Death for DVD, up with Streaming Video [Infographic]

    April 20, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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Although physical DVD’s are still bringing in a lot of revenue for movie studios, they are slowly joining the ranks of Betamax, VHS, and Laserdisc. We all know it’s coming, in todays online streaming video world, DVD’s are the tools of dinosaurs.

There’s a lot of factors contributing to fall of DVD, but certainly a couple main reasons are cost and convenience. Who wants to drive all over town searching for the hottest new release when it can be much easier found by switching on your computer, if you ever really turn it off anyway. The average consumer cost for an online movie is $0.51, as compared to $4.72 for a DVD copy. That’s a dramatic cost difference and it doesn’t include the time and fuel used to go track the movie down.

Walmart recently introduced a program linked to their streaming VUDU service which allows customers to trade physical DVD’s for rights to an online streaming version for about $2 for regular formats, and $5 for high definition. I like the sounds of that. I would love to clear all those old DVD’s out of the closet.

This next infographic from Onlinedegrees.com fills us in on the state of DVD’s and what’s brewing in the online media world today. Movies are big business, but the days of DVD are numbered. Take a look:


  • erik

    Ok, yes DVDs are dying out, but the Wal-Mart idea is an absolute joke. Are people really going to pay that much for DVDs?? I have Dish now, and with the combination of programming and features I am all set. I use my Sling Adapter and the free Dish Remote Access app for streaming my TV and DVR to my phone and tablet; with the Blockbuster @ Home movie pack I pay less than Netflix customers, and get over 100,000 DVDs and streaming titles. I also go to Dishonline.com to stream thousands of titles to my laptop or PC. When i started working for Dish I was clueless as to how much I was overpaying with other services. Dish has more variety and better prices.

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