Brands On Facebook And Twitter Favored By Consumers

Social media use critical for brands

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People who are Facebook fans and Twitter followers of a brand are more likely to buy the brand’s product or recommend it to a friend, according to a new study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies.

The study of 1,500 consumers found that 60 percent of Facebook fans and 79 percent of Twitter followers are more likely to recommend those brands since becoming a fan or follower.

More than half (51%) of Facebook fans and 67 percent of Twitter followers are more likely to buy the brands they follow or are a fan of.


"While social media is not the silver bullet that some pundits claim it to be, it is an extremely important and relatively low cost touch point that has a direct impact on sales and positive word of mouth," said Josh Mendelsohn a vice president at Chadwick Martin Bailey.

"Companies not actively engaging are missing a huge opportunity and are saying something to consumers – intentionally or unintentionally- about how willing they are to engage on consumers’ terms."

The study also found that people view brands not engaging in social media as out of touch.

When asked the question "What does it say about a brand if they are not involved with sites like Facebook or Twitter?" they said the following:

* "It’s EXPECTED that a company have some digital face – whether it’s on FB or Twitter I don’t know – but they need a strong electronic presence or you doubt their relevance in today’s marketplace." Female 50-54

* "Either they are not interested in the demographic that frequents Facebook and Twitter or they are unaware of the opportunity to get more exposure in a more interactive method." Male 35-39

* "It shows they are not really with it or in tune with the new ways to communicate with customers." Female 18-24.

 * "If they’re not on Facebook or Twitter, then they aren’t in touch with the "electronic" people."  Female 55-59



Brands On Facebook And Twitter Favored By Consumers
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  • http://www.webpro.in Bharati Ahuja (WebPro Technologies – Ahmedabad – India)

    Apart from the digital face these brands give an impression of being more open and approachable in their communication.

    This surely goes a long way in proving the credibility of the company. The prospective customers want information about the product which every company readily gives but they also want a platform for discussion or asking queries after the product is bought.

    The brands with a digital face atleast give an impression of being available for comment in case of such a situation. As phone calls can be avoided but social media compels the companies to answer in order to keep up to their brand reputation.

    It helps both the brand as well as the buyer as both get a platform express themselves.

    Follow us on http://twitter.com/webprotech

  • http://bdp-83.org Tonny Wall

    Thank for topic.

    I am agree.

  • Guest

    What a pointless survey

    People who have made a positive choice to become a fan / follwer of a particular brand are more likely to buy / recommend it… of course they are, they wouldn’t have made the positive choice if they didn’t like the brand…

    At least most of the 5 million Coca-cola fans on facebook will… not sure how many of the 800,000 Ferrari fans have ever bought or will ever buy a ferrari… or recommend to their friends that they buy one.

    I feel sorry for the sheeple who live their lives and choose their shopping based on what Facebook tells them. Personally I haven’t ever bought anything that I know has a Facebook page – except Coke… but then I was never swayed by peer pressure into trying smack or sniffing glue, even though a lot of my friends recommended it to me at first…

  • http://www.sciencelives.com ScienceLives

    Is it just me, or is that not common sense? Presumably I would become a fan of a company on Twitter or Facebook if I’m already predisposed to liking that company and therefore predisposed to buying something from them, if I haven’t already. Presumably people aren’t becoming fans of random companies they have never heard of or tried out. A more useful study would have looked at whether someone viewing a company on a social networking site (not necessarily becoming a fan) is likely to purchase something in the future.

  • http://ihaveyounow.com SEO at Work

    I’m interested to see this, not that my brand benefits, but the market study into the way people think and act allows marketers of on page content to understand a little more about the companies they should represent on their pages versus who they want to advertise for, and how to do it better visually.

    I see where, in theory, this could be true back and forth, reciprocal. I don’t see becoming more loyal when joining through promotion, but that’s just me, not the average person. Does that really mean getting more followers? I am the brand for my niche, I need creatives that look like advertiser’s Twitter icons. Perhaps get paid for getting them followed?

    Keep it Str8!

  • Guest

    Ya think??

    You really shouldn’t waste your readers’ time with a pointless article like that. I’m less likely to read your materials now that I’ve read this.

