Louisiana Congressman Believes & Reposts Onion Article

By: Mike Tuttle - February 7, 2012

Congressman John Fleming (R-LA) posted an article on his Facebook page yesterday about Planned Parenthood. The article announced the grand opening of an $8 billion “Abortionplex’ in Topeka, Kansas, funded by Planned Parenthood.

If all this sounds familiar, you probably have seen this story before. In The Onion.

Apparently no one had told the gentleman from Louisiana that The Onion is pure satire. One commenter asked the Congressman: “How exactly did you get elected?” The posting has since been deleted from Fleming’s page. But, here’s a screenshot for you.

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  • marvin nubwaxer

    (R-LA)–that’s all you need to know. they are ignorant but rich lackeys for thr rich and richer who are their masters

  • Pelt

    Maybe he was trying to be funny?

    • Cheshire

      Do you *actually* believe that?

  • Kent Torch

    Well this law maker should be here in Tennessee where the really stupid law makers reside and tear up everything this state has accomplished for the last 10 years. Then I could entice “THE ONION” to write a few more articles (with my guidance) and then perhaps we could get things back on track! We’re Proudly Tennessee, dumbbing down America starting in Nashville Tennessee!