Casey Anthony: Video Blogger?

    January 5, 2012
    Chris Richardson
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Earlier this year, the Casey Anthony trial captivated America, and then, it went into overdrive mode when she was acquitted for being responsible of her daughter’s death. Once news of her non-not guilty verdict hit the wires, it effectively burnt down Facebook, Twitter and whatever other link-sharing outlets you can think of as people scrambled to react to the news.

Shortly thereafter, Anthony effectively disappeared from the news’ eye, although, there were sightings of her in various parts of the country. Ohio State fans, in particular, took notice of a specific Anthony sighting, but by and large, she’s disappeared from the public’s eye. Until now.

That’s right, the ex-mom you love to hate has surfaced again, this time in a YouTube video, doing what appears to be the first in a series of video blogs. While the video is dated 10/13/2011, it was only discovered recently; and now, the mainstream media news cycle has a hold of it, which means welcome back, Casey.

Just when you thought she was gone, too. Here’s the video that’s burning up the media:

As you can see, if that really is Anthony — others believe it is her — she’s dyed her hair and is apparently happy about having things she can call her own. She also mentions how surreal her life as been since the summer, but does not mention her daughter at any point. According to official reports, Anthony’s lawyer has responded with neither a confirmation or a denial about whether or not her client stars in the video diary, but it’s clear the mainstream media thinks it Casey Anthony, and is treating the video as such.

As for the video’s YouTube uploader — therealcptsonyablade — it was stated that they found the video an uploaded it, meaning it’s doubtful Anthony is the one who put it on YouTube. In fact, the uploader explains how they acquired the video in question in the video’s comments:

I’m not Casey Anthony or trying to impersonate her… I just found the video and posted it… SMDH…

I found it floating on facebook, tracked it until I found the code, downloaded it to my realplayer, and uploaded it on here.

So, would you watch more video content from Casey Anthony, provided she does another video, or is she simply something you’d ignore? Let us know what you think. If it’s anything like Twitter, it should make for a great comment thread:

What humane society let Casey Anthony adopt a dog? 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

i think people would be more likely to forgive Chris Brown for beating women if he started dating Casey Anthony. 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

“My sleep number is chloroform.” – Casey Anthony 6 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

I believe that last one is something we can all say “damn” to.

  • Gina

    How can things be good and getting better when your beautiful daughter is dead! Again NO mention of Caylee. Didn’t Jose say she needed time to grieve? She doen’t appear to be grieving if you ask me!

    • Tina

      What is wrong with you Casey. The first time you speak you don’t mention anything about your daughter. It’s still ALL ABOUT YOU!!

      • J.C.

        H God damn it Tina! Is Oprah on? You are missing your favorite show, REAAAAAALLY! Do you enjoy talking about pain? And are you sure it’s HER? Tune back tomorrow at 10. Oprah will tell you WHAT/HOW to think.

  • Lauren

    I don’t think it’s Casey. Casey isn’t grateful for anything. And the voice comparison between jail tapes and YouTube don’t really match. JMO

  • kevin b

    REALLY!!!! Oh poor Casey my freakin heart bleeds for You NOT… I’m so sick of this chick making the News or people talking about her she’s a killer free to walk the streets I wish she would just go away….

  • shif

    You had a child to call your own until she got in your way. I guess a computer is easier to take care of. Your a very disturbed young lady. Get help instead of toys.

  • luannclark

    this ugly-stupid-scum-bag-whore-baby killer-douch bag—should rot in HELLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rafael

    It’s time to leave her alone ok people. Please stop. She was judged and found not guilty. Last time I looked we live in America not somewhere else ok. Leave her alone now and get a life all of you.

    • deborah


      • amy graves

        You’re also a douchebag!! No sane person has any sympathy for the position she is now in. I am ready for her to be “out in society” again. Hope she is murdered with in the first 6 months!!!!

        • J.C.

          Why do I think you are a faithful Oprah Watcher? Not much brain up there, right Amy? Your emotions cloud your rational thinking. She is not guilty. Stop the hating woman!!

    • Ricardo

      HEY RAFAEL……SHUT-UP DUDE…..it is America and with our freedom of Speach we are judging her for the lousy Rotten Baby-killing Piece of crap person she is.

  • luannclark

    do us all a favor -crawl under a rock some where oh maybe in the woods and let the animals eat ur skin off…nobody wants to see or hear from u…..

  • Dena

    Are you kidding me…… you still have a daughter that you knew was dead while you party. Who cares what you have… you don’t have Caylee because you don’t pay attention.. you’ll never have freedom.. Watch out new dog!!! damn you are insane!!!!

    • ibjonnyc

      Sure she will be free as soon as her probationary period is up.She can go anywhere and do whatever she pleases. I’m glad to hear from her and know is doing ok for now.I do hope it gets better for her.

  • Catherine

    All I want to see or read about Casey Anthony, sooner rather than later, can be summed up in two words: her obituary.

    • ibjonnyc

      She will probably out live you.

  • http://google jazzie

    casey should crawl back into her hole and never come out.She is sick and after murdering her dght who could anyone give her a dog.They should be slammed for that.I hope casey never makes a mark in this earth ever,she should suffer for the rest of her life,the way Caylee will never be real again.Stop giving attention to Casey and never forgive her for her intentional unforgiving cruel acts on a child,her own child.Cindy and Casey are two sick women who should have been committed long time ago.Make Casey pay for life,maybe she will disappear for Good.I sure do hope soNow.

    • ibjonnyc

      Not gonna happen. She is young, beautiful,and has her whole life ahead of her.She can do whatever makes her happy.You see she is free as soon as that bull crap probation is up. I wish her only the best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/notes/security-camera/alert-logitech-wireless-outside-cameras/286375034734522 ALERT LOGITECH

    What really happened with Casey?

  • J.C.

    I wish people would quit with that “Oprah Watching Housewife” logic and use their brain. She wasn’t guilty. She didn’t kill her daughter. She is free. Stop that nonsense that she killed her daughter. Where is your evidence? Would you party or behave like her if your child dies? Probably not. Doesn’t mean everybody is like you or thinks like you. Did you know whether she went through any hell in her childhood that she is this immune to pain? Some people have had rough lives. People come from different environments and react different to everything. Yeah, the other day a mother bird was crossing the street with probably 9 little birds, who couldn’t even walk, following her in a line. I drove over most of the birds. I had to stop. The feeling was, “I murdered somebody”. Went to the scene and I felt horrible; the mother was going crazy trying to help the birds; my day wasn’t the same. What my friend did? He called me a sissy who was about to cry over some birds and to get back in the damn car. we are all different.

    We are all humans and believe me, 99% of us are all F…ed up. Give that woman a break will ya…


  • jack ruby get it ?

    if anybody out there is bad enough pull the trigger already if not go suck a d**k casey anthony is innocent