CES 2013: T-Mobile Now Offers No-Contract Unlimited 4G Data Plans For $70/Month

    January 9, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Did you hear? T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone in the next few months. The company’s CEO, John Legere, confirmed just as much at CES 2013. Now, you may not want an iPhone, but T-Mobile has something else on offer that may convince you to switch.

T-Mobile announced that its no-contract 4G data plan will be going live today. Customers on T-Mobile can now get unlimited 4G data, and unlimited talk and texting for only $70 a month. It’s obvious that T-Mobile is hoping to steal some customers from the other carriers with this move.

“Simply put, consumers want their data to be blazing fast, without limits and without overages,” said Mike Sievert, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA. “With our new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, that’s exactly what we’re giving them, and for the first time, we’re offering it without an annual contract. Other carriers want to lock customers in; we’re going to earn our customers’ business with an amazing 4G experience every day.”

Like always, there is a catch though. Only a limited number of phones are available on this new no-contract plan, and hardly any of them are exactly “great” phones. The only real standout device in the list of supported phones is the Galaxy S III. For a limited time, however, T-Mobile is also offering the LG Optimus L9 for only $199 for new no-contract customers. It’s a little on the weak side, but it should be good enough for those who care more about the unlimited data instead of their phone’s power.

The new no-contract unlimited 4G data plan will be available starting today through the T-Mobile Web site or retail stores. Those who aren’t near T-Mobile retail outlets can get on the new plan through select dealers and national retail outlets.

  • Mr. X

    Looking at this deal is tempting…mainly because you can get a 4G hotspot on the no-contract deal, and then use it to essentially boost your ipod touch to a phone’s status, and also have internet anywhere.

    Instead of thinking about it as a phone-only thing, I would think of it as a big competitor to cable companies and the services for home internet as well.

    • Dan

      But that costs an additional 15 dollars for the hot spot unless you get a tethering app but if t-mobile finds out you could be denied service its part of the prepaid eula.