Defense Distributed Is Now Entering The Bitcoin Game With Dark Wallet

By: Zach Walton - November 1, 2013

Remember Defense Distributed? They were the guys that made the first 3D printed gun – the Liberator. The goal was to make a gun that couldn’t be controlled by anybody but the people making it. Now the group has teamed up with Unsystem to do the same thing with commerce.

Defense Distributed and Unsystem announced this week their intention to create a new Bitcoin management system called Dark Wallet. As its name implies, it will be an encrypted browser based wallet that will hold all of your bitcoins while protecting it from the spying eyes of regulatory bodies.

In the debut promo video for the service, Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson points to the recent movements within the world’s banking community to regulate bitcoin and punish those who use it. He explicitly references Dread Pirate Roberts and the shutdown of the Silk Road as one of the reasons why the world needs a decentralized and encrypted bitcoin storage system.

To help with the development of Dark Wallet, the team took to Indiegogo hoping to raise $50,000. They still have 44 days let in the campaign and have already raised over $21,000. That’s only the amount raised through Indiegogo, however, as the team notes that they’ve also raised over 50 bitcoins for the project through anonymous donors as well. At the current value of $216 dollars per bitcoin, the team has raised another $10,000.

[Image: Defense Distributed/YouTube]

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  • Husky

    Not sure we really need another currency.

  • Josh Trenser

    So what then, do we have to start mining bitcoins then???

    • MadMan

      The actual goal of “bitcoin mining” (which is an unfortunate name for the process) is to provide the processing power to keep the entire concept going.
      Without it all we would have are the fiat currencies backed by – yes, we have heard it all before, promises by the issuing countries and their corrupt governments and absolutely nothing else.
      So maybe we should start calling it what it actually is:
      Bitcoin Support Processing

  • Really?

    Why do I get the feeling the United States will no longer be a super power in the next 50 years and we may not even exist. I see so much anger in society. It started right after 9/11. As if people know that something is wrong with the whole 9/11 incident. Psychologists have written many papers about this. That for such a long time people were in denial about just how flimsy the official story is. That half of America didn’t even know Building 7 fell. But now people have been waking up and they are getting angrier by the day. The government knows this and that is why they are putting in program after program to control, monitor, and suppress the people.

    The past 12 years in America has read like some bad Hollywood dystopian movie. Only problem is that it is not a movie — it is real.

    I am not sure what bit coins really are and what they can realistically accomplish. What I am sure is that there is a war going on between those who are now in power and the masses. It is going to get worse too.