Consumer Watchdog Calls Google Chicken In Second Vid

By: Doug Caverly - October 3, 2010

Consumer Watchdog’s video production department is at it again.  The group, which received all sorts of coverage after portraying Eric Schmidt as an ice cream man with a disturbing leer, has now released a second clip calling Google chicken.

Do you think Google should debate Consumer Watchdog?  Let us know in the comments section.

Set to Carl Orff’s dramatic "O Fortuna," the new video is otherwise pretty simple.  Images of a chicken are interspersed with a reference to Google as "the largest ad company in the world," and a line of bold text asks, "Why won’t Google debate your privacy with Consumer Watchdog?"

Then the clip equates Google with the chicken and promotes the site  See the whole thing for yourself below.

This ad’s meant to run on the Times Square Jumbotron, meaning it could get a lot of attention.  Plenty of onlookers may consider Consumer Watchdog’s question a fair one, too, perhaps putting Google in an awkward position.

We should point out that Consumer Watchdog once asked the Department of Justice to consider breaking Google up, though, so it’s not exactly the most neutral and evenhanded privacy group in the world.

We’ll see where this goes.  Kudos to whoever picked out the great (if ill-matched) music, anyway.

What are your thoughts on Google’s approach to privacy?  Leave a comment to share your opinion.


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  • S.E. Troll

    First they paint Schmidt as a cartoon villain with evil X-Ray glasses. Now they’re calling “Google” in general “chicken”.

    I bet next they make a joke about Larry Page’s mama and tell him to meet them outside Starbucks after school for a butt kicking.

    I’m also curious: Just why is this video being hosted on YouTube along with 212 other consumerwatchdog videos? They can’t be _THAT_ scared about privacy at this rate.

  • Joe

    I support CW. If you don’t support their actions, you must be pretty much brain dead. This latest vid is priceless. Google has something to hide, that’s why they didn’t go.

    • Nora McDougall-Collins

      The best way to counter someone’s point is with well thought out arguments and citations of fact, not name calling. Unfortunately, Joe, when you use such tactics you make your own side questionable.

  • Guest

    I love Chicken Google Soup, don’t ya?

    Here’s the recipe for that:
    1. 1 bullion chicken google
    2. 2 cups of ice water
    3. 1 cup diced potatoes
    4. some garlic
    5. some onions
    6. 2 scoops of schmidt ice cream

    Boil 2 cups of ice water. Add the google chiken bullion. Add the potatoes and simmer until soft. Serve with two scoops of schmidt ice cream. Yummy!

  • tom g

    I agree with video. If they were still small biz they would debate to save their face. Now they are sooo big they don’t care. They seem to think nothing will hurt them no matter what they do.
    They like hosting the videos because they will make money every time it gets seen. Google has tons of copy righted matterials hosted and they don’t get into trouble. When the video fail to make profit then they will remove. Should have used Vimeo.
    The banks were too big to FAIL and Google is way too big to NAIL! They should be broken up like the Phone Company – Bell.

  • plubius sanctus

    Google is one the most “progressive” company out there. The technology and the breadth of their offering is by far the best on earth. Unfortunately, when you marry corporate superiority with government you have manifest destiny when it come to conquering the internet.

    Love Google as far as tech. But I promise you; they will destroy the internet as we know it. This is clear. Kudos for people watching out and looking for open debate.

  • Satinbow

    Joe, the old “if they have nothing to hide” arguement is one of the worst ones going. You may as well add “we need to protect the children” and you may as well call it a day.

    While I think Google hold a lot of information on people, and that this is a danger if not regulated properly, its information gained from useing thier services. Not the same think as the deep packet inspection a lot of peoples ISP’s are doing without their knowledge (check out BT and Phorm for more information on that)

    In Googles defense, why should they talk to a group of people who call themselves consumerwatchdog yet have adverts for stuff on their homepage?
    they are neither an official consumer watchdog, nor impartial protectors of your privacy, jsut anougher group with an agenda that fits with attacking Google as an easy target.
    I don’t see much on their about the US Government giving access to peoples med records to insurance companys. Maybe thatss too hard for them to attack with childish videos?

    Are people still that easily led by 30 second videos that they can’t work out the real issues for themselves?

    • India

      “While I think Google hold a lot of information on people, and that this is a danger if not regulated properly, its information gained from useing thier services.”

      Have you ever heard of Google Analytics? Nobody uses that, they still track you.

      “In Googles defense, why should they talk to a group of people who call themselves consumerwatchdog yet have adverts for stuff on their homepage?”

      What ads? And why would you care? The site is and they are fighting for users’ privacy rights which is the issue here.

      “who call themselves consumerwatchdog”?

      Who cares? Their cause is legitimate and most people with common sense agree with what they are doing. Who cares if they want to sell popsicles to support their cause.

