DaniWeb Claims 110% Recovery from Google Panda Update

Is there hope after all?

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DaniWeb Claims 110% Recovery from Google Panda Update
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This week, it was confirmed that Google had made a minor adjustment to its Panda algorithm update, which has drastically altered the search engine’s results several times since its first iteration in February.

Have you seen any rankings changes with this latest incarnation of the Panda update? Let us know in the comments.

As Google makes hundreds of algorithmic changes each year, Google downplayed this as any major shift. The official statement, as obtained by Barry Schwartz, was:

“We’re continuing to iterate on our Panda algorithm as part of our commitment to returning high-quality sites to Google users. This most recent update is one of the roughly 500 changes we make to our ranking algorithms each year.”

It appears that it may be more major than we originally thought. We had seen a few comments from webmasters indicating that their rankings had somewhat improved, but now Dani Horowitz, whose DaniWeb discussion forum was an apparently innocent casualty of the Panda updates’s wrath tells WebProNews that the site has made a full “110% recovery” as a result of this most recent Panda tweak.

When we interviewed Horowitz back in May, she told us about some various tactics she was engaging in, which seemed to be having positive effects on her site’s search referrals.

While what she was seeing was far from a full recovery, it was enough to give webmasters hope that they may be able to climb their way back up into Google’s good graces, despite having been victimized by the update. In other words, there were enough other ranking factors that sites could use to improve their rankings to avoid being totally deprived of search referrals at the hands of Panda – good news for those sites with quality content that were casualties of Google’s war on poor content.

At the time, DaniWeb had a long way to go, however, to reach the levels of traffic it was seeing from Google before. Even more interesting perhaps, was the fact that Google seemed to be ranking DaniWeb well for things that didn’t make sense, while things that that it ranked well for previously that did make sense, were sending traffic elsewhere.

“Panda 2.3 went live on July 23rd and traffic just instantly jumped back up to normal that very day,” Horowitz now tells us. “We’re now seeing traffic at the same pre-Panda highs in some countries, while other countries are even better than ever. Overall, we’re seeing more pageviews than ever before.”

Here’s a look at global visitors and US visitors respectively since the beginning of the year (that’s visitors, not pageviews):

DaniWeb Global visitors

DaniWeb US visitors

“Notice that US visitors were affected on February 24th while global traffic wasn’t severely impacted until a month and a half later,” Horowitz points out. “The decline coincided exactly with the first iteration of Panda and the recovery coincided exactly with the latest iteration of Panda.”

“All of the changes I’ve made were documented in the official Google Support thread or in the video interview I did with you guys,” she tells us. “In fact, I hadn’t made any recent changes immediately before the recovery. I haven’t yet had a chance to investigate any specific long tail keywords yet either. Google Webmaster Tools looks very different from what it looked like back in March as a result of all the work I’ve done, but nothing that stands out between this month and last.”

She did add in the Google Support thread, “There were no big changes made immediately before the site came back, with the exception of a significant increase in my Google AdWords budget.” She followed this up shortly after with, “I mentioned AdWords because we use it heavily to increase registrations, which directly results in an increase in posts per day. If there was a correlation, then it was a sudden increase in new content followed the penalty reversal.”

Here’s our previous interview with Dani, so you can gain more insight into the kinds of things she was doing in the first place:

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more reports of full recoveries. I have to wonder how many wrongfully impacted sites have seen their rankings jump back up. Either way, provided that DaniWeb’s recovery was indeed a direct result from this latest Panda tweak, other victims might find hope in that Google does continue to “iterate” on the Panda algorithm.

Have you noticed a significant change in rankings since the latest iteration of the Panda update? Any more ill recoveries? Let us know.

DaniWeb Claims 110% Recovery from Google Panda Update
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  • Marzo

    Just wait until the next blow soon. We are just Google lab’ rats.

    Google deindexed my whole site back 3 months ago after almost a decade with no problems and didn’t give me a reason why. Genuine, original content. It devastated my business, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I refused to play their silly game and was forced to learn about Facebook and Twitter and now my business is doing 600% better. I no longer rely on Google for traffic. I no longer support Google and installed Firefox addon “Adblock” to block all adwords/adsense and most ads on the web.

