Censored Blogger: “People Need to Know the Truth”

    June 5, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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For a man who’s been diagnosed with diabetes, you’d never guess that about Steven Cooksey. His life choices fly directly in the face of the American Diabetes Association’s recommendations for people living with the disease. He maintains a no-grain/low-carbohydrate diet, commonly known as the Paleo diet, and as a result is in fantastic health. Incredibly, because of his dietary decisions, Cooksey no longer requires insulin injections (on his website, he states that before adopting the Paleo diet he was taking four insulin shots a day). With those kind of seemingly miraculous results, it’s no surprise that Cooksey wanted to share his story and hopefully help others with what he’s learned through his own research and experience. Steve Cooksey, Before & After Transition

While trying to help others, Cooksey also has no problem making his disagreements with the ADA known. However, little did he know that by blogging about his success in maintaining his diabetes with the Paleo diet while also lambasting the ADA for its dietary policies would lead to him becoming a target for government censorship.

How do you feel about the government trying to regulate speech on the internet? Should it keeps its paws off of the internet or is some mediation needed from the government? Chime in with your comments.

His website, Diabetes-Warrior.net, features several nutritional recommendations as well as many pointed critiques about the ADA’s policies. In a recent post, he rips the ADA and details how he maintained a steady blood sugar without following any of the agency’s guidelines.

It’s not as if Cooksey is doing anything fanatically radical. Food and diets are probably one of the most blogged about subjects throughout the internet. Dissent also abounds on the internet, and so the combination of dissent and diet shouldn’t really be cause for legal intimidation from the government. Disturbingly, that would not be the case for Cooksey.

He suspects he was chosen as a target by the ADA and its government cohorts because he doesn’t shirk from passionately criticizing the organization. “I do feel like I’ve been singled out, I really do,” he said. “The Paleo diet movement is really growing. I’m sure there’s hundreds of Paleo blogs out there, but here’s the thing: there’s not many that call the ADA drug-pushers or grain-pushers. I have utter disdain for those organizations.”

It was that unwavering disdain for the ADA that likely earned him the censor-happy attention of the organization. Earlier this year, Cooksey spoke out against an ADA supporter at a diabetes seminar and, if his website is any indication, it’s not hard to imagine he probably didn’t mince his words. Shortly after the event, though, he received a notice from the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition informing him that, because he was blogging about his positive experience with the Paleo diet and offering up advice to readers and acquaintances, he was illegally giving dietary advice without a proper license.

After making some changes to his site, the content of his blog has since been deemed within “substantial accordance” of the law, but the specific law the Board is supposedly enforcing is a hoary law that leaves innumerable questions unanswered. I mean, this is the internet. People blog about their diets and foods they like, they share advice about diets, they consult with each other for new ideas. It’s not like Cooksey was doing anything illegal or causing anybody harm and the Paleo diet isn’t exactly uncommon these days.

He also contests the claim that he was accepting payments for the advice he was sharing with people on his blog. “All of my information is free,” he said. “I got that information from other blogs and books. It’s just all consolidated on my site.”

Cooksey disputes the claims of the NCBDN that he was in fact receiving some financial compensation. “They were raising hell because I was giving advice, advising, and counseling. They had an issue with the selling part, which was the biggest strength of the complaint filed against me.”

“I’m not selling advice, I’m not,” he said. “I was just offering people help and some support.”

Who knew helping out your familiars would land a guy with such heavy legal attention. Cooksey has since filed a lawsuit against the NCBDN alleging that they violated his right to free speech. However, the NCBDN will likely argue that they’re looking out for the good of the general public by limiting the amount of information Cooksey is allowed to share on his blog. Still, it’s not like he’s running a hitman service; it’s a diet blog.

Sarah A. Downey, a legal analyst with Abine, doesn’t exactly see where Cooksey could possibly have been doing any harm to anyone. “It doesn’t seem here that he was getting paid to be a dietician,” she said. “The public safety argument is a good one, but you can’t just apply it wholesale.”

Even in the event that Cooksey could have received compensation for his advice, Downey still isn’t sure that he’s doing anything wrong. “It would be a stretch of the definition of commercial speech,” she said.

Still, whether Cooksey is able to successfully sue the NCBDN for violating his right to free speech, the ramifications of the attempt to censor the blog are already being felt. “My speech is more guarded now,” Cooksey admitted, referring to the tone he takes these days on his blog posts. “I’m not as direct in saying that you should eat like me. I think you should eat like me if your lifestyle requires you to take drugs, but I try not to say that diabetics should eat like me. But I try to stay clear of talking directly.”