  • http://www.tickboxmarketing.co.uk JohnB

    So, let me see if I’ve got this right – people who are interested enough in a brand to make the decision to become a fan or follower are more likely to buy that brands’ product than someone who doesn’t really care about that brand?

    Not really compelling evidence for the power of social media to support brand strategy is it?

  • http://www.prilit.com do follow blogger

    This is somewhat true. Most of the teenagers do end up buying stuff targeted towards them.

  • http://www.huangsmandarinhouse.com Asian Antiques

    When I first read this I thought this was great news. But as I thought more about it, something started bothering me.

    There are several tools that automatically create Twitter followers for a specific account. Because of these tools, I set my Twitter account to just follow anyone who follows me, on autopilot. At the end of the day, I have no clue who I’m really following, especially if you are following thousands of folks. It’s impossible for me to read all the tweets from these thousands of people who are tweeting throughout the day.

    Maybe we need another survey to find out how many Twitter people actually follow without using tools and also find out how many actually read the tweets from the accounts they follow.

  • http://todayshottesttopics.com Ray

    Very true this. You have to keep in mind that spamming your customers is just like handing them a knife and letting them thrust it into the very spine of your business, possibly crippling it for life.

  • http://www.szonyegtisztitas.com Sz?nyegtiszt

    I understand that facebook has such a high conversion rate. I am a bit surprised about twitter. There are so many companies out there who sell softwares for twitter. They sould really have less efficiency I think.

  • http://www.yogeshsarkar.com/blog/ Yogesh Sarkar

    Is this really news for marketing people and those running companies? I mean if a person goes on to subscribe to feeds/page of a business/brand, then it basically means that they like that brand, beyond just a single purchase and is likely a brand follower and is thus recommending them to those he/she knows!

    Is this too difficult to understand and do we really need a survey to come up with this kind of conclusion?

  • http://www.Facebook.com/SusanGrisanti Susan Grisanti Guitarist

    I’m 53, & right now I only have ONE friend
    who is self employed & without a web presence,
    she makes wedding dresses, teaches workout classes
    & guitar lessons at home. But she has been in the
    Cleveland OH market for 50 years so her loyal
    customer base was established long before the internet.
    She doesn’t even own a computer.
    She’s a rare exception these days, for sure.

  • http://www.marketingloudly.com Mike Gracen

    This article is completely pointless. My 6 year old can draw the conclusion that people who like something on Facebook are more likely to buy it. Please stop publishing crap like this and stick to informative articles.

  • http://www.seocompanylimited.com Alex

    I strongly agree with views presented by Chadwick or Mike that brands which are not using social media, they are far behind of electronic media. Social media plays a vital role for decision making or referral based marketing for any brands or products.

  • http://hypefreereview.com Ken

    In my country Nigeria, I discovered that some companies
    and individuals who are marketing their products through
    FaceBook fan pages are make a lot of profits.

    So, I decided to start mine this week only for me to get
    a boost through this article.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us.


  • http://www.tendigitgifts.com Ten Digit Creations

    You can’t get your name out enough, Twitter and Facebook are perfect avenues for that! There are over 300,000,000 people in the United States; how many do you think you are reaching without just these two social sites?

  • http://vkmathur.tradepub.com/ Guest

    Today, Facebook and Twitter can turn any tide against anybody or in their favor. They can make or break any brand too, so powerful they are.


  • http://www.blackballonline.com Pittsburgh Online Marketing Services

    The tried and true methods of good sales and support have never died, they just changed in communication channels. People like to be involved without paying first. Freely giving of your expertise is always a good icebreaker. It allows you to demonstrate your capabilities at no risk to your prospective customer. Another added bonus is that your prospect gets a chance to see how you handle existing customers. Letting them in – so to speak.

  • http://www.easywebsites.ky Cayman web design

    I concluded this awhile back and the survey supports my argument.

    Obviously people who ‘follow’ these brands online will be up todate with the company’s marketing efforts through social media. But what wasn’t obvious was the level of involvement of their family and friends… whenever anyone follows a brand and the brand updates on social media – that update, if interesting – or if it addresses their current concern, ie. a sale on baby items – this will be repeated to their circle of family and friends.