    • http://www.FreeGunInfo.com Adsense Publisher

      I agree, it’s not like Google runs a test on what effects their algorithm changes will do to the majority of websites. I mean what would have been wrong if Google manually felt it had to reprimand a few sites? If they simply came out and said, their algorithms aren’t perfect and they will continue to update them, but for now they’re manually going after a few sites that they felt that if they were to apply an algorithm change that it would negatively impact sites that they did not intended to impact. Google’s way of testing seems like it’s more of “let’s do it and see what happens.”

      This whole mess originated from their result blocking tool. I really liked that they came up with that, but the Panda updates are taking things a bit too far beyond that.

      If you want real proof, just wait till the 2nd quarter earnings are published. You’ll see Google’s own properties making killings in revenue, while it’s 3rd party network made less.
      Whenever Google has made a major change of it’s algorithms, it always ends up with 3rd party website publishers making less money and Google making more money.

    • David

      I’d love to learn what you did. Though my main site has survived the various Google updates through the years, net-net I’m down 50% from my peak traffic 1 year ago. Rather than wait, I’d like to start building my FB and Twitter presence and plan now, just in case. Is there an email I can contact you at directly?

  • http://www.linkbuildr.com/blog Ryan Clark

    Totally happy to see Daniweb get back in order although it’s kinda of bizarre that they got hit so hard in the first place. Her Google support thread is a must read for anyone with a large site that got hit, so definitely bone up on that one…it’s a doozy!

  • http://www.onewayfurniture.com Mitchell Lieberman

    I enjoyed reading about Daniwebs recovery. Our site www.onewayfurniture.com has been around over a decade and has lost 75% of our organic traffic. I’ve been interviewed by wall street journal and NPR radio. I’ve been trying to get our of panda penalty for months, working day and night. Im available for an interview. I also want to post a $25,000 reward for anyone that can help us provide our users with the best usability experience on our website, leading to a sustained full Panda Recovery. Please contact me if you have any questions.

    • http://SEOFirm vijay

      Hello Mitchell Lieberman

      I should be able to help you out by taking out your site out of Panda.

      But i dont think i would be able to work full time on your site as i am already involved in my work a lot.

      However i can explain you how to come out of Panda, and can guide you steps to come out of it. I would be of help if you explain how you plan to pay out the reward money which you have mentioned here..

      Looking forward to hear back


    • Beamer

      Mitchell, I have a few suggestions for your site. What’s the best way to contact you?

  • http://www.dopdf.com/ Claudiu

    We recovered too for one of our websites – http://www.dopdf.com/forum/topic/dopdf-a-google-panda-recovery-case-study

    However the recovery started mid-July, so don’t know if it’s Panda 2.2 or Panda 2.3, but it’s good to finally have some feedback after all the changes we did.

  • Mike

    Great article. It was particularly interesting to hear what Dani had done to try and claw her way back up the Google rankings. I don’t think many people would have considered the RSS feed being an issue.

    The guy in that interview looked so awkward and shy.

  • Darren

    This year has been a roller-coaster for my sites. http://www.diet-reviews.co.uk/ was originally affected after about the second panda update and instantly lost all rankings in Google. However after a couple of weeks the site came back stronger than ever… that was until the 23rd July when it appears to have tanked once again.

    Some of my sites have seen an instant jump in traffic on the 23rd, but this one has completely gone. Not happy!

  • http://www.paulalexander.co.uk Paul Alexander Photography

    Since the update I have noticed a jump up of around 2 pages on certain keyword searches. The update has had a definate impact on my website. It has corrected what it took away on the other update months ago, then I dropped a few pages from the update.

  • http://www.toprockinternet.com Adam

    YAY …… PR Pumping and other tactics are back. That is what I have been seeing. Good job google.

    • http://www.albuquerquewebmall.com Obdurate

      That’s right – the bottom line IS the bottom line. Whomever spends the most on Adwords gets the highest search results. That’s why the Algorithm is such a huge secret. Google doesn’t want anyone to know that their monopoly on search is what makes them richer.

      I think it’s time to break them up – pull the maps and their geographic database out and they’ve got nothin’.

  • http://www.sunrize.com Thomas Clark

    The Panda update has had a negetive impact on our site. We have been in the top 5 spots since 2003 on the keyword Medisoft. We are now on the second page. The first page has many duplicate sites which makes the listings pretty useless.

  • http://www.reyesinspections.com Robert

    I noted that my site http://www.reyesinspections.com in the beginning jumped in ranking then about a week or two ago it all went away! slowly coming back but not to where it was.I am still ranking some what the same on the pages however my phone calls have drooped off this week.

