Bing’s Market Share Jumps Again

Experian Hitwise records 21 percent increase in January

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If the people behind Bing happened to make gaining market share a New Year’s resolution, they got off to a great start.  Experian Hitwise released new stats this morning, and the firm found that Bing’s market share increased by a significant amount between December and January.

Bing’s market share rose from 10.60 percent in December to 12.81 percent in January, according to Experian Hitwise.  That makes for a month-over-month gain of 20.85 percent, which is quite remarkable.

Bing didn’t just steal users away from its partner Yahoo, either (although Yahoo did experience a loss).  Industry leader Google, which tends to either hold steady or increase its dominance, saw its market share drop from 69.67 percent to 67.95 percent on a month-over-month basis.

The popularity of the Bing-Yahoo combo as a whole increased a fair amount (6.48 percent), then, which is good news for a lot of people.  Carol Bartz, in particular, could arguably use a win.

The interesting thing will be whether Bing continues to make this sort of progress following the whole "stolen results" brouhaha.  It might have hurt the search engine’s image, or, just maybe, it might cause more people to give Bing a try.

Stay tuned, and we’ll be sure to relay the February data as soon as it becomes available.

Bing’s Market Share Jumps Again
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  • Henk

    Google is extremely arrogant, I hope more people will see that now…

  • Guest

    Great news! This news must have Google really worried. I don’t support Google anymore, I don’t trust Google anymore and search results are a joke (favoritism of their own properties). Go Bing!

  • Jimmy Jones

    @ Henk ….. so true. They remind me of Coca Cola executives I used to deal with years ago….totally arrogant and think they can’t be toppled.

    Burn Google, burn !!!! Down with Evil!!!

  • http://pattayagirls.info JT

    Well that is great news and let us all hope the all the other SE’s follow suit.


  • http://www.mpdacrylics.com Guest

    It should be interesting. I don’t think google will lie down for it.

  • Guest

    I am sure I’m not the only one noticing that Google’s search results are becoming more and more useless.
    It is mind-boggling to me how many irrelevant and outdated results are increasingly popping up with Google searches…
    And suspicions of favoritism are not helping (they make perfect sense though: Google is dependent on their search engine for profits, so they must optimize results in their favor to sustain their revenue – and share price…). Their management knows this problem, which is why they are branching into other areas (mobile phones, apps, etc), but here the problem is that they MUST compete with other companies.
    Has anyone ever tried dealing with Google? About 1 year ago I set up an advertising campaign for a website. I have never encountered a company with such blatant and arrogant disregard for their customers. Communication was by e-mail only, I NEVER received any answers to my questions (all were canned and useless responses – just like their search results), and there is NEVER any contact person. I simply gave up dealing with them.
    With Bing I was contacted by their customer service as soon as I opened an account, I received appropriate responses to any questions I had, and I even was able to contact an account rep by phone (wow!).
    Guess which company has a better chance of retaining customers…? Google’s strength WAS its sheer market dominance, but that is finally starting to crack.
    Bing is currently the better choice – and as long as they are they will continue to chip away at Google’s market share.

  • Guest

    I use both bing and Google. Bing is new i use it some times. but still i use google since i have been using it for long.

  • Guest

    Bing it. …yes! I’m am happy with it. It works great for me. ..overtime I must as it improved alot, I mean alot. …at time I get better results on Bing than anywhere else.

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