Bruce Schneier Calls Facebook Worst Privacy Offender

Security expert voices support for legislation, enforcement

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A high-profile and widely respected security expert is not pleased with Facebook.  Indeed, Bruce Schneier said earlier today at the RSA Security Europe Conference that he believes Facebook is the worst social network when it comes to respecting individuals’ privacy.

Some people have chalked Facebook’s privacy problems up to naivete.  Others seem to have interpreted them as a personal insult from Mark Zuckerberg.  Schneier took what might be considered the middle ground.

According to John Leyden, the security guru just reasoned, "Less privacy makes a better market for social networks.  Facebook is the worst offender – not because it’s evil but because its market is selling user data to its commercial partners."

Schneier also said, "Don’t fool yourself that use are the user of social networks – you are the product."

Then he got tougher on Facebook and social networks in general, adding, "Individuals should have the rights to see, challenge, delete and control their private information."  Plus, "Legislation without enforcement, at an effective level, may as well not exist."

If it helps, Facebook at least introduced some new security features this afternoon, although they address different issues than the ones Schneier raised.

Bruce Schneier Calls Facebook Worst Privacy Offender
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  • Guest

    This is the way I see it. Facebook might be the worst privacy offender but you don’t need Facebook. You can quit using Facebook and that’s it. Google is a different story. Even if you quit using Google you are being tracked no matter where you go on the web. All this talk about Facebook privacy and worries is just so silly. You don’t need Facebook! That’s an entertainment place. All eyes should be on Google! http://www.webmasterworld.com/goog/4212035.htm

  • http://www.apepoint.com Guest

    in my face book i have 43 friend(11 friends request pending) but bedluck from them i know only 17 friend.

    susheel kumar

  • Pam Toll

    you can be easily stalked online no matter what. I am battling 7 years of abuse by sociopathic black women who have no mind and are bots and theyre stupid kids. I recently started a facebook and found it enjoyable. in a days time these hackers removed HTML codes and corrupted the site and url so that no one could attach to my facebook. I tried to notfy facebook but there is no CONTACT US forum to get them to do anything if you cant sign into your own face book. the hackers corrupted my password which i did NOT want to reset and stuck a phony captcha verification that is REALLY a string thread TROJAN. none of the captcha sign in will EVER RESPOND. it will go on endlessly. These situations are instigated by a home grown ALQUAIDA cell in the chicago south suburbs which the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have LET GROW AND GROW. no body stops their illegal activity and when I tried to I was c alled a racist. .They blame everybody else but themselves and they never take responsiblity for all the damage they do to the internet. They act stupid and act like no one has to follow laws or regulations. My FACEBOOK was hacked in less than a weeks worth of use. im not signing into it again it will be deadweight on the internet cause i CANNOT inform FACEBOOK
    i cant access it.. because unless you are SIGNED INTO FACEBOOk you cant TELL THEM ANYTHING..
    ANYBODY ever notice its the EXACT SAME THING WITH ATT?? .. Please.. SEE THE CONNECTION
    ATT IS OWNED BY TERRORISTS That are trying to cover up the 9-11-01 plot . this is not a theory but a fact and was proven.. but due to our OIL NEEDS HERE. the TRUTH is sacrificed for stupid black women who should be shot!

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    Pam Toll, firstly you are again showing yourself by putting your name against your comment.This allows the very people you want to get away from to follow you (unless this is what you want publisity & lime light… only you know).
    The fbi & other gov departments are not ignoring these things if they stop or block them the people concerened & contacts will go underground or somewhere else.The game of any good agency is the long one, which means to appear to do nothing but carefully watch all those concerned & their contacts to see where it will lead them so they can get as many as possible in the long run. This could take weeks months or years,picking them off for unrelated things so as not to alert the others who may or may not be connected with the group if it exists at all.
    facebook does not get peoples detail to use. PEOPLE GIVE THEM THE DETAILS then they wonder why all these things happen.you told everybody all those things about you. The bottom line is do not give out personal details on public sites or face the consequences. no matter what “they” tell you or promise NO information is safe on the internet or a computer as somebody has the passwords & may have a grudge againt the companys or just to see what happens, releasing them to cause trouble for the management at your expence.you have only yourself to blame!

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