  • https://www.canadaseopro.ca/ Todd Herman

    Have you seen any rankings changes with this latest incarnation of the Panda update? –

    Nice! Was holding a #3 spot for over one year now and jumped to #1 last week. This might explain my 2 position jump with no linking campaigns what so ever. Google always gives back some how, they control the industry, they pretty much have to, lol.

  • http://retailedge.com Azrian

    I am confused by the idea that the update made webmasters in general suffer. The number of top spots is always the same, and if you make your way to number 1, someone else gets displaced.

  • http://www.albuquerquewebmall.com Obdurate

    Google can keep changing their algorithm all they want. What that’s going to make people do, more and more, is rely on the other tools that give them more control over traffic – like facebook comment/plug ins and anything else they can find to draw people in that’s not search.

    I know Google has a huge chunk of the search market, but more and more the search results just aren’t as good as they used to be. And on my site, just over 50% of the incoming traffic is a direct link from somewhere else. I’d be curious if this is the case with most people’s source of entry. How much of your traffic really comes from search and how relevant will it be if Google keeps picking and choosing what you get.

  • http://www.interior-homedesign.com luts

    secret tips on increasing the number of visitors

  • http://how-to-internet-marketing-articles-vi.blogspot.com/ Ramiro Rodriguez

    Hey Chris! As usual good information worth reading. If you ever move from webpronews take my email address with you.

    I have noticed a big change in my rankings. My blog has quickly moved from page 6 to page 2 in a matter of about 2 weeks for my main keyword and now I’m climbing up page 2.

    But, I made some changes in my h2 tags to include my main keyword in about 30% of my blog posts so I don’t know if the rise in ranking can be attributed to Google’s change or mine.

    At any rate, I do write most of the stuff on my blog so it’s original and hopefully quality content to for my readers.

    See you at the top my friend.

  • http://dailyprayer.us Mason

    I love Panda for two reasons.

    First, the amount of spam you get from search results has drastically decreased. It used to make me ill, how much crap I would get from queries. They really needed to make the change, to downgrade all the sites that did nothing but aggregate links.

    Second, the site listed in my signature, which is 100% original content and lots of it (1000 pages) has not suffered and, if anything, has risen.

  • http://www.gunnarandreassen.com Gunnar Andreassen

    My 10 years old website http://www.bedriftsguiden.no went down from Pagerank 5 to 3 about two months ago. Now another site http://www.bedriftsguiden.no (6 years old) want down from Pagerank 5 to 4 about a week ago.

    Seems to drop for no reason whatsoever, but probably fits with Panda update dates. Both sites use organic SEO, no spam, no scrapin, 100% unique content. Help, anybody?

    • Beamer

      Gunnar, I can help. How may I contact you?

  • http://www.macgames.info Patricia

    I just saw my site blacklisted with that update, i don’t know, i don’t even do any seo at all :(

    they’re a bit too extreme with their filtering i think.
    I asked for a reconsideration but who knows why they banned it :(

  • http://www.perutierrasmagicas.net/ Shomara

    Either way, provided that DaniWeb’s recovery was indeed a direct result from this latest Panda tweak,

  • http://InstallHDTV.com David Aimi


    There is not one post that you make that I practically don’t read the entire article. I think you have a crystal ball tucked in your office desk as your posts are always spot on,well-written, and typically ahead of what’s happening in the industry.

    Love it-

    David Aimi
    President, Director of Technology

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Much appreciated. Thanks for reading.

  • http://www.unleashedpoker.com Julia Jonson

    Actually our site went down from PR 4 to PR 1 since the new release and the traffic declined over 50%, our site has completely original content all over, we neve bought any links. We had a lot more top positions on page 1 now gotta start all over again:(

  • http://www.absolutewebworks.com/ Absolute Webworks

    I have two sites that have been around for a least 8 years and the traffic has gone up slightly. However http://www.buydrugs247.com is a legitimate U.S. pharmacy site that is next to impossible to be found. We have to rely on other marketing strategies to get a small amount of traffic. Help with that particular site would be greatly welcomed.

  • http://www.platinumlynx.net Chas

    Personally, I think Dani Horowitz is far too humble. I think a lot of the changes in her Page Rank can be attributed to changes she implemented on her website, herself, as you detailed in a previous article. If Google sneezes, the masses run to grab a kleenex(talk about successful branding). The masses are reactive to Google. Dani has shown how to be Pro-Active. Google deserves far less credit for their ‘tweaks’ than they are given.