      “In Googles defense, why should they talk to a group of people who call themselves consumerwatchdog yet have adverts for stuff on their homepage?”

      Because that’s how the world works. That’s the right thing to do. Because they are one of the biggest companies in the world and they should care about their customers and users. Because many people’s lives, especially kids are at risk.

      Your “I love Google” and “Google I’m home!!!” fanboi type of stuff is showing and getting in the way of your rational thinking. You are a smart boy. THINK! You are putting rope on your own neck!

      • Dave H

        I didn’t know Google Analytics tracked data from sites that don’t have their code embedded, can you please explain it to a non-techie?

        I don’t pretend to know all the facts, nor do I think Google is perfect, but in their defense I don’t understand how people can complain about Buzz, Gmail, Youtube, or any of the Google’s free services that users “do” choose to use.

        To me that sounds a silly (and scary) as the public demanding the government force network television to remove all the commercial breaks. If I don’t want commercials, I buy HBO. Have we really become that entitled, and do we really want the government to start meddling with services given away for free?

        Again, I’m only referring to their free services based on my current understanding that Google only gathers information on those services from the people who choose to register for those services. If Google’s crossed the line with these too I’d like to know so before anyone replies, please try to “educate” me before going into attack mode. I’m not a fanboi, just a business owner concerned with our recent belief that government should interfere with so many markets.

  • Guest

    I support Consumer Watch’s efforts to debate with Google and explain why they are keeping information on our invasion of privacy a secret. Recently I learned that Google is complying with government wire taps to provide private information on anyone the government selects. So there is a definite assault on privacy of individual citizens and a corporation “too big to fail” who’s arrogance is making people puke.

    What ever happened to our rights to privacy as we watch Google Maps, Google Buzz, Google IP information collection, they practically know what underwear size you have!! Enough. Explain yourself Google and debate it -that is the very least you can do. Chicken!!

    • Craig

      Google complies with legal ‘wire taps’ the same as your phone company, ISP, bank, credit union or anyone or anything else a court order can be directed at.

      What rights to privacy are you talking about that are being violated and how are they being violated?

      Don’t look now but WebProNews has your IP logged as well and they know what you think about whatever issue you decide to post about. You can’t hide, the world is out to get you! 😉

  • Googe Owns

    Googe Owns… The WORLD.. They can do ANYTHING they like.

    The Governments are the Chicken’s here. As they dare not do anyting against Google.

  • Guest

    Satinbow, you are an ungrateful creature. Mother Theresa could come to your rescue after being for many years in a deserted island and you would still ask her, “Who sent you Mother Theresa? What’s that lettering in your habit’s pin stand for Mother Theresa? NO THANKS BUT NO THANKS!!”

    Man, help stop this G. madness before we end up on G’s Thanksgiving’s table lying on our tummies with a feather sticking out of our butts!!!!

  • Guest

    I don’t consider Google to be anything less than tyrannical villains on the internet. If they decide they don’t like your site, you will be sent in oblivion. No single company should have that power to destroy an online business. But they do, and they are quite arrogant about it. In addition, they will, at the drop of a hat sell or give your personal information that they have gleaned from data mining efforts, to anyone who wants it. Either for sale or to any agency , public or private, that decides it wants to know more about you. What I have seen is that the big companies who regularly buy large Google ad campaigns, mysteriously get top ranking in the organic searches also. I’ve looked at their page data and can’t see how they get there with non-matching keywords and poor meta tag info, but yet they are there. When I started buying Google ads, my organic appearances climbed. When they expired, my organics disappeared. Coincidence? I think not. I didn’t want to post my homepage on this because Google has an awful lot of people scouring the net for things. I don’t want to end up having my site sent into internet limbo.

    • Dave H

      “I don’t consider Google to be anything less than tyrannical villains on the internet. If they decide they don’t like your site, you will be sent in oblivion.”

      How does Google’s actions effect your website on every other search engine? Google is not the internet, they’re a website just like yours except they’ve built a following so massive it’s easy to view them as one and the same. Regarding Google’s SRP, I believe it’s their right to list websites as they see fit. It’s their job to provide good results, and if they don’t their market share in search will reflect accordingly.

      I’m not defending Google, nor am I saying they’re angels. Your comment was based on their SRP and I’m defending the rights of business owners to control their creation as long as it’s legal (again, only referring to Google’s SRP, not their action on other issues or products.

      If you build a search engine and someone posts the same comment about your SRP I would give them the same answer in your defense.

