Chrome Tops Firefox Among Techmeme Users

Google's browser scores market share win

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On the site that describes itself as "Tech Web, Page A1," a tipping point in the browser wars has been reached.  New stats indicate that Techmeme visitors have come to prefer Chrome over Firefox by a small but significant margin.

Techmeme founder and owner Gabe Rivera shared some info with Jay Yarow and Kamelia Angelova earlier today, and it turns out that a changeup occurred in September.  About 34 percent of people visiting Techmeme pages now do so using Chrome.

Google ChromeFirefox is four percentage points behind with a share of 30 percent.  Also, Safari has a market share of 21 percent, while Internet Explorer has a market share of 12 percent, if you’re curious.

Then contenders like Opera, Opera Mini, SeaMonkey, and Camino all have shares that just round to zero or one percent.

Anyway, this is less than good news for the folks at Mozilla, since one of Firefox’s key strengths has long been its popularity among techie types.  If they’re now making the switch to Chrome, and the general public’s still content with IE, Firefox could be left in a sort of no-man’s land.

Mozilla fans should cross their fingers that Firefox 4 blows everybody away.

Chrome Tops Firefox Among Techmeme Users
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  • Toto

    With Chrome you are free to choose another research engine as Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia … neither to add another research engine

  • Toto

    With Chrome you are NOT free to choose another research engine as Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia … neither to add another research engine

  • http://garidigital.com Jorge Garifuna

    I’ve been using firefox since day 1, however I recently made the switch to chrome for the following reasons:

    1. Chrome’s omnibar saves me time in searching since I dont have to take an extra step to decide which field to use from the address/location or search field.

    2. Firefox has been a memory hug for me. Even though I have 8GB of RAM on my system, I refuse to allocate a large percentage of it to firefox :)

  • Marco

    Never heard of Techmeme before, and it is not a big surprise that one random tech site will have drastically changing browser market shares. The fact that every fifth user uses Safari is reason enough to forget about that statistic. Safari is a cheap browser, benefiting from the chromium progresses, any user who has a soul would go 5 meters around that browser.
    Also, any good techsite out there has an opera market share above average – this is not the case here, so screw it.

  • http://www.internet-markkinointi.net Alex

    Firefox had up been a very stable browser – recently Firefox crashes have become frequent. Especially with any site using Adobe Flash content. Can’t this issue be properly fixed? I suspect someone doesn’t wan’t it to happen. Keeping in mind that Google have been supporting the Mozilla foundation it is perhaps not surprising that using Firefox and going to the Google homepage in UK you get an “ad” asking you to download Chrome. I believe this is more than an co-incidence. We all know what happened with Dmoz.org – ending up as a copy named the Google Directory…
    Now it is Mozilla’s turn to become “Google property”…
    Google want’s to know more about the end users, and the loop of insight into eCommerce will be complete; end-user/browser, search-AdWords-Conversion Tracking-Analytics-Goals”. I guess we will see “better” personalized ads on Google soon – Do we like it or not!


  • Matt

    I have been using Chrome a lot more than FireFox in the past week. I have the Beta 4 and it keeps crashing and freezing so I just been using Chrome. I like chrome because I can do more with less.

  • http://portal.opera.com/ Jess

    Never heard of this infamous tech site, so how is it relevant with more larger important tech sites? Chrome’s browser is also a result of Google’s spaming of the browser in ads on webpages, on google.com, as a side option checked when installing programs and youtube. I’m not surprised nor impressed. Opera and Firefox are still a top favorite.

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