  • http://renegade-advertising.com Houston Advertising,SEO and Marketing Specialists

    Good article. Enjoyed it. it is good to know that the Google update may have affected a lot of websites but it is fixable.

  • http://www.ezshreddingsolutions.com Shredding Phoenix

    It’s nice to finally see some good news about search results… Seems like there hasn’t been any for sooo long. If only I could say the same about the economy…

  • http://spywarepreventionguy.com Dale Powell

    I had been trying to surpass an old website for the #1 ranking on google for my main targetted keyword phrase. I was #5. They were light years ahead of me with backlinks, but their content was never updated and was about 4 years old. I publish original articles on my blog on a regular basis and recently, for no big reason that I could see, I was moved up to #3, while the former #1 site is now below me at # 4. I’m no SEO expert, but google seemed to reward my content. It has had a good impact on my number of unique visitors and opt-ins.

  • http://webmarketingofnorthflorida.com chuck hall

    One of the sites we manage the seo for jumped from pages 7-10 to the number one listing on page one for about 10 different search terms! I am still stunned and was asking all the techs what they did. I am glad to see this article, as it explains so much THANKS

  • http://psdtomagento.net tuba

    my site was in #1 or #2 but now day by day its sinking :(

    Not sure what to do, I am not an SEO expert. I have never copied contents from any sites neither used any paid backlinks.

  • http://www.clearwebstats.com Keshab raj

    Hy guys,
    I run a site web 2.0 site I am suffering every time from panda update. If you guys can help me out to suggest, what should I do? I am in bit confusion about TAG on site, what should I do them?? Hide? Nofollow?? Any idea??

    • http://www.clearwebstats.com Keshab raj

      The site is clearwebstats.com

      • http://www.platinumlynx.net Chas

        Not sure whether to laugh, or cry.

      • Beamer

        You need some severe help there, dude. It takes 13 seconds for your site to load, too many keywords not relevant to your site content 62%, title is not so relevant either at 67%. Description relevancy is 85%.

        Sure would like to help you.

  • http://www.michigancommonlaw.com Destry

    Most of the changes are made to help censorship of alternative media like www.infowars.com and www.drudgereport.com . This is because the head CEO of google is pro-new world order.

    Google tries it’s best to suppress information about this.

  • http://www.compensationclaimsite.com Lee LaCasse

    My site went from 3rd page to 1st. Page #5 within a few days withiut doing anything !

  • http://aidyspoetry.net AIDY

    Google has me hopping from one foot to the next. Grr. Pagerank went down by one.

    *throw hands up*

  • http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com Rebecca Turner

    My site, World of Lucid Dreaming, was hit quite badly by the original Panda release, being pushed below a cheap scraper site which had stolen 100% of its content from mine. I found that very frustrating to deal with and eventually just accepted the situation for what it was. But as of July 23rd I’m delighted to see my site is on page 1 of Google for the key phrase “lucid dreaming” and meanwhile although the scraper site is still ranked, it is well behind me at the moment. My traffic is returning to previous levels and I can once again reap the rewards of publishing my own content. It gives me renewed confidence in my online business however it has also forced me to seek alternate methods of traffic generation as it has become clear that Google can be unreliable and change its policies at any time it chooses. I have learned that is important to diversify and de-risk traffic sources as much as possible. Let this be a lesson to all of us!

  • Michael

    Had a top site before the changes and still Have top rankings in all search engines….

  • http://www.the-treadmill-desk.com/Treadmill_Desk Rob

    I have found the quality of google searches to be quite abysmal recently. They used to allow you to search for .gov and .edu sites with the phrase :site.edu however now they have sold themselves out for mammon and no longer provide relevant results at all until after their advertisers have gotten the first couple of pages. It has become a terrible search engine like the old MSN Live. I won’t use them anymore, since the Panda update. I find the human curated search www.blekko.com and www.bing.com to be much more friendly towards academic searches these days. I am trying to write Master’s level papers and as a user of Google since 1998 I am sorely disappointed to see the useless results that are now spewed by the soup nazi Google!

  • http://www.mybabygiftbasketsandmore.com Joyce

    Yes Yes, My site jumped from page five to page two. Was very glad to see that. Although was not sure if it was the algorithm change or my continuing link building.

