Bruins Fans Flood Twitter With Racist Remarks

By: Richard Stalker - April 26, 2012

Hockey has a lot of great traditions like the handshake after a hard fought playoff series. Unfortunately another of hockey’s traditions is also racism. Several times in the past have racist remarks by players and fans, marred an otherwise awesome and honorable game. In September of 2011 a fan threw a banana peel onto the ice just as Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds was about to attempt a penalty shot. Simmonds is black and has been involved in other racial controversies in the past. The banana incident was solved and the guy who threw the peel was charged.

Last night during the game 7 overtime, Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward, who is black, scored an overtime goal to eliminate the defending champion Boston Bruins from the playoffs. What followed is nothing short of disgusting. On Twitter the racism started spewing from Boston fans about Ward. Saying things like “Of course it’s the f***ing n***er. White power!” and “that n***er deserves to hang.” This is real unfortunate because it puts hockey into an unfortunate light. These days it seems like the only time the NHL is on the news is when there is a head injury or some talking head is trying to get fighting banned. This is so much worse than that though. This racism came from Boston fans in the US, other times it has happened in Canada.

I am a huge hockey fan, I have been a New York Rangers fan since 1996, this makes me sad because I want hockey to be the #1 sport.I cannot believe that people still do that! Listening to talk radio it seems that people in boston tend to be a little racist. I don’t really buy into branding an entire town or people as any one certain thing, but I do have to say that this is not the first time that I have heard the racist thing and Boston thing in the same sentence.

Below are some of the offensive tweets.

Be warned

that they are graphic and do contain racial slurs. There is a site called Chirpstory that compiled a lot of the tweets if you want to see about 50 of them. The majority of the offending Tweets have been taken down, but here are some that are still up:

Haha that nigger actually did something 13 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

stupid nigger go play basketball hockey is a white sport 13 hours ago via Mobile Web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Fucking stupid arrogant, smelly, useless, waste of life, sad excuse for a NHL hockey playing NIGGER!!!! 13 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

We lost…. To a hockey playing nigger…. What kind of shit is this 13 hours ago via txt ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

That nigger did not just win the game wtf -__- 14 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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  • joe

    I say we need to educate our kids because this is learned at home 90% of the time. That is why we need to start changing our ways because our kids learn everything from us parents or someone they look up to. Teach people we need to teach.

  • Mike

    What a load of s*** this post is … you had to scour all of Twitter to find four tweets, and none of the four are proven to be from Boston. There are so many billions of posts all over twitter that you can find a small smattering of extreme positions on any subject in order to fit your preconceived notions. The problem with our society is with irresponsible bloggers like you.

    • Richard Stalker

      I see you didn’t read the article. If you did you would have seen where I said go here: to see 50 of them. It was a pretty big deal, not just 2 people. So before you attack someone for reporting the news, use the eyes god gave you and READ.

      • Betty M

        Thank You Mr. Stalker for this article and the airing of these unbelievable tweets. This truly shows what still lies in the heart of “men”. It is extremely sad and unfortunate. Think about ALL the others who didn’t tweet that these 50 represent. I wish it was only these 50 but I can’t be naive about it. This is 2012 and this mean-spirited hate-filled speech is still alive and well. For goodness sakes-we have a black President now! The really sad thing is that these are young people so it has a chance to grow and grow and grow! In the words of Jesus Christ, what is done in the dark will ALWAYS be brought to the light-and in this case, it needed to be!

    • j.a.james

      man i just wonder what did my people do to deserved this kind of hate after all my people where the ones that where in slaved.

    • http://none Teddy

      Hmmm, your probably one of the guys who tweeted a racist comment.

  • Tyrone

    The fact that these post are being made into such a big deal only inflates the idea of racism… If they were ignored they would be nothing but idiots (probably drunk) spouting off. As soon as this shit gets put to the back seat, the sooner racism will be forgotten. QUIT MAKING IT A BIG FUCKING DEAL.

    • Richard Stalker

      I totally agree with you. I debated reporting this for that reason alone, but in the end it is news.

    • Betty M

      I can understand where you are coming from with this and we shouldn’t give ignorant hateful people any airtime but I, myself, am glad for the article b/c for one I didn’t know there were ANY black hockey players! And now I see what the few are subjected to. And now I know for sure as I already suspected despite my living to see the first Black President, race relations seem to be better in general but with these kinds of tweets from people so young, you really have to wonder! And the commenter is right about it being learned from parents and other role models to these young ignorants. So despite it being a sad truth, it is the truth and in the end, it prevails.

  • Tyrone

    Sorry, another comment. Where does a white guy get off spitting about racism towards a black guy? What’s next, men telling women they know what’s best when it comes to abortion rights? Oh wait… nevermind, already there. Grow up people, seriously.

  • BruinsGirl

    As a Bruins fan I am ashamed that people claiming to be Bruins fans would say these stupid, ignorant things about another NHL player. I don’t care who he plays for he deserves respect. All I can say is that no true Bruins fan thinks this, nor would they say it. It was a good close series and all the players on both teams deserve respect for that.

  • T.A

    it is a ashame as today’s society is still so racist ( innorgant) wake up america president Obama is Black so move and get over it

  • freddy mae

    What next nascar. It does nt matter what color what race. We all can win togeather.

  • G

    The only niggers here are the ignorant ass’ making these comments and the racist idiots that allowed them to be posted and shared them.