Craigslist CEO Goes Off on CNN’s Amber Lyon

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Craiglist CEO Jim Buckmaster wrote a feisty blog post aimed at CNN’s Amber Lyon. It begins:

I see you’ve now gotten around to requesting an interview with me or a company spokesperson, 90 days after you ambushed our namesake and founder, Craig Newmark, following his May 20th talk on veteran’s affairs and other issues unrelated to craigslist, at a conference in Washington.

You knew Craig was not in management or a company spokesperson, but setting CNN’s ethical code aside, you sidestepped company channels in favor of ambushing our semi-retired founder, complete with a misleading "set up" for your surprise questions. Now that CNN has aired your highly misleading piece dozens of times, mischaracterizing your stunt as a serious interview on this subject, and you’ve updated your "bio" to showcase this rare jewel of investigative journalism, you’re ready to try actually interviewing the company itself on this subject.

According to a New York Times piece
, most people still decline to use location services. The article says these services (like Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, etc.) are mainly being used by "young, technically adept urbanites." They cite Forrester Research data, claiming that 4% of Americans have tried location-based services, and 1% use them weekly.

Microsoft’s Hotmail now supports push email, calendar, and contacts with Exchange ActiveSync. Microsoft’s Aviraj Ajgekar calls this "another milestone fore Windows Live Services."

Google showed off some of the products of its "Googley Art Wall" contest, which asked its product management teams to design their own walls:

AOL’s MapQuest launched some new updates to its recent relaunch. These include a "pick your language" features, embedded maps, and "send to GPS".

Twitter announced Site Streams, a new feature on its Streaming API, which lets services receive real-time updates for a large number of users. It streams events like direct messages, mentions, follows, favorites, tweets, retweets, profile changes, and list changes.

Samsung announced that it has sold over a million Samsung Galaxy S smartphones in the U.S. in 45 days.

Craigslist CEO Goes Off on CNN’s Amber Lyon
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  • http://smartpaymentplanreview.blogspot.com SmartPaymentPlan

    I don’t think any cnn story will do much to harm craig’s or craigslist’s reputation 😉

  • http://dangerbrown.com/ Danger Brown

    TV “news” has been in the toilet for a long time. I think in the last few years it finally got flushed into the sewer for good.

  • http://cheaphotelsandrooms.co.uk Hotels UK

    Well, it will be hard to harm craigslist reputation by traditional media as nowadays it’s rather hard to harm reputation of the Internet as a whole by TV, radio etc.

  • Guest

    “The Media” is such a sick joke now, if you want ANYTHING truthful, that is the LAST PLACE you go! They’re nothing but 3rd rate wannabe “entertainers” now. CNN officially sucks hind quarters as badly as murdoch’s bogus propaganda properties.

    We LOVE Craigslist and what they stand for… the PEOPLE!

    GO JIM and screw you cnn.

  • http://www.lvonestopshop.com Candle

    About Craigslist I not like Craigslist, number 1 spam, number 2 people no buy anything from Craigslist; Craigslist is not good any more, my opinion.

  • http://www.paypalfreeze.squarespace.com Ben Knowmoore

    Definitely an unfair ambush on Craigslist Craig Newmark that’s receiving a lot of attention. I strongly recommend that Amber’s next ambush target be eBay’s John Donahoe with the pressing question of by what legal authority is/does his Paypal unit freeze BILLIONS of dollars in every country they operate around the world. If you use Paypal and you don’t know about it before Amber covers this story go check out w w w. paypalfreeze.squarespace .com and see for yourself. If not Amber Lyon than someone else needs to do a story on this growing worldwide scandal.

  • Guest

    Chris Crum you are a liar. “Craig the Scumbag” was not giving a speech regarding veterans, nor was he ambushed. Craig the scumbag was repeatedly asked the simple question of why his disgusting list does not edit the kiddy porn section as promised. He was evasive and came off as an idiot. “Craig the Scumbag” and his entire staff should be indicted for obstruction of justice and child exploitation, human trafficking and contributing to the delinquency of minors. Chris Crum you should find a new line of work because as a journalist, you suck.

  • Guest

    Would Craig’s List CEO be singing the same tune, if a Ciudad Ju

  • Guest

    Its not clear to be if some here understand what Investigative Journalism is? What Amber did was open a door, already researched by others. If credible evidence is shared and the proper agency takes on the task, then Craig’s list will ha ve more than CNN to worry about. The SEX TRADE SLAVING is very real and the story begs the question of what overlap exists? Having mostly men go on line and defend the Craig’s List position, that ADULT enterprises are a protected right, only tends to redirect an Investigators interest in those defending the INTERNET GIANT! Are these John’s or business enterprises fearing an economic loss in hard times?

    What do these readers believe the function of an investigative JOURNALIST is? Its not CNN Mr. Jim Buckmaster should be worried about, its who reads or watches the news!

  • Anonymous

    This is clearly the case of a young good looking blond reporter trying to make her mark with unfounded sensationalism. “think of the children” is the oldest trick
    In the book. Shame on CNN for allowing this career opportunism.

  • http://www.ezautoshippers.com Sean Vogler

    Craigslist s a great free service that if used properly can be a great tool for the rational people of the world to use. Unfortunately there are a few crazy people out there that have made a service that is great for 99% of the world into something that is terrible and had terrible consequences for a few unfortunate people. The thing is that most of the people that have been harmed or have had a bad experience with craigslist put themselves in harms way. I’m still not quit sure how they keep it all free, but keep up the good work and thank you for the free service e that is offered.

  • http://www.deviantpsyche.com Anna Kinney

    CSS is a nightmare! It takes a very long time to master, and the bugs in browsers causes massive amounts of pain. I find myself repeating mistakes, ie hitting browser bugs, over and over never very sure how I solved it the last time.

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