  • Jim

    One of the safest ways to do searches is to use Startpage, called Ixquick in Europe,to do all of your web page video and other searches. It’s one hundred percent free and you can use them as a proxy on websites so that the only thing your ISP and the websites see is that Startpage is browsing them. The President of the company is a privacy advocate who has been on radio and TV exposing exactly what Google is doing to unsuspecting users without their knowledge. It’s scary what Google is doing. Startpage takes seconds to download and it works as well, if not better than, Google. It gives you different levels of filters (none to heavy) and they don’t sell your information to anybody. In fact the EU is trying to stop them because they won’t hand over personal information on demand. just search for Startpage . It may be the last time Google ever sees you. I recommend it to people who use my website all the time. What you do is YOUR business, not Googles

  • Keith

    Google will not be able to resist using the information they have to their own benefit even if it means personal privacy is sacrificed.

    Google Anaylyics data can be used to tinker with ranking.
    IP addresses and cookies are already tracked and used by Google.
    Search info can and will be used to personalize search.

    Depending on what services you use Google knows what you search for, when you search, who you email, how your sites rank, what blogs you read, what groups you belong to – I could go on.

    Google needs to be broken up – they are out of control. They have too much money and too much control of the web. There business model has ceased to be in the public interest.

    • Craig

      Guess what, your ISP knows even more about what you do online as they see EVERYTHING that goes into or comes out of your home.

      Aren’t you worried they won’t be able to resist the urge to do whatever it is you are afraid of just because they have more access than anyone to whatever it is you think important enough to keep private?

      You are right in one regard though, you could go on but I think you have enough tin-foil to make a hat already.

      • Guest

        ISPs are bounds by many existent laws and are regulated, Google is not. Please stop this ISP non-sense. Weak argument. You can’t even escape Google. They have Google Analytics.

  • Craig

    The point of joining a debate with a group that resorts to videos more inclined to amuse children than anything else would be what exactly?

    There is so much substance in their content, NOT.

  • Richie Rich

    Of course Google has something to hide but that doesn’t mean they should debate the watchdogs. Nowadays even Watchdogs seek the spotlight to further their cause despite the fact that they have a legitimate complaint. It dosn’t make good business sense to let yourself be put in a corner and have your statements twisted or just plain known.
    I certainly support privacy and the chicken ad did nothing for me intellectually. It would be much more effective if the producer/director/writer team would make a media communication that pertains to their complaint. For example an effective ad on this subject would be to demonize an
    Advertising Rep pitching a client. He or she could explain how Google Searches by individuals are monitored, databased and then manupulated in such a way to create targeted advertising. Throw in a few potentially derogitory terms like social engineering, perceptuion management, technology influencer, psycology diagnostics and then you might have something. The devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other is always a platform that works well too.
    Theft of privacy…..make an ad which shows a burglar confessesing his crime to the courts and the judge finding hime not guilty!
    But a the chicken is just a taunt to joust….. who cares about a chickens privacy?
    The real issue hear is how the homosapien will be inclined to misuse technology for monitary gain.

  • Roy

    Google is all over and needs to be stopped. It’s like I’ve always sympathized with the Tibetans and was thinking to boycott anything Chinese and then I realized, F****!! They even make the Free Tibet! stickers! LOL.

    Wherever you go today you are being tracked by Google. Either by Analytics, a free email or hosting company using Google cloud or some service, you are being tracked.

    • Craig

      Your IP can be tracked as to what it has sent requests for and where and what it has received bytes from, so what?

      How has that had any negative impact on your life?

      Oh no, you get targeted ads or search results tailored to what you have shown an interest in previously.

      What, you would prefer random ads and search results of less interest to you than you might otherwise have chosen for yourself?

      When did the world become so filled with ‘Chicken Littles’ running around worrying about how their ‘private information’ is in jeopardy when most have not a clue as to what ‘private information’ is?

      What ‘private information’ do you or did you give to Google and how has it been used against you? Better yet, how do you think it even could be used against you? Is the boogey man still alive and well in peoples’ imagination?

  • Mohann

    The video calling Google Chicken is in bad taste. Well, Google has the guts to do what it wants. The proper place to take the fight to is the Government or any court of law if there is a grievance.

    What the Watchdog should do is to educate people more and more on privacy rights and get support but simply challenging someone to fight is ridiculous.

  • Lux Kai

    Presume what, your ISP be acquainted with even more about what you do online as they see the whole thing that goes into or comes out of your home.

  • Sue G.

    Never buy any Google products but use their free services. BOYCOTT ALL GOOGLE fake ADWORDS accounts and bad DROID phone, etc. The damage has been done and nobody trusts Google anymore as they allow CYBER STALKING, FALSE SLANDER SEARCH RESULTS, SELLING RIP OFF ADWORDS ACCOUNTS, INVASION OF PRIVACY, ANCIENT OLD LINKS that go nowhere. Google will soon be a thing of the past with Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, etc taking over.