Although Cooksey’s taming of his diabetes makes his ability to share his experience a deeply personal mission, the legal issue extends well beyond the instance of one blog or one blogger. The case is a microcosm of the totality of freedom on the internet, the right for any of us to openly speak on the web without the fear of obstruction or a muzzle. Cooksey hopes that something positive will come from this saga. “Obviously the law firm [he’s being represented by The Institute for Justice] and I want to prevent the restrictions of freedom of speech.” He continued, “I also want to use this increased attention to highlight and bring to the forefront this problem in the diabetes industry.”

Asked if he believed it was his constitutional right to blog freely about his opinions and nutrition, Cooksey makes a deliberate pause before replying succinctly, “Hell yes.” Apart from trying to challenge the information circulated by the ADA, Cooksey doesn’t neglect the greater importance emanating from his ordeal: freedom of speech. “We know that the government wants to grow its power over the people, and this may seem like a minor instance, but if I can help protect the encroachment of our freedom of speech.” He adds, “I welcome this opportunity and I would like to be a part of that.”

Tell us what you think about Steve Cooksey’s story. Anybody out there had a similar experience with a blog you run? Do you think Cooksey has a pretty solid lawsuit against the NCBDN? Share your reactions below.

  • http://www.galoor.com Clint Lenard

    I wonder what they’re so scared of? Organizations like this are such a waste of funds anyways… they’re too busy getting rich from donations, apparently.

  • Tommy

    I don’t think this is about free speech. I’m not up to date with this issue but the last time I read about this case he appeared to have been engaging in giving medical suggestions or advice to people. I can’t remember exactly. You can’t do that. He needed a license for that. Every body is different, have other illnesses besides diabetes, and some people are just play retarded, stupid. That’s why you have to visit the doctor at his/her office. Doctor will never give you any advice online. Well actually some do but what idiot would trust such a doctor? I believe he has admitted to talking directly to diabetics. You can’t do that and it’s common sense. I’m all for free speech and want to go bat for him but you just can’t do that. I believe he also understands that. I’m diabetic type 2 by the way.

    • John

      Food, nutition, call it medicine if you must, but it’s not something that can be regulated, not in my opinion. This isn’t medical advice. He’s not prescribing drugs. He’s telling people how to eat like he does, and if that means one on one, so be it.

      Can you get any more ubiquitous than nutrition advice? I mean seriously, don’t we feed our kids? Don’t we look after our sick and elderly family members and friends? By the letter of these laws I can’t even feed my child without fear of charges.

      If he gives bad advice, the reciever can do whatever everybody else that recieves bad advice can do: sue him. Isn’t that enough?

    • Carol Frome

      If we have to start self-censoring because there are stupid people in the world, no one will be able to say anything–because any stupid person might interpret a figurative remark literally or misinterpret a literal remark. And there are people with agendas who will do the same thing. Do I think non-professionals should be giving medical or legal advice? Absolutely not. However, in my view, we can speak responsibly from our own experiences and observations, and we can also offer fair-minded well-informed interpretations of research. We can also point out a lack of research, or a hole in the research. Why not? Don’t listen if you don’t want to.

    • Clifford Randles

      I don,t agree with you, as you see it every day, you get bombarded with advertisements about health foods, pills for every illness and every thing in between from magazines, radio, tv, internet and this is a big money business.

      And really, who are they? does any one know? if i buy this junk who,s business is it besides mine?

      So what is the big deal about some one giving his or her free opinion from their experience? why can,t they do it?

  • Jacob

    I think that the way the medical information is presented is probably a large factor in the issue. If the information is presented as “You should do this…” then I could see the issue. On the other hand, if it is presented as “This has been working for me…” then there’s no problem, because it’s not presented as “advice” technically.

    On the other hand, I am of a firm belief that the pharmaceuticals industry is a bit too powerful in the US right now. Many diseases that are perfectly curable with proper nutrition, rest, etc. are instead being fixed with medicines, most of which have side effects and which also do the job of the body’s immune system. The only time concentrated chemicals should be prescribed for treatment is when it is necessary, not whenever it’s “convenient.” Essentially I’m very much opposed to the growing “there’s a pill for that” state of mind that seems to be permeating the medical industry. This is, of course, my own opinion and anyone is free to disagree with me.

    • Craig

      I agree with Jacob. And the only way we would find out is if someone shares their experience with us. Many people have found cure that work for them…. The establishment should be investigating these claims to see if they can make it work for others. Acting the way they have gives people reason to mistrust them.
      We also have to remember that the conventional treatment for any illness 100 years ago may be seen as barbaric and if any medical professional followed it now they would be stuck off, sued or end up in jail. If they do not know the answer then they should say what the current convention is an say they would look into the matter as it may be of interest to them.

    • http://PlanetThoughts.org David

      Well said. At 59, I still need no medications, and prefer to meet the occasional illness without drugs. I do take an antibiotic if I have a bacterial infection, which is rarely.

      It does trouble me that this article was written without distinguishing between type I diabetes and type II diabetes. The former always requires insulin shots, the latter MAY be treated by good diet, exercise, and other means. Both my children have type I diabetes, the older for 19 years now (since age 4).

