comScore Submits Latest Mobile Market Rankings

By: Mike Fossum - May 1, 2012

comScore’s latest survey of roughly 30,000 mobile users via its MobiLens service produced the typical findings of very little difference in the mobile market over a three month period, though Apple and its iPhone have actually achieved a full number in percentage of change regarding devices in use. Since a posting of the same study conducted over the prior three months, Samsung still sells the most devices, with 26% of the market share in the U.S., while iPhone remains at 12.8%

Below is a comparison of the two most recent mobile EOM surveys:

mobile eom

mobile eom

Google’s Android now accounts for 51% of all smartphone operating systems, which might turn into even more spectacular damages awarded to Oracle over the search giant’s misuse of Java APIs in developing the OS, depending on what the court decides. Apple’s iOS is also on the up, seeing an increase of 1.1% to a market share of 30.7%. The declining RIM network was down 3.7%, and Windows Phone, which is doing better in emerging markets overseas, saw a decline of 0.8%:

mobile eom

The biggest change in mobile content usage was an increase in app downloads by 2.4%, to 50% on the nose. It would appear that exactly 74.3% of mobile users at all times send text messages:

mobile eom

The slight increase in app usage might be especially good news for RIM – back in February, that company’s Vice President for Developer Relations Alec Saunders pointed out that RIM garners more app downloads than both Android and iOS.

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