    The impact is large because you dont have to watch television or read the news to be updated on the brands marketing efforts. All you have to do is open your facebook account or be active on twitter.

    Some of the comments on this thread are pretty dumb. These surveys help company’s efficiently use their budgets. And even if it is an obvious conclusion – atleast the survey provides hard evidence.

  • http://www.jprrealty.com Judy Rothermel

    I totally agree with a brand sells better

    Thanks for the post

  • http://www.purplesunrise.com PurpleSunrise

    Agree with the above comments but the only reason people will follow a brand on Facebook etc. is if there is a chance to either get something for FREE or some other promotional draw.

    It is not the brand as such, it’s just what they feel they can get out of it for themselves. Just human nature, that’s all.


  • http://str82u.com Str82u

    There’s a point being missed by everyone that if they spend money and find out something like this, as simple as it is, they’re going to spend money to try and make moneyand this could be it. ANOTHER IDEA FOR YOUR DEAD SPACE; http://goo.gl/Wmoa

  • http://wehner.org Charles Wehner

    Busy people have little time for Facebook or Twitter.

    That means, when the website is COMMERCIAL, they have little time for their customers. On that basis, commercial sites would be well advised to use one, the other or both. They can even employ somebody full-time to maintain a Web presence on Facebook or Twitter. It proves that they have made time for their customers.

    Non-commercial sites, particularly one-man-bands, are up against a time penalty. One cannot spend endless time twittering for little reward. Users of Facebook and Twitter cannot really expect free gifts and free information to be offered to them “on a silver plate” by busy website authors. For non-commercial sites, one should either look elsewhere, or rely on third-party recommendations.

    Charles Douglas Wehner

  • http://technochase.com/ Bogcess

    It only means that these ads are well targetted, especially on facebook.

  • http://www.siamese-dream.com mark

    So, does this mean that blogging is dead???

    do CONSUMERS still actually follow blogs, are is the only use really for creating search engine fodder???

  • http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2010/03/17/brands-on-facebook-and-twitter-favored-by-consumers Darwin

    AND… People who hang posters of their favorite political candidates are more likely to vote for that candidate or recommend them to a friend… DUH

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/dame+scribe Gin

    Brands are popular and become ‘comfortable’ sights around the ‘neighborhood’. FB and Twitter offer a sense of ‘community’ and open doors for both the professional and the personal. I hope more businesses understand the opportunity to market their own brands. Great article!

  • http://www.voguemodels.com.au Melbourne Model Management

    So we’re not signing up fans; we’re recruiting ambassadors!

  • Guest

    your ideas is very good.

  • http://h3sean.com Sean

    If a company or brand doesn’t ride on at least one of the prominent social media sites which is Facebook or Twitter, they are sorely losing out on a Big, big market for their product, idea or service. And it’s not too hard a thing to do, so why not go the extra mile on being present in the virtual world where the market is seemingly limitless?

  • http://dotcomreport.com adsense alternatives

    The internet is a huge stage. Social Networking is the big show. Companies, here’s your chance to be in the spotlight.

  • Stacie

    I think the title is a little deceptive. It only makes sense that ppl who like a brand follow it or fan it as well as recommend it to others. However the title makes it sound like facebook fans and twitter folks are buying brands they already like (and probably had long before fb or twitter) because those brands decided to do a fb page or twitter account. It’s all my opinion but the title made me expect a different article. Thanks.

  • Joris Peucheret

    It is clear that millions of people are now using social media and it is entirely part of their media consumption. Whatever the brand name and the industry a company is operating in- social media needs to be part of the communication channels in order to interact, engage, listen and share with the various target audiences.

    Facebook and Twitter are now becoming the minimum requirements for any marketers (NB: social network sites vary according to each market and type of business)- would you create an e-commerce site without featuring the Visa, Mastercard or Paypal logos on your payment method section? Same goes with online presence and social media.

    Social media is now becoming a major part of online marketing activities- However it remains important to assess your resources and your business model in order to make the most of social media and to engage via the best suitable routes with your target audience(s)- eg: B2B business focusing in France- may use both Facebook, viadeo.com, dailymotion.com part of its social media strategy. Don’t start until you are ready!

