Cutts On What You Might Not Have Noticed About Google’s ‘How Search Works’ Site

    January 6, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Google has put out a new Webmaster Help video featuring Matt Cutts talking about some things “you might not have noticed” about the company’s How Search Works site.

Google launched this site a little less than a year ago. It’s part of the company’s Inside Search site, and includes visuals about search, a view into major search algorithms and features, a big document about guidelines for search raters, a slideshow about spam removal, graphs about spam and policies that explain when Google will remove content.

One thing he mentions is where it says how many searches Google has handled in the time that you’ve spent on the page. He then talks about videos that appear on the site that talk about how Google rates search quality.

He talks about different elements of the site for about ten minutes, so if you haven’t spent much time perusing it, you may want to listen to what he has to say. You might find something that captures your interest.

Believe it or not, he likes the spam section the most.

  • Sammy P

    Sorry Matt and Amit, you guys are out of your depths. We are seeing classic bankster invisible hand in SERP like in many other sectors – promoting their bestowed minions shadow companies and products.

    Your spin don’t work any more……

  • glover

    google search work by next scheme. Create internet coalition (affiliate revenues) and put them into white list. Buy wikipedia (privately). Penalize all good sites, put ads above fold at all google pages. Promote only own services. It how google search working now.

  • http://www.militarymodelsonline.com Bob

    Both of you are correct. Google has gone commercial and web site quality has nothing to do with it. They want retail websites to pay and adwords is almost a joke. I lost at least $10,000.00 in profits Christmas 2013. Knocked my site from top 5 to out of the top 200. tripled my adwords budget to try and make up ground, what a joke. All my sales came from Bing and the rest of the web.

    A store is a store not a museum. They are just to big their own britches.

  • http://www.dbsit.com.au/ Mike Lowry

    Google gives the preference for the websites which are Socially active, Good informative content and yes, running Ad-words in parallel.

    • Roger M

      Giving preference in SERP to sites buying Ad-words advertising, is not mentioned in the how search works! Isn’t it same as selling SERP positions? isn’t it cheating the Searchers?