      Dieticians are mostly ignorant, as they recommend plenty of diet soda so kids (and grown-up “kids”) feel they have whatever they want, just like “normal” people. I preferred from the start to help my kids learn good eating and health habits, and to recognize that the diabetes required different choices in their daily patterns, but that they are NOT crippled, can do all the things others do in terms of important activities, and so on.

      Nutritionists are generally much better trained and give better advice. I have not read the blog in question, and I don’t know if its author was being provocative or over-stating his results. Government should regulate, but within reason. The fact that so many express hatred of nearly all government is alarming. Without government, the weak and minorities would be overrun, the wealthy would further concentrate wealth, and so on. We should be strengthening the good aspects of government, and eliminating the corrupt aspects of government.

  • http://www.diygame.info David1978

    The whole thing was a mess. I agree everything points to underwriters though and we will be hearing about this for years.

  • Alex

    Beyond the free speech issue, let’s not forget that the advice given by all these so called “nutrition professionals” is terrible. Telling a diabetic to eat plenty of carbohydrates and to then just inject more insulin to compensate should be considered malpractice.. how many have suffered and died early at the hands of registered dieticians and diabetes educators? The conventional nutrition community is largely whoring for the food and drug industries so their advice is profit driven and not in the best interest of the consumer.. If you want real information about diabetes and other modern illness and solid advice on using diet to cure or improve disease, you MUST look outside the establishment. I am a 51 year old woman, I have been eating low carb paleo for nearly 5 years now, I am over 120 lbs lighter, completely healthy and feel far younger and more energetic than I did 25 years ago. This stuff works! There is no money to be made in telling people to eat fewer carbs and no grain (you don’t need it!) but lots to be made by having them stay sick and ignorant of their options. Your doctor may be a nice person but most are clueless when it comes to food so they defer to the ill informed and badly taught “registered dietitian” blah blahing the profit driven “eat less fat and more healthywholegrains” and shut up and take your drugs message. There is a huge paleo and low carb community out there ready to help… get started today!

  • Sheila

    I guess it’s OK, though, that Paula Deen can get compensated for backing a diabetes “drug” all the while promoting food that is basically a gateway to an early grave.

  • http://www.b03s03.wordpress.com Asep

    I think diabets can kill anybody

  • http://www.design-webs.co.uk Jonathan Smith

    As a dual UK/US citizen there is no “beyond the first amendment” surely, why have a bill of rights… This sounds like large corporation trying to “quash” the “views” of an individual, where will this sort of re-action lead…or end.

  • http://evrn.net/ Howard Crane

    Why is this even a QUESTION?

    You’re not American anymore if a man who knows better than the ADA can’t open his gob. Surely any presiding Judge must see “Oh yeah, this guy’s healthier than anyone in the care of the government, that paleolithic diet must be the shit”

    The ADA, AMA, FDA, and FCC are the scourge of your country!

  • Tom Loeber

    We do not have a government. That which passes for such is just a ruse. Government is like Toxoplasma gondii infected insects at the top of a grass stalk waving about hoping to be eaten by some bird to spread the parasite around. Vested interests see the label some person has gotten as a government official and they target them for corruption in many different ways. If they can’t be corrupted to serve the token existence infested anti-humanity people, they are murdered or otherwise removed from positions of authority. We’re going to need a government quite soon if we are to survive our information explosion but, currently, there ain’t no such animal.

  • http://ceplaceplo.blogspot.com/ tik tok

    diabets is danger !

  • Clifford Randles

    I believe Government should stay out of about 90% of the things they are involved in especially when it comes to private lives.

    They also should let capitalism alone so that it can work the way it has worked for over two hundred years, but if we have mostly dictators in every sector of Government then is it any wonder.

    This is a Government of the people controlled by the people for the people.

    The people has found that they can vote for them selves a life of Riley and that involves big Government because if half of the people are going to live off of the Government then they have to steal from the other half and so the people on the Government payroll has to have complete control.

    It will not work for long but try to tell them that.

  • speak truth

    Free Speech is free speech even on the internet. If the corporate elites have their way we the people will have NO ability to discuss debate what are they doing to us globally. Most of the Congress have no idea how the internet works, as they dont use it, and dont understand it, but they will take away our right to privacy, our right to be free to speak our minds on the internet. This is an attack on the citizens, while the right wing radical Supreme Court believe corporations have the same rights as citizens? This thinking is so radically right wing, we the people regardless of party need to unite against it.

  • Craig

    I agree with Jacob. And the only way we would find out is if someone shares their experience with us. Many people have found cure that work for them…. The establishment should be investigating these claims to see if they can make it work for others. Acting the way they have gives people reason to mistrust them.