    Follow us on http://twitter.com/TheRightJob

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency collection

    Great post, I would really be interested in knowing the specific age groups involved.

  • http://www.LocalLanding.com The Local Landing

    Great article. More and more businesses are beginning to realize the importance and benefits of a social media presence. It’s an important part of establishing a relationship with customers.

  • http://www.coolnitrocars.com andy bax

    Hi thanks for this great advice, i need to hook up with one of the big2 for good exposure.

  • http://www.gtwcmt.co.uk/Business/ GTWCMT

    I have recently completed another full year in new and fresh R&D looking at social networking and peoples willing-ness to buy and how it all works. In fact I bothered to write a 15 page document on on-line marketing and how a web presence works and its pitfalls.

    Tickle a fancy…
    Social networking works in a simple and easy way, if you have followers, they have an interest in what you do, Twitter does have the B2B people and this doesn’t really work, unless your B2B selling.
    Facebook on the other hand promotes more brand awareness, again this is NOT a pressure sale and people will friend or fan you as they like what you do. plus for those who post little tit-bits of information that is not hard sell or constant advertising will find that people can relate to them.

    Also while we offer services and people are friends and see the posts come up on their wall, if you are offering something then they will be more inclined to click your link.

    Two photographers make occasional posts regarding photography and it also states they do photography and a probably know for it by those who have read the profile.

    Clients do NOT come and ask them first. or go for a photo shoot idea..
    When a wall posts comes up with Have an exciting photo shoot with X Y Z for your XYZ with Promotion on ABC date, then people think.. Do I want that, would it be nice, OK I will contact them.

    We must never underestimate the word of Mouth.

    While you post articles that may be read by your fans and followers, if a person keeps you in mind, by use of light and regular brand (service or goods) posts then people will think I know this person.. here is a link.. to their friends.

    The Anti Christ.. Hide..

    Many businesses will over use social media as a marketing only platform rather than allowing for that something that is a little more personal and real that people can relate to. If they become the constant badgering business, then Hide is a button that they will click, so not so regular and interesting and ranging topics will always keep people interesting and more likely to read and also recommend if they can Identify, if not then you will effectively be blocked and kill any chance you may have.

    Twitter short comings.
    As we know (or should) 3 way media is the best for promotion, twitters short text posts do not allow users to see and be enticed as much as a video link or picture post with some further detail, this means that grab lines or buzz words have to hit home and stand out from the mess of posts which you may be accustomed to with twitters home page.

    The good thing is that integrating blogs with Twitter, and back to websites is a simple and easy thing to do; I would say is a must.
    You can combine feeds to post news on your site and other blogs and posts to allow you to focus on the key post areas, without having dozens of sites you need to post and keep updated.
    Fully integrating multi media platforms together gives you the best of all worlds.

    I suspect the next revelation will be the video blog/tweet/posts as these are a lot more successful than text (people to lazy to read) and a picture tells a thousand words.

    It is horses for courses, and we offer some of the best advice and information to businesses, with recent developments we raised a business client base by 100% in just a few weeks. But Social networking and promotion is NOT the beginning and the end, in fact many businesses need a complete overhaul.

    Some businesses have gone down the cheap route with the add-on.
    When using old sites and older methodology’s and cutting a link in or something more modern the whole site can look dated and a hash of mixed match ideas.
    Many sites could do well to have a complete overhaul with key concepts of today Internet users, search engines and customers requirements and expectations to offer a experience.

    A final quandary for you..
    What if social networks give you your clients and conversions, because mobile users find you using phone browsers; The on web conversion are easier to use than your website and google promotes these sites over yours leading them there first…??

    Mobile surfers is on the up..

    What about those users who do not have a high speed connection and find your website slow and chunky with long download times?
    Do you really consider all your users and potential customers?

  • http://www.shrijiinfotech.com Ravi Thakkar (Shriji Infotech – Ahmedabad – India)

    A new study detailing the likelihood of referrals and purchases from Facebook fans and Twitter followers has revealed, perhaps unsurprisingly so, that fans and followers are a brand

  • http://www.money-magic.co.uk/ Money Magic

    Gerat article, really interesting!

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