Cutts Says Google Has Taken Action On Another Link Network

By: Chris Crum - February 7, 2014

Google has been warning that it would be cracking down on link networks in Germany for a couple weeks or so. First, when Matt Cutts said Google was taking action on French link network Buzzea, he noted that Germany was next on the list of places the search engine would be looking at.

Then, earlier this week, Google put out a blog post about paid links on its German Webmaster Central blog, and Cutts once again tweeted a reminder.

Now, Cutts has confirmed that Google has already taken action on one of these German networks, and has more in its sights.

Google has not really been shy about calling out link networks by name thus far, so it’s kind of interesting that he didn’t name any names this time. That doesn’t mean he won’t. It sounds like some more of them will be getting similar treatment in the immediate future.

Here’s an old video Cutts impersonating a dinosaur:

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  • LarsAndTheRealGirl2

    I almost forgot…all my advertising dollars have gone to facebook. Far, far more effective for my company.

  • Bryan

    At present Google owns most of the web-born business on the Web. I'm not saying that Google is doing a bad job. I want relevant information when I search. But, if you are one of those companies that built your success upon Google, you are at their mercy. THEY OWN YOU!
    The web biz graveyard is filled with companies whose founders boasted often about their better-than-most ability to do great search engine optimization, and Web marketing via Google.
    I appreciate Google because they currently provide much needed information on a daily basis, and from a webmasters perspective I appreciate the fact that they provide their guidelines, so that I can manipulate their results to some degree in my favor.