    We also have to remember that the conventional treatment for any illness 100 years ago may be seen as barbaric and if any medical professional followed it now they would be stuck off, sued or end up in jail. If they do not know the answer then they should say what the current convention is an say they would look into the matter as it may be of interest to them.

  • http://jdimlm.2truth.com Linda Johnson

    I’m also type 2 diabetic and have improved my health a lot with good healthy diet and exercise. I’m almost off of perscription drugs and I’m sure the drug companies and a lot of the Medical field don’t want to hear that. But I say anyone who gets healthier anyway they can is a big +
    It’s a well known fact that diet and exercise can reverse type 2 diabetes Drug companies have a lot of clout in the government so it’s no surprise to me that he’s getting shut down. Thank goodness for the wonderful doctors and nurses in this country but prescription drugs are out of hand. A health care worker who helped take care of my Mother said she had a client who was on 72 prescription drugs. That cannot be a good thing. So let this man give his opinion. This is supposed to be a free country.

  • For Alternative Health

    Mr. Cooksey isn’t the first. Welcome to fascist world of the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies and the orthodox health industry censorship that has been going on for decades. Join Max Gerson, Hulda Clark, Ernst T Krebs Jr, Robert Beck, Rene Caisse, and a whole host of others who have be censored, harassed, and or shut down by the corrupt government.

    They don’t want a cure for anything. They don’t want people to use inexpensive herbs or natural foods or substances to get well. They want people to continue to pay big bucks for their high priced prescriptions and to stay on their patented drugs for their entire lives.

  • Bill

    This is just another example of the Government over stepping their boundaries. Anybody researching anything is responsible for the proper use of that info, whether the search is done on or off line. I am passionate about finding alternatives to the status quo when it comes to our health. The establishment and obviously our government, tends to favor drugs. There’s a drug for everything these days. But nobody really knows the long term effects of those drugs. Consider all the weird allergies and ailments popping up. The increase in food allergies, increased incidents of alzheimer’s to name a few. Has anybody considered the generations of exposure to chemicals as a possible cause? Drugs are chemicals; they’re poisons – yet we take them with little thought. The accumulation of the residuals in our systems, the mixing of those drugs with other chemicals we’re exposed to – chlorine in our water, preservatives in our foods, fertilizers etc, etc., and how those drugs effect our DNA etc..? Getting back on topic – the point being, I search the internet all the time to find regular people who have had experiences with this or that, and to see what they have done. My daughter has asthma. In our attempts to find solutions through the medical establishment, they simply gave her stronger and stronger drugs. The last drug she was prescribed had a side effect of “death.” I mean, really?! So I went on-line to find help. And we did find alternatives. Through dietary supplements, she is free of taking any drugs! Bottom line is, we do not want people “practicing” medicine without a license – but if I was a diabetic, I would love to be able to read about another individual’s personal experience. Mr Cooksey should have to state on his site, loud and bold – “I am not a Doctor, anything you read here is my personal experience and opinion! Before trying anything you read here, please consult a physician.” That should suffice. The Government should NOT censor, but they can regulate a bit – keep him honest.

    • Darrin Vernier

      The cheapest inhaled asthma drug, the one most effective for many people, and the one which doesn’t list a side effect of ‘death’, has recently been outlawed because it is claimed the propellant used harms the ozone layer. The government says they understand some people will die without access to this medicine but they believe eventually people (not including the dead ones apparently) will adjust to the change. The expensive ‘replacement’ with all the side effect warnings including death is of course obtainable by prescription only whereas the outlawed drug was both inexpensive and available without a prescription. They really don’t care who dies as long as the pharma industry can get more cash out of you before you do.

  • http://www.alteredstates.co Peace

    Sadly we have the govt we deserve,,

    • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

      Maybe you do but I don’t!!!!!

  • http://getfitatthecellularlevel.blogspot.com/ Robert

    America is on her last leg, a nanny state, a police state, and a debt state. Federal laws are far reaching in the name of “national security” we all know that if you give up some liberty for security you lose both. Full dictatorship is so close I can taste it, will it be communism, national socialism, or corporate capitalism?

  • Michelle

    It’s about time the government stepped out of things they don’t belong in and stopped stomping on freedom of speech. The entire medical system needs an overhaul, the answer to everything is prescribe another drug, its the easiest solution but in many cases it is also just a band-aid. As long as fact is being stated, the government has no right censoring anything.

  • Anne

    No state should allow these bills sponsored by the RD’s to pass. What these bills say is that no one other than a licensed person can recommend a diet other than giving healthy peopple general guidelines to that follow the current USDA recommendations. So take a look around – how have those guidelines worked so far? We have increasing obesity, increasing diabetes and autoimmune diseases are rising too.

