Commence Your ‘Steve Jobs Is Alive’ Theories

By: Josh Wolford - August 7, 2014

You can add Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to the list of dead people that could possibly be alive because they’ve been spotted but are also totally not alive (except in the hearts of fans, of course).

Like Biggie, Tupac, Elvis, and Wilford Brimley, Jobs, reportedly deceased since 2011, has been sighted in a foreign country.

A redditor posted this selfie Wednesday night, claiming to have found Steve Jobs alive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

You have to admit – the proof here is virtually impregnable.

Steve Jobs or not, you have to feel bad for that caretaker, who is clearly sick of this shit.

Image via Imgur, redditor TheHorseSizedDuck

Josh Wolford

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  • 2BubbleBlog

    Well, with the money Steve made, he could buy out his retirement quietly from all the paparazzi. Anyone can buy a fake passport and bribe the right people to disapear from the public scene. He was sick, we all know that, it’s possible he really made this scam to relax for the few years left.
    Anyway, it’s his live, his choice too. I think this photo doesn’t look fake and is clear enough to do facial recognition. It may be also just somebody who looks like him too…

    • Harry Manback

      Yeah, but you then don’t get wheeled around in a popular spot in the same attire you were seen soley in for every public appearance in your entire career. It’s just some look-a-like, whom I’m sure is doing this on purpose.

  • Mattofsmeg

    I swear I saw him touring with a group of retirees in the sequia redwoods!

  • smithsson

    It’s interesting how one man so vividly captured the imagination and admiration of so many. Like so many before him, his legend lives.