Crossword Inventor Arthur Wynne Gets A Google Doodle

    December 20, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Arthur Wynne, inventor of the crossword puzzle, is the subject of a doodle on Google’s homepage today as it honors 100 years of crossword puzzles.

It’s a fun one. It transforms into an actual playable crossword puzzle:

Crossword Puzzle

Have fun. See if you can decrease your productivity today as much as you did when they released the Pac-Man doodle.

The British Wynne invented the crossword puzzle in 1913 while living in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. His puzzles would be included in the “Fun” section in the Sunday edition of the New York World. On December 21st, 1913, the puzzle was introduced with a diamond shape like this:

Word-Cross-puzzle by arthur wynne

It was actually referred to as a “word-cross puzzle”.

The Washington Post has an interesting story about how Google initially built a different crossword experience, but had to rush to create a new one.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Meli Alexander

    I am a HUGE fan of crossword puzzles, especially The New York Times puzzles and Merl Reagle’s Sunday puzzles <3

  • Denise Devall

    I love the puzzle, but how do you check the answers after you are done?

    • Dan

      When you complete it a screen pops up congratulating you and noting the time it took you to finish it.

  • wertwert

    Google Doodle is not news. Please stop reporting it.

    • ToraHighman

      Fuck off

  • Ron

    Great puzzle. More like a Monday puzzel than a Friday in degree of difficulty. But if it helps get people interested GREAT !!

  • eric k


  • c. Colingwood

    Love to do crossword puzzles. Didn’t find this until after 10 pm. Would like to work on it until finished, but know it will be gone at midnight and I won’t be finished. And, is there anywhere it could be checked for correctness? Please, find some way for us slowpokes to work on and finish the puzzle.

  • JJ

    The answer in 55-Across (OYEZ) is not a word. The crossword was “FUN” and enjoyable to work on. But, the people making this puzzle are not allowed to play Scrabble because they make up words not found in any dictionary. And, why didn’t you make this Google Doodle explode into fireworks and celebration when I completed it? Come on Google, next time make it “FUNer”.

    • AB

      Actually, oyez IS a word. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary online: oyez \ō-ˈyez, -ˈyā, -ˈyes, ˈō-ˌ\ —used by a court or public crier to gain attention before a proclamation

      • Stephanie

        Thanks for that. I wasn’t sure of the spelling.

    • Doug

      The Random House –
      and Merriam-Webster –
      dictionaries seem to have no problem with the word “OYES.” In fact, both provide are quite well in sync with the puzzle creators.

      Nice job, Google! Please keep surprising, entertaining and educating us with these creative Doodles.

  • Richard Cole

    I also loved the puzzle where are the answers?

  • Stephanie

    I loved every second of it. But now I’d like to check my answers, but I was unable to. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeese don’t do this to me.

    Puzzle Nut

  • Vicki

    An article says the solution will not be published. You just have to ask here.

  • tim
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  • http://www.guichetdental.com Gregory Guichet

    Having a hard time figuring out the last one.

  • http://www.mamalein69.de MaMaLeIn69

    I love this Google Doodle!

  • http://agouradds.com Dr. Kam Kamangar

    That last puzzle is really complicated.