    Like Steve, changing what I ate saved my life. No doctor or dietitian helped. I found the information the internet. There are some wonderful and very smart people out there willing to share what they know. You can read my story http://www.diabetes-warrior.net/2010/09/06/anne-luthers-story/

  • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

    First off, the ADA itself is listed as a “charity” organization.
    It lists over $45M for fund raising activities and another $10M for Administration costs (it’s CEO receiving over $520K a year in compensation). [1]*
    If I were Steve Cooksey I would look into the ADA expenditures (fund raising costs and admin. costs) to see if there are any money expenditures to anyone or entity associated with North Carolina and or the 0bama Admin.
    Always follow the money!!!!!
    Second, Mr. Cooksey should always “source” his information and have a prominent “Disclaimer” link on every page.
    The Paleo Diet may work fine for Mr. Cooksey but may cause someone else problems and in this insane litigious (suing) society we live in he’s putting a target on his back.
    Perhaps he should also get Michele 0bama’s permission too before he (or anyone … word of warning) venture into her “I know what foods are best for you” domain.

    *[1] http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=13099

  • S Shipp

    The government is not interested in censorship- the government is interested in finding another way to crush freedom of speech and charge us for our loss of freedoms. The governement is the problem with half the problems in our country. How about censoring the Presidents lavishy spending of our money??? That would actaully help.

  • Lamar Welch

    The government has no business censoring this man or anyone else in any similar situation. PERIOD!

  • Am Pies

    Is this being censored by a complete ban such as you would expect for illegal sites or is it that it is just restricted to age verified browsers?

    If the former then it holds no real water. If the latter then perhaps there is a point in restricting the information from impressionable children without the assistance of a reasonable adult.

  • http://www.paradisetravelspa.com Jen

    The Government is out of hand and is too big to allow Americans to be free. Our freedom to live equally and enjoy our national and human right of the pursuit of happiness are both squandered. Regulations and laws are needed for criminal and unjust acts. However, we have a right to knowledge and the freedom to express what we know, particularly when the information may advice and benefit others, even if its not a benefit, one should be able to express their thought, feelings, share information, and post on the information highway. Unless a person is posting harmful images or post, per say child pornography, other criminal acts, such as murder, then the government has no authority to intervene or sensor blogs, we have the amended right of freedom of speech.

    The government has gone too far, protecting their own interest by taking away freedoms hurts everyone. American is one its way to becoming a socialist country, next-step dictatorship.

    Obama says that Capitalist are the enemy, but it is the government we should be warned of; American was built on capitalism.

    So much for the land of the free!

    • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

      The educational system with its purposefully censored subject matter is the tool being used to manipulate and re-program the average IQ populace.
      Colonial America became the United States and the beacon of freedom when it threw-off the yoke of oppression, the misery and serfdom imposed by the Crown (Big Government).
      The freed people, through the Free Market System, then turned the country into the most productive that history had ever seen.
      Sadly, the Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Charlatans have, over time, infiltrated the core institutions solely with the purpose of destroying the great nation. To enslave, to subjugate the peoples again.
      To all you who want to understand how and what these Big Government people really think may I suggest that you read:
      Animal Farm, by George Orwell, published in England, August 1945. (In paperback it’s cheap and short [quick, easy read]).

  • http://www.relationshipren.com Douglas Rosestone

    There is a movement by big Pharma and big Ag to kill off all competition for our food and health dollar. The supplement industry is being squeezed by government regulators. I believe government is doing the biding of these corporations. So you have to careful about blaming government. The people have to want better government not no regulations.

  • Richard

    They always rush to delete any comments that expose the fact that the bureaucrats are not omniscient.
    When someone is successful in proving that one size does not fit all, the powers-that-be consider it a personal insult.
    Our problem is that these people are Civil Servants who should be prosecuted under the Trades Description Act. They are never civil and consider themselves above everyone else, far from being our hired servants.

  • http://www.ra2.biz Jay Randolph

    This is wrong for the government to do.
    Once upon a time thi8s government was directed by the consitution.
    And if you went to court, you were judged by the facts.
    This is not how it works anymore. Now when you go to court, nobody knows how it will turn out.

  • http://www.amberrisme.com/ Amberr Meadows

    The government needs to leave the man alone. He’s helping others and if that means Big Pharma makes less money then great!~

  • http://www.webmasteratoz.com Drew H.

    I Think the Government needs to stay out of it None of their Business.Personally I Know and have witnessed for a fact that the medical field is not always right and tends to neglect “non-pharma” solutions.I Do feel how ever that the site he is posting this advice should have the standard “dis-claimers” at bottom of site linking to a policies page where he states he is not a doctor and if one is not there they should make efforts to contact him giving him 30 days or so to post one.in No Case Should they be allowed to shut him down without warning

  • http://www.reformdc.com Richard

    To steal a quote, “Government is not the solution, government is the problem!”

    • Buckeyechucke

      Not really, the government was doing just fine until the republicans took over in 2000.

