Clutch.io Refugees Can Find Solace In Convert.com

    October 18, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Back in August, Twitter announced that they had acquired Clutch.io. It was one of the many “acquihires” that happen in the tech industry where Twitter was more interested in the talent instead of the product. As such, Twitter is ditching the Clutch.io platform and all support for it on November 1. Thankfully, they released the source code so developers could host their own applications built using Clutch.io, but what about those who don’t have the resources to host their own applications?

Convert.com, a “leading A/B multivariate testing software for retailers and agencies” announced today that they would be picking up the slack for Clutch.io users. Any developer who used Clutch.io can move their apps from Clutch.io’s servers over to Convert.com by just signing-up with the service. It’s all part of Convert.com’s plan to break into the mobile space.

“Retailers and agencies that support testing realize mobile is the future, and Convert.com’s strategy has always been to be on the forefront of innovative testing. Clutch.IO is a wonderful service. This is why we will open up our mobile beta program to both new and existing Clutch.IO users. We will begin fully supporting the Clutch.IO infrastructure by initially setting up the same exact hosted service current users are familiar with, then making the migration as smooth as possible for them” said Dennis van der Heijden, Convert.com’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Convert.com’s integration with Clutch.io will be a two-phase project. The first phase will be integration with already existing apps built upon the exact same hosted Clutch.io service that existing users already know. After this initial beta period, apps will switch to Convert.com’s mobie platform for full integration with mobile Web sites and apps in one united platform.

If you want to move your Clutch.io applications, you can sign up for the service over at Convert.com.

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