  • http://www.metanym.com/milton-keynes MarkFL

    Nice graphs, they look like a hacksaw. Always at the cutting edge these articles!

  • http://www.resume-resource.com DHaas

    Our resume website was serving in the neighborhood of 58,000 peak-day visitors prior to the June 18 update which reduced us to around 36,000. Since that time we have only witnessed minute gains until the July 23rd update when our site lost an additional 5% of visitors.

    The structure of our site is sound and we have yet to identify any mistake on our behalf that could have caused this drastic of a shift. There are sites ranking ahead of ours now that do not have the structure or quality that our content contains. All of the resume examples, articles and over 90% of the content on our website was created by professional resume writers and career columnists. Page for page, those out-ranking us do not exceed either the quality or the expertise exhibited on Resume-Resource.com.

    We built the site ten years ago and have closely adhered to “best practices” as diligently as can be done. We are cleaning up some things but beyond normal updates and maintenance there is little more we have found we can do. Our links are not as high as some of those ranked ahead of us, but we have links pointing to us from colleges, universities, government websites and a high number of other highly trusted sources. Segments of our site have used as part of course material given at a dozen universities. We stand behind our site and KNOW it to be nothing short of the best online resource for resume writing in one place. Of Google, their Panda and other updates … It’s their loss in the end. In the last 12 months our Google Adsense revenue has dropped 30% while Google continues to build higher and higher revenue numbers to their shareholders. Not for lack of Adword competition are the CPMs coming down because it still costs the same to advertise our products as it always has.

    Our company does superb work of delivering the content that our readers want and need. Our being penalized in both Google search and in Adsense to me opens the door to welcome competition which has been overdue for some time.

  • http://www.mascali.net/ mascali

    My blog have only original content and quality BL but all my pages have dropped massively…

  • http://make-the-money.net makethemoney

    i know a little about panda update. but 1 thing i notice was my site recently had dropped its ranking on alexa. is this have any connection with this panda update. if so, i am i suppose to do to get to the top of search engine ranking??

  • http://www.fillarent.com fillarent

    good joob

  • http://internetmoneydepot.com Tony Rehor

    I have been beat up and down and I want off this ride. Results anywhere from 400 to 60 back and forth for 3 months. Geez

  • http://www.newsuperhuman.com Personal Growth

    The fact that we all have to scramble to make big google happy, and adjust our website content to their whims, shows they have a monopoly on search.

    Not only is that illegal in the US, it should go against people’s sense of moral propriety, not to mention that it is dangerous to our freedom of speech and civil rights.

    Watch out Big Brother, google is coming. Those of you who can’t see it are blind.

  • http://www.servicecentral.com.au Plumbers

    That sounds pretty awesome. When do you think it will hit Australia? Am I reading it will take 5 weeks???

  • http://iztarherbalismuslim.blogspot.com iztar

    Saya Suka Sekali, blog Saya Langsung Ramai.. :)

  • Panda Blows

    Our well known site that has existed for a decade now gets beaten regularly by sites that every SEO guru in the Webmaster forums at Google admits are clearly inferior. Since June our traffic looks like Daniweb’s with a declining pattern. We followed every recommendation made by their bionic webmasters and SEO gurus and our traffic has actually fallen by an additional 20% since the start of August when it is rumored that a mini-Panda update was rolled out. After almost 3 months of abysmal traffic that follows no “best practices”, it’s clear that the results are totally arbitrary. Nobody knows how Daniweb recovered and even she isn’t sure why it recovered. Considering how off the charts her traffic has been and how it went from 10 to 3 and now to 11, it’s fair to say that this new algorithm has no clue as to what it’s doing. And after over 10 years, it looks like it will permanently put us out of business.

  • http://www.butteredham.com/blog/ Aaron

    The simplest explanation is that Google was changing the algorithm to better suit some of the big sites they (the people, not the algorithm) think are valuable sites, and the changes helped DaniWeb just enough to get it out of the penalty box. So they went back and “fixed” that.

  • http://psdtomagento.com tuba

    About a year ago my site was in #1-#3 but now #7 or above, on some google sites (country based TLD), site is not appearing at all!

  • http://www.astralzen.com Adam

    Absolutely – I had two personal blogs that got hit pretty badly. They automatically recovered though and I assume that Google’s algorithms were changing at the time.

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