  • http://www.mightygleissradio.com reachglenn

    I’ve beanz censored on many occasions 4 speaking the truth about GoDaddy. They cause intentional harm 2 their customers. I am living proof, so to speak. Its A breach of fiduciary duty & felony to intentionally screw over you stake holders. GoDaddy have close ties with intuit, State of Arizona, state of Indiana, & the State of Iowa, so be wary of doing business with these shady governments entities who try to protect their bond investments rather than do the right thing & face the music

    I can’t afford a lawyer, so my voice on blog & post, plus pen on paper is paramount. You can’t be sued 4 libel when bowling 4 the truth, & the truth is on my side. A confession, police tapes, & digital fingerprints is all the evidence I need. The Department of Justice is waiting in the wings with Magnum handcuffs. GoDaddy esque Firings & an arrest is on horizon

    Recently while surfing my stats, i went “Ariba”, discovery. There was an attempt 2 block communications with block options on my site. I suspect GoDaddy r trying 2 censor my post on my own blog so others cannot read what I have to say (given that its generally not nice about them).

    Its custom GoDaddy normally delete my free speech from their (mostly ignored) Business Wire press release, but now I believe they’ve taken the fight to my WordPress.com site. I was hacked twice, plus now a censor filter applied


  • Peter Smith

    “The Government”? where is this? – China? Eritrea?

    Oh, no, it’s USA!

    Oh, well, what do you expect? You don’t believe all that stuff about “Land of the Free” do you?
    More like “Land of the Fee.”
    ADA is supposed to regulate drugs and drug companies but really it is controlled by and in the interests of Big Pharma.
    Of course a fellow who says that he has found an alternative to Big Pharma products is going to be stamped on.

    “Power comes out of a gun barrel, and health comes out of a pill” It’s the American way!

  • http://www.facebook.com/WeightLossNaturals Weight Naturals

    This is outrageous! It is his business and I think he was doing a noble thing by sharing his experiences to help others. Common! How many millions of people worldwide have issues with diabetes? Maybe he stepped on somebody’s toes by his blogging about the ADA. Even with that. We are in a free world. If he blogs about anything that is illegal or blogs something wrong, there are the courts. Sue him for deformation but this guys was trying to help people. What is criminal about that?

  • http://www.mindmagic123.com Brian Green

    When I first arrived here in California from the UK, I was amazed to see you had to have a licence to be a manicurist, or barber, now hairdresserperson no doubt!) I read the other day that one out of three either occupations or professions now requires licencing! I am not against having licenced professionals, but they can co-exist with unlicenced ones, and then “You pays your money and makes your choice.” as the old saying goes. Advice can then be from someone licenced or not. But the licenced hate that idea, and always move to protect their turf in the name of protecting the public.

    The Internet makes all information available to everyone, thus empowering the individual. This has, like everything else, its upside and its downside. But in a society claiming o be based on individual freedom and thus freedom of choice, any limitations should be based on demonstrable serious harm to an average person. Obviously not the case here. Is the average person so dotty they cannot make up their own mind about nutritional advice from their own experience with it? Unlikely. Are they going to become seriously ill from an overdose of brocolli? Ditto.

  • mario

    its not good when the goverment censors freedom of speech everyone has a right to say what they feel even if its negitive or positive on a few websites you are censored as to what you can say or show

  • Buckeyechucke

    I think there should be some kind of punishment for those that knowingly spread lies on the internet or through emails.

  • http://www.bakgor.net/ sohbet

    its not good when the goverment censors freedom of speech everyone has a right to say what they feel even if its negitive or positive on a few websites you are censored as to what you can say or show thanks

  • David Jefferson Potter

    Stephen Cooksey should have the right to say what is true for him based on his experiences, Government agencies should serve us, their opinions are not protected by law, ours are. Back off Government and let the constitution operate as it should without your interference.


  • http://www.fivestarconsultingservice.com Pat Gunning

    It seems that there is an increasing trend for government agencies to intimidate private citizens by threat or legal action. It is a dangerous direction and one that must be changed by us… the fourth branch of the government the voting citizens!

  • Norman Wiedenman

    We do need to be censored , to many go to far. Just because my car can 120 mph that does not mean I have to prove it or even break the speed limit.

  • Eric

    Censorship is rampant not only in the US but in the rest of the world. Governments and Big Business are scared of what the common people have to say about them. To fight back, publish what you believe to be the truth, but don’t forget to back it up with evidence.

  • Joshua

    I have not had any experience when the government tried to regulate my speech; on the internet or elsewhere. At the same time, I think that if Steve was not accepting payments, and just speaking about his opinion, his experience with this diet, and how it had helped him, then the government should not be regulating his speech. I think that if he is int he USA, he has a freedom of speech. I do not know what he was saying about the ADA though. However, at the same time, political parties are bashing each other frequently on the internet and what they say is not removed. People need to know what is available to them to improve their health. Sometimes medications do not work. If he is just making a blog, and he is not making a site that says “i will tell you my secret for X amount of dollars (which seems to be allowed),” and he is doing something that can help people, why should he be censored?

