Brands Get New High-Speed Moderation Tool For Facebook Walls

Moderation tool helps brands manage reputation on Facebook

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Social network marketing company LiveWorld, has introduced a high-speed moderation tool for brands’ Facebook Walls and WebProNews spoke to Peter Friedman, Chairman and CEO of LiveWorld about the new tool.

Friedman said the moderation tool was created in direct response to requests from its Fortune 500 brand clients. "We provide both advanced power moderation tools and the actual moderators for our clients branded online community sites," said Friedman.

Peter-Friedman-LiveWorld "As our clients have started to grow their presence on Facebook we want to provide positive environments and good experiences for their customers. We already have been moderating Facebook pages for our clients and now are bringing our advanced power moderation tools to the solution as well."

Using LiveWorld’s proprietary tools, its moderators review, approve, delete, escalate and track Facebook Wall comments at a faster rate than Facebook’s native administration tool. In addition, the new tools automatically find the most recent post, even if it’s buried several pages down on a Wall.

When asked if LiveWorld would offer these tools on other sites Friedman said," we already moderate any user content site that our clients want us to, including Twitter, You Tube, user content sites built by their digital agencies and such sites that we build on our LiveWorld platforms."

When asked if he thought brand reputation management will continue to become increasingly complex, Friedman said it was a two-part answer. "Yes in that as customers flow about the widening social web, constantly reforming their connections and relationships, successful brands will be the ones that embrace and become part of that flow."  

"’No’ in that it’s really just basic relationship marketing applied in a new context. Many marketers are thrown by the jargon, and the complexity of some many different channels and platforms.  As brands learn to step back and look at the whole, recognize this is about creating consistent, persistent brand engagement across the social media landscape, not unlike how it has been done in traditional media, the problem becomes simpler."

Friedman said moderation is not just about managing and policing content. "It’s also about pro-actively engaging with your customers to set the story, tone and context of a community venue."

"We call that part of our services Social Engagement Moderation. It provides brands an opportunity to create extra value for their customers and bring forward their brand culture."


Brands Get New High-Speed Moderation Tool For Facebook Walls
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  • Bryan Person

    Mike: Thanks for sharing the news on our new Wall moderation tools. We really do see that effective moderation–including the “social engagement moderation” that Peter mentions–as a critical component in thriving online communities.

    The trouble with moderating on the Facebook site itself is that comments to older posts don’t surface to the top–making it difficult for brands to keep with everything efficiently, especially on Pages with high volume. Our tools help solve that problem!

    Bryan Person | @BryanPerson
    Social media evangelist at LiveWorld

  • Guest

    I’m not a moderator or programmer. I’m a facebook member. In looking for some way to locate a moderator of facebook, here I am. I used a search engine. Viola’. I have at least, 2, two, count-em, issues, make it 3, three, all, unresponded to by ANY kind of moderator. Make an exception- one was. The machine generated response I got in the past 24 hours. You know what you might do? Add a counter to your moderator program, & count the growing number of people at the site who find the same disdain I do. Your service will go far I suppose in serving the too-cheap to actually use live* moderators at a site. When I got hacked live about 2 months ago, the same old end-result occurred. Your program is a miserable failure at finding & resolving issues regarding dummy accounts. One of those was a collaborator in the game hack I incurred. In another game, I get player update posts from another* like account that facebook‘s security/block section’s results conclude with- nothing found. Nice idea you have of having an adversarial approach to easy targets, those being the people at/of the site who register there properly and look for their activity at the site to be unhindered by the kinds of folks you purportedly claim to be on the hunt of. Bull-. A truckload of it. Third incident was at a game’s main page where I was manually posting add requests. Your program auto msg.’d me to “significantly” reduce my posts or be subject to, my account, blocking and or termination. I’ll send you a screen shot when you make that available to me. I believe you already know what I received. People are sick and tired of running down blind alleys and into walls when they need to contact someone at facebook or any site, when serious issues occur. Waiting days, weeks, months, forever ad.infinitum, really, does not get it. In moments, minutes, hours, the purps’ have all the time they need to erase tracks and cover trails. Your machine-attitude and approach falls far* short of any real public / community service you could offer doing, by responding in real-time to a “sick-em!” call for assistance. That’s what live, real, moderators, are capable of. Your machines are out busy fulfilling the adage of no good deed goes unpunished. Or just ask your advertisers something simple.. would they prefer a facebook with say, 10 million members, or one with 1million and dropping? Check out some of the home page posts.. that are increasing in number.. group join-up posts stating, for example, I am leaving FB if they go to X $/month on June, July, or X month/X day. Or do you do the old approach?- A sucker born every minute.. ? If I had been able to locate a moderator ever, at FB, I would NOT be piggy-backing here with these comments. Doesn’t look like there is a high traffic rate here, & I’m not going to advertise for you by trying to add your site as a link on my FB page. This has really been constructive, & I know you’ll really give my points some serious thought and consideration and get right back to me with minimal delay on your part there. And you really are for the people who are members of sites like Facebook, and really have sincere interests in issues that are important to them.. one being, the ability to contact real people at FB. Isolation from their members is really the best and most direct way FB and any site can win the hearts & minds of its members. That’s why they, like you, can ignore posts and comments like mine, all the while knowing that your approach is what people are really looking for.

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