‘Breaking Bad’ Is The Best Show On Netflix (IMDB Confirms What We Already Knew)

    September 5, 2013
    Chris Crum
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As previously reported, Breaking Bad has been confirmed as the best show on TV by Guinness. According to IMDb, it also happens to be the best show on Netflix (which reminds us today that it is “TV too“).

Let’s be honest, anyone who has watched the show doesn’t need anybody to tell them how good it is, and it’s obviously the best show on Netflix, with all due respect to all of the wonderful shows Netflix has been putting out.

But there is a reason that even Netflix itself has been promoting Breaking Bad on its own, and Netflix has often been credited with helping the show find its popularity.

IMDB user Pacey7 maintains a list of what is supposed to be every TV series on Netflix sorted by IMDB ranking (via GigaOm). We haven’t verified that every single one is on the list, but it does include 335 titles, so either way, it covers a pretty broad spectrum of shows. There are some ranking issues throughout the list, where some are ranked lower despite having a higher IMDB ranking. This is likely due to shows gaining or losing actual points on IMDB and not being reflected in the actual list rankings.

Regardless of any of this, Breaking Bad is the clear winner at number one on the list with a current ranking of 9.4. Its closest competitor is Firefly with a ranking of 9.1, followed by Arrested Development, which also has a 9.1.

So just in case you needed more encouragement to watch Breaking Bad, here’s the Internet’s largest database of movies and television shows telling you its the best thing you’re going to find on Netflix.

Image: Netflix

  • http://www.cinnte.ie CCTV installer Cavan

    Definitely have to agree with you Chris. I think its the best show since the Sopranos.

  • http://www.officekitten.co.uk A Morris

    Er, yeah, it’s one of the best shows ever. No doubts on that – and the best thing on Netflix for sure. Even above any of the films on there, quite frankly, seeing as Withnail and I and The Madness of King George aren’t up there yet. And seemingly never will be.

    All hail Breaking Bad!

  • Adam

    I completely agree with this articles, though I do have to add one thing. Regardless of individual episodes being rated, on average, lower than BB, ‘Game of Thrones’ also holds a 9.4 on IMDB.

  • blake 7

    Why? BB is almost has a slavish fetishist following. …no it’s not the best thing ever…not by a long shot.

  • http://ronthink.blogspot.com/ Ron Hebshie

    Sorry, not in the cult of BB. Overrated bandwagon material. There’s much better stuff on Netflix and on television.