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    He should have the right to say anything he likes freedom of speech is his right no matter on blog or newspaper or in the street.
    As long as it is not libellous. Any sort of advise especially of the medical kind should clearly state in a disclaimer it is his personal option from his own experience and that he is no way medically trained, and before carrying it out the person should consult with their doctor.

  • http://www.amz.ro Robert

    We write about the consumer rights and protection. After a few articles about banks abuses, somehow Google banned us. The Government and Google works together in our country after Google opened a Romanian branch. Leave the people alone!

  • Donald

    People why would they be so concerned or even be tracking one mans blog?
    (Especially with the new lets save all of america from diabetes and obesity.)
    When one man has cured him self from diabetes to the point of no more shots, you would think they would want to shout that from the top of the highest mountain so every person would here.(ONE PIECE AT A TIME THERE TAKING AWAY ALL YOUR RIGHTS) and they want you to think this one man did somthing wrong and thats why they had to censor him? IF THAT DON’T BOTHER YOU IT SHOULD!

  • http://amazzona-justiceira.blogspot.jp/ amazzona

    We write about the consumer rights and protection. After a few articles about banks abuses, somehow Google banned us. The Government and Google works together in our country after Google opened a Romanian branch. Leave the people alone! ….. (ROBERT)and I’m actually with you

  • http://amazzona-justiceira.blogspot.jp/ amazzona

    Not really, the government was doing just fine until the republicans took over in 2000 I agree with you BUCKEYECHUCKE

  • http://ifactfinders.com Tanya Thomas

    Diabetes organization is trying to silence a blogger? First, its not a fair fight especially if they are trying to prevent him from earning revenue from his blog. Cooksey has the absolute right to offer up his opinions and dietary advice to others so long as he stays within legal boundaries and doesn’t suggest to anyone HIS is a medical opinion. Seems as if he is being singled out by the diabetes people for his “lobbying” which in my humble opinion he has every right to do. Perhaps “They” would rather have him and others taking four shots of insulin per day and lining the pockets of Pharma companies as the alternative! We all see where my comment is going…and anyone with a functioning brain cell can see that these organizations want people to stay sick since they can’t make money off of healthy people, right?

    • http://netcommercial.net Simon

      Or they stamp an FDA approval on Red licorice–or feed our food supply hormones and steroids. Put pesticide which is poison on our veggies!

  • Deb Stewart

    Ironic, isn’t it? Government tries to shut Cooksey down due to concerns about safety of the populace. Why then haven’t they shut down the tobacco companies and their websites?

  • Michael

    I recently watched a DVD called “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days” which documents 6 Americans who changed their diet. Within a week most were off insulin. So I think Cooksey is certainly onto something.

    While there is an argument for preventing certain material to be available, when it comes to diet and health surely individuals can make up their own minds about what is true and what isn’t? Why do we think bureaucrats and doctors are brighter or have more common sense than the average person? Believe me, I went through uni with people who went on to become doctors and lawyers (and some who, thankfully, didn’t). They are just the same as you and me. They have their own foibles and biases the same as the rest of us. They are also just as subject to corruption as the rest of us (perhaps more so since they have more to lose).

    It seems that these days, unless you follow the conventional (ie, big Pharma, big Govt) “wisdom” you will be hounded or prosecuted. Dissenting views are silenced. Today it is food, diet and health. Tomorrow will it be dissenting political views. (You already have the Patriot act!).

  • http://www.counterclects.co.nr gad zihlorne

    governments will eventually take over all the activities of the internet. Its matter of time. The UN resolution is geared in beating USA influence in internet regulation. The professed autonomy under US -based non profits will be overthrown. The problem with that is the inclusivity of the internet especially with respect to involving small time marginal entrepreneurs like ourselves being still left out at the the mercy of unrecognised demigods and their false prophecy.

    • http://netcommercial.net Simon

      Govt’s have been meddling in our affairs much to long, that is why we left the crown. People who call on the Govt instead of letting nature take it’s course, is how, and why, we the people have been painted into a corner.
      The only difference NOW is that the US Govt has made it illegal for what they did 200+ years ago. Where people who do not like the program want to leave, cannot! When I state leave I mean resettle in a new frontier and create a better life, like our forefathers mad for us. Which BTW, the lazy and the imports are undermining the idea of it all.

  • http://www.snapdeal.com/products/jewelry ganpat

    as the google says stop piracy no liberty …. they are very much true in that .. govt should look into these issues….

  • http://affordableweddingminister.com Susan

    ADA and FDA and many other agencies ….want to you stay sick so they can sell you drugs to treat your condition.
    Haven’t you noticed the 2 most profitable business around are drugs and oil ???
    The Democrats in office are always helping the drug companies.
    The Republicans are always helping the oil companies.
    Together they can profit the most income – and have helped to keep the american public in slavery to pay for their pleasures.

