Controversial VW Ad Gets Plenty Of Views, Plenty Of Buzz

    February 4, 2013
    Chris Crum
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A particular Volkswagen ad that aired during the Super Bowl brought a fair amount of controversy with it. The ad, called “Get in. Get Happy.” features a guy from Minnesota going around his office and talking with a Jamaican accent, and ultimately getting his co-workers to do the same once they ride in a Volkswagen with him.

Some think the ad was racist. Many others don’t. Either way, the ad has gotten a lot of people talking, and a lot of people seem to have liked it. It even has over 8.5 million views on YouTube.

Plenty have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the ad:

Jamaican beer company even appears to be utilizing the buzz from the ad to serve promoted tweets on the Twitter search query “vw ad”:

Red Stripe Tweet

Volkswagen itself tweeted a link to a press release from Minna Press, which says:

The new Volkswagen ad for the 2013 Super Bowl game garners a host of mixed reactions worldwide. “The ad shows a worker from Minnesota trying to cheer up co-workers in an accent often associated with Jamaicans, because he has been made so happy by his Volkswagen,” the Associated Press explains.

According to George Meikle, author of the book, In Praise of Jamaica, “the ad may be considered racist by some people … but us Germaicans say, “come to Jamaica and feel alright.” He states: “Volkswagen makes an astute observation that we Jamaicans radiate happiness no matter our circumstances, which is the point of the ad.”

Meikle adds, “we may speak funny but we can laugh at ourselves. Our book, In Praise of Jamaica tells the intriguing story about the wonders, heroes and achievements of Jamaicans.”

Volkswagen has a history of viral success. Many still recall the kid in the Darth Vader mask from previous years’ ads.

  • http://yahoo Kevin

    No one can say anything without some jerk screaming “RACISM”! To all you dumbasses that are yelling it, Jamacians ARE NOT A RACE!!!! Just like Arabs ARE NOT A RACE!! They are nationalaties so how can it be racists! Get a life, you freakin idiots!! Don’t you have anything better to do?! This nall started with that “saint” Martin “Luther” King, Jessy Jackson and that trash Al Sharpton!! Doesn’t that middle name tell you something?

  • Dredrhino

    White people cant impersonate Jamaican since white people are jamaicans as well as chinesse spanish african and so on…s racist and ignorant to assume that all jamaicans look like Robert Nesta Marley and smoke weed. Once again we have clocked the speed of stupid

  • Codie

    Well i think it was good and funny and cool. Its funny how white people were upset but Jamaicans werent. That doesnt make much sense if any. The guy is just happy and having fun. And its fun and funny to talk in a Jamaican accent. it makes people laugh and feel good. And what out of all that is good int he world is wrong with that? I find nothing. And i also will ad people do accents in movies and people dont get upset. So how is this any different? Dont see a problem here.

  • Anthony

    First off I am Jamaican, and I think any claims of racism here are baseless. When I lived in Jamaica I had white friends who spoke patois (just like the guy in the video) also I had Asian and Indian friends who spoke the same way. What is racist and ignorant is people thinking that white people don’t speak patois. Go to Jamaica one day, its very multicultural and you might even come back with an accent :)

  • TCS

    VW ad: Racist? No! Funny? Yes! I’ve been laughing at the inanity of the politically correct crowd for so long now and I hope to continue doing so as they set fire to the wood pile at the foot of my stake. PC-ers are just medieval Inquisitore waiting in the wings.

  • TomJ

    Racist ??????????

  • http://yahoo Jack Nathan

    As a Black American, I am getting sick and damned tired of having everything portrayed as racist. The media grabs this crap and rolls with it and a gullible public will fall victim to stupidity every time! If there is indeed racism, then I believe everyone will recognize it and won’t have to be told by the media.

  • keith . mm

    this ad. is so funny ijust keep on lauhing ,iwatch it about four times iam a jamaican livng in america i see nothing racis about it a lot people both black, white and other race of people always try to talk that way and we jamaican always think it is funny.i thinkm it will make people take more instrest in vw cars. so you warp minded people laugh at stupidity. big up vw.

  • Bigl

    This is not at all racist! I was born in Jamaica and moved away as a youngster. It wasn’t till many years later that I realized that there are large groups of White Jamaicans who speak with that accent ALL THE TIME!….I always find it hilarious. The funny thing is that actor in the commercial could very well have been a White Jamaican….what then could be racist about it. If anyone needs proof then visit Jamaica and go to St. Elizabeth, Hanover and other parts of Jamaica. There you’ll find white folks who originated from Germany, England and elsewhere speaking jut like Mr. VW