CES 2012: Samsung’s OLED TV Rakes In Awards

By: Shaylin Clark - January 12, 2012

There has been no shortage of amazing things on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The unofficial themes of the show this year have been TVs and thinner gadgets. Some of the biggest buzz, though, has come from Samsung’s new 55-inch Super OLED. This remarkable HDTV is made with OLED pixels, each of which emits its own light and consists of RGB subpixels, promising a sharper image than has been possible with previous HDTVs.

In addition to the positive buzz it has generated, the new TV has garnered a slew of awards. According to a Samsung press release the accolades include Popular Science’s Best of CES 2012: Products of the Future award, G4 TV’s Best of the Best Products, Stuff Magazine’s CES Hot Stuff Award, and CES’s own Best of CES Innovations 2012 in the Video Displays category.

Samsung showed off the TV at their press conference and made highlights available on YouTube. Check out the video embedded below and let us know what you think in the comments.

[Source: Samsung Press Release]

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  • g-man

    samsungs oled tvs look great but if they start to require separate box to connect hdmi cables too because of the thinnest of the tv i think i’ll wait until every thing is incorporated in the tv.if this tv go on sail for more than 5 grand ,i think i’ll wait for the 60 incher.u can just c it coming.

  • mcclaudjohn

    This OLED TV is awesome but Samsung still has to do more if only Samsung wants to meet up with the competition that LG is up to with its latest WOLED technology. Just imagine that with the white pixel; the efficiency of the LG OLED TV will be incomparable, thus, raising LG’s flag. Samsung got to do something.