  • http://netcommercial.net Simon

    We are America because of our constitution. The First, and one of the foremost amendments, is FREEDOM OF SPEECH…. Without that you have a dictatorship.
    People you need to stop voting for pro-government officials. With the Internet (Thus far) we can look up and pass on information that is not censored by an editor, like our so called news stations who are owned by advertisers, who in turn are owned by lobbyists. The common man such as myself, has no lobbyist; so free speech is my only sword. Do not vote for the party, vote for the man. If he lies, or reneges (pronounced Reniggs) on his view, remove him. He is no better then a friend who leaves you hanging all the time!

  • http://findseniorlifeinsurance.com robert

    This situation is similar to the healthcare act. These laws have nothing to do with our healthcare. They have everything to do with control.

  • Arthur Baldwin

    Various agencies like the ADA, FDA, FTC, AMA, and many others are against any free speech that endangers their income in any way. This is nothing new. They have pursued even more agressive (and illegal) means of suppression for many decades. The health of Americans has not entered their consciousness (or their consciences) for the last 30 years or more. Evidences of this fact include: The FDA knows that drinking cows milk causes osteoporosis, can subject people to dangerous levels of antibiotics that are fed to the very sick milk producing cows, and that it poses as much risk to the public health as drinking small amounts of arsenic. But have they changed any advertising from the milk industry? Nope. Life isn’t fair…don’t expect any of these agencies to be anything close to honest.

    • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

      Agreed but taking it a bit further, I would contest claims that this is about ‘government’ trying to control us when it is more often a case of bureaucrats whom none of us elected trying to maintain control of their little fiefdoms and sources of revenue.

  • http://www.seoxcellence.com/blog Mitch Mitchell

    You said North Carolina, right? Come on, this one’s too easy. Of course North Carolina would have a law like this; look how they are politically, including just recently.

    With that said, and without seeing all that he wrote previously, and trying to step away from the emotions of this one (I support his free speech by the way), the only two things I could see where they could possibly have an issue is if he represented himself in any fashion as a medical professional (if he didn’t have any disclaimers anywhere that counts) or if he slandered the ADA in his missives, and in that case there are precedences where others have been sued for slanderous statements that end up hurting an organization monetarily.

    Being diabetic, I can’t see why anyone would want to slam an organization that’s offering advice for how to deal with it. Frankly, I’ve visited the site and read a lot of their information, and though I think some of it is extreme I find it hard that anyone with diabetes would actually hate them. But that’s what free speech is all about; it allows anyone to disagree with someone else, regardless of what it is.

  • http://www.tipsinablog.com Daniel

    I have mixed feelings about this case….

    I do believe that big pharmaceutical companies have become way too powerful…though, our own reliance on them has largely contributed to this…

    These days, we look for a pill to cure everything, therefore relying less on a healthy lifestyle….

    Apart from essential medications(without use would more than likely cause death)those items we must take… yet, we become addicted to a whole bunch of other things(especially antibiotics) which we often take every time we have a minor cold or flue…

    Okay, back to the main point of the article….

    I think that if the methods being suggested by the author(to combat his diabetes) can be replicated on a large scale(over a period of time) then he may be onto something….

    Note: Think about how often you hear ” Do not eat, drink or do this”!

    Then, within a few months time, another study comes out stating that the item you were told to avoid, or keep to a bare minimum, is actually good for you and can combat(lower the risk of) cancer, diabetes, etc,etc,…..

  • http://warren.gaebel.ca Warren Gaebel

    Public and private communications are subject to laws that restrict our freedom of expression. Some of those laws say we can’t give advice in certain fields without being a licensed practitioner in that field. In this case, it looks like the field is nutrition counselling.

    Whether we communicate by speech, print, or electronic means, communication is communication. I do not believe the Internet should be treated any differently in this regard. If we believe a law violates our fundamental legal rights, then let’s attack it on that ground, not because it was noticed on the Internet.

    Example: If I advise you never to take pharmaceuticals (legal and illegal both), I am providing medical advice. Since I am not a medical doctor, me giving you this advice is illegal. However, if I state that I am not a medical doctor and offer my comment as a belief rather than as advice, then I’m off the hook legally. [Note: The author is not a lawyer and has had no legal training. The comments stated herein are to be construed as belief rather than legal advice. (See what I mean?)]

    From a statistical viewpoint, anecdotal evidence (i.e., story-telling) is not a basis for any conclusion. Mathematically, it presents a divide-by-zero error. Any sample size less than 50 is suspicious. A sample size of 1 is ridiculous.

  • http://www.drbrainles.com J. Hill

    We need to do all we can to keep the government as far away as possible because right now, it works. The 11 scariest words in the english language, “Hi, I’m from the government, and i’m here to help you”

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