Facebook Video: Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop

    February 10, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Tommy Jordan of North Carolina had had enough. After finding (yet another) an expletive-filled Facebook post his daughter had made about her “unfair” parents, Jordan took to Facebook himself.

In a video he posted to Youtube and Facebook, he set a camera up in the yard, and read his daughter’s post aloud to the camera. He then announced her grounding and loss of her laptop. Then, he shot the laptop.

Shot the laptop. With hollow-point exploding bullets.

As of this writing, the video has been viewed 1.4 million times. The Facebook entry from which it came has 13,500 likes, 6,200 shares and 7,000 comments. Phrases like “father of the year” are being tossed around. Sure, there are some who do not approve of his techniques, his use of a firearm, his destroying a laptop, etc. But, he seems to have far more thumbs up than down.

  • Jo

    I’m so glad to see some parents take back control of their kids. I clap my hands to you sir for doing what you did. Now if more parents would do the same thing with their kids belongings then maybe just maybe our kids would behave better. We all need to go back to rising our children like our parents rised us.

  • Lori Wink

    BRAVO to this father!! I can GUARANTEE his daughter is about to realize just how good she had it!! I could not help but applaud (literally) when this video was over!! DISRESPECT=PUNISHMENT…end of story!!

  • calamity Sane!

    Lordy, I sure am glad Daddy had a set, because there are too many brats out there that think they can walk all over their parents.
    I am sending this to every parent I know, Yee HAH!

  • Dorene Connell

    Right on dad I applaud you…standing ovation even!!!!!! I was different with my boys. I would not buy them any technology until they earned it. They are are 22 & 23 and still do not have technology. They have to use thier friends computers and cell phones. If I had bought them thechnology then I would have been just like you.

  • R

    GoDaddy.Com otta use this guy for a spokes person instead of Danicka Patric!!!!!!!!! He is a Real Go Daddy. Every Parent should take more control instead of relying on schools and Correctional Facilites….. for those who are Old School…Prisons!

  • judy

    I think that all of you need to step back and take a look at the gun. Now thats great parenting. I hope that dad has a good place to hide it from his child Studies have proven that teens do not have the tools in their brains, as adults do. In other words, they don’t rationalize! I wish i would have had the courage to tell my mother what i thought of her! and there is more going on, which is none of our business. let’s as parent’s step back and listen to what they r trying to tell us-i know I’m not always right! I don’t think that shooting a laptop in front of your teen is a great example at all! Violence is no means to an end. I’m just glad that she isn’t injured, and too bad dad wasn’t!!

    • cinky

      SERIOUSLY JUDY!! You said “Violence is no means to an end” but then you say, “too bad dad wasn’t “!! SERIOUSLY? I call that talking out of your ass and mouth at the same time!!! It’s time parents took back parenting!! Kids have WAY to much freedom. You only WISH you had the courage to tell you mother what you thought because you KNEW better…courage was not what you needed because you had RESPECT!!!!!

  • http://photo-journ.com John

    Appalling example of parenting. Disgraceful example to set. So much for mature heads on older bodies. Hopefully this lunatic will have his gun licence revoked and be charged for discharging a firearm in a public place

  • Michelle

    I think it’s brilliant. I’m very anti-guns but he didn’t do in front of his daughter and it’s not like he pulled it on her. I’m 22, and my husband and me are expecting our first in 5 weeks time and I have to say I’m terrified! I was probably in the last generation where parents were aloud to teach respect. Parents have zero rights now and can’t discipline without being accused of being bad or abusive parents and then still get blamed when their kids do stupid things like steal from a 90 year old woman or turn to drugs. I had chores growing up, and far less then my parents did when they grew up. did I like them? no. Did I do them? yes. I’m not saying I did it complaint free, but I knew my parents weren’t asking me to do these things as punishment.

    It’s about time kids didn’t expect these things from their parents. My parents bought me a cell phone when I started driving on my own in case anything happened, and we split the cost of a laptop when I moved to the UK so I could keep in touch easy. I was very happy and grateful for both those things, never expected it at all.

  • Tim

    Looks like to me the dad is just as Irresponsible as the kid!! all that money wasted on that laptop! come on dad your setting a real example here. you let your temper get the best of you, like your kid did!!

  • MIchael M

    Here are my thoughts on it: