CVS Includes Racist Slur On Receipt, Gets Sued

    April 19, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Hyun Lee, a 37-year-old from New Jersey, is suing CVS for $1 million after allegedly receiving a receipt replacing her name with a racial slur when she wen to pick up her photos.

Instead of the receipt saying “Hyun Lee,” it said “Ching Chong Lee. The Smoking Gun has an image of the alleged receipt:

CVS Racist Slur

Wikipedia describes the term in question:

Ching chong is a pejorative term sometimes employed by speakers of English to mock people of Chinese ancestry, or other Asians who may be mistaken for Chinese. Several public commentators have characterized the term as derogatory while noting that assaults or physical intimidation of Asians are often accompanied by racial slurs or imitation Chinese.

NBA star Shaquille O’Neal once famously used the slur, when he said, “Tell Yao Ming, ‘Ching chong yang, wah, ah soh”.

ABC News has an interview with Lee talking about the distress she feels from the incident:

According to Lee’s lawyer, the company did not fire the employee responsible, nor offer an apology.

It appears that Brad Paisley and LL Cool J have yet to eliminate racism.

  • A. Weiner

    Really? Get a life! Oh, you are by suing for $1,000,000.00.

    There isn’t one person on planet Earth who isn’t racially inept or prejudice, or both for that matter. I honestly doubt you have walked above the world without being any of them.

    Seems like the your distress is nothing more than an opportunity to ease your simple life, by reaching your hands far in front of you for a handout. The only distress you’re trying to ease is all of them credit card bills you have. Woman buck up and shut up!

    Oh and have I ever mentioned that my middle name is Negrous. Hands up with an AMEN! (Not hands out looking for a million rea$on$.)