise too.

  • Karen Cooper-Durant

    Good marketing strategy. The Nielson ratings should go through the roof for this episode.

  • fwlicw cinme

    Is Charlie high? he’s tweekin’

  • linda

    I actually think Denise Richards has done an absolutely amazing job of protecting her children while trying to be a mature adult about her obviously sick ex-husband. She doesn’t endlessly complain–I would put money on the fact that she probably hasn’t revealed 90% of the crazy shit he put her through. And if she can make some money off him for her children before he craps the rest down the tubes with the remnants of his career, more power to her. No matter what happens, he is still unfortunately the father of her children. So she has to keep trying. I feel badly for her!