Cheerios Ad Featuring Interracial Couple Brings Out the Internet Racists

    May 31, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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It’s 2013 and we’re still dealing with “outrage” over the depiction of an interracial couple in a Cheerios ad.

Cheerios’ new ad, titled “Just Checking” uses the often-cited claim that the cereal is heart healthy. In the ad, a girl asks her mother if what her dad said is true. Are cheerios actually good for your heart? Her mother confirms that yes, they are. The little girl then runs off and pours a box of Cheerios on her sleeping dad’s chest. Cute. Effective. Controversial?

You see, the mom in the commercial is white and the dad is black. Cue angry internet racists.

Check out the ad:

Shortly after posting, the YouTube comments filled up with racially-charged vitriol. So much so that Cheerios was forced to remove the comments and disable commenting altogether.

AdWeek says that the comments featured “references to Nazis, ‘troglodytes’ and ‘racial genocide.'” Classy.

You can see more of the hateful comments on reddit, where the video made it high on the r/videos subreddit.

“Fake couple. That lady looks too white to be married to a black man. Cheerios needs to fire their casting agent. Plus….a black man in his childs life?…lol,” says one commenter.

To be fair, there are more comments that praise the ad than ones that deride it. And reddit’s voting system has relegated the racist comments to the bottom of the thread. But this ad is just another reminder that these kind of feelings still exist – and the anonymity of the internet just makes it worse.

  • http://yahoo john wasierski

    no more cheerios for this family,you are encouraging interracial marrige and that is not what a company like yours is supposed to do,it was not even funny.

    • John

      Your a polish or Russian bastard!

      • John

        Go back to Eastern Europe

      • http://google paula reade

        And you’re just an idiot!! Whatever your family’s origin – you’re a disgrace to it.

    • John

      Hey Mr. wasierski . better change your name to Jones or Smith. This country is for Anglo’s only!

      • http://google paula reade

        What a sick, narrow minded, dumb individual you are. Move to an island where the only one who can hear you is yourself. You don’t belong in a world where we’re striving to get along with everyone. People of all races and beliefs have conributed so much to this country – unfortunately, you’re not one of them.

    • //n/a...lol radford

      BULLY foe you, John !
      When advertising executives spill this kind of “angst ads” on the gullible public … can we assume the ad agency is “biased”?? ie, never never does one see a white man “teamed” with a black woman! Why not? Isn’t it obvious ???
      The whole scene is kindergarten pressure ! IMHO, anyhow.

    • http://myspaceandfacebook Michael DeSouza

      For that comment you should put your children up for adoption, or
      give them to a “LOVING” family member, before they grow up with your horrid way of thinking. If your married, God help her, and you should jump off the face of the earth. Cherrios did a great thing. They showed the world as it is! Have a good jump!

    • John

      Your obviously not an Anglo with that last name. change it1

      • http://google paula reade

        Sick man – you need counseling. I truly hope you don’t have children – there is no place in this world for idiots like you – you’re a danger to us all.

  • sandy

    I for one was glad to see this commercial. It brought a smile to my face when I first saw it. I think that it’s about time for people to view life as it is. Go Cheerios for having the courage to air it!!!

  • http://webpronews.com Lynn

    wake up people this the world today! Black man white woman. Black woman white man, chinese/black/white/mexican/ so on and so forth. We all live together as one

    • http://myspaceandfacebook Michael DeSouza

      I love your comment! God bless you!

  • John

    polish bastard!!!!!

    • http://myspaceandfacebook Michael DeSouza


  • John

    Hey Mr. wasierski . better change your name to Jones or Smith. This country is for Anglo’s only!

  • http://myspaceandfacebook Michael DeSouza

    I cannot believe in this day and age we still hear racist comments about a black father and white mother! It is so common today, everywhere
    you look! Love sees no color and if your against it, read your Bible, first of all about not judging, and then, read about love and acceptance. Then seek a doctor of mental health. We have a Black President for goodness sake! That says it all!
    Michael DeSouza, New York City

    • http://yahoo Mary

      I was right with you and think the commercial is cute. Then you had to remind me who our president is! It has nothing to do with race-he is just bad for this country

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    Mixed race, I thought we are all mixed race? There you go my Cheerios for me, I prefer the colour ones.

  • larry

    This is some simple minded stuff.