Will Bing Catch Google?

BlackBerry Partnership Only the Latest Ingredient in Bing Growth

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Will Bing Catch Google?
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced today that Bing will be the default search on all BlackBerry devices – not only for the web, but at the OS level.

Can Bing catch Google in search market share? Tell us what you think.

On Bing’s Search Blog, Director Matt Dahlin writes:

Central to this collaboration, , Blackberry devices will use Bing as the preferred search provider in the browser, and Bing will be the default search and map application for new devices presented to mobile operators, both in the United States and internationally. Also, effective today Bing will be the preferred search and maps applications with regular, featured placement and promotion in the BlackBerry App World carousel.

Bing is also now shipping as the default search experience, and map app, for the newly released BlackBerry Playbook. Together, we’ll also market and promote the strength of our joint offerings as “Making better decisions with Bing on BlackBerry.”

These new experiences highlight how the mobile landscape is changing. Devices are becoming sensors that can provide real-time access to information to help people quickly complete tasks on the go. We’re going to see a convergence of search, commerce, social and location-centric services where Bing will provide the intelligence and the organizing layer in the cloud that connects a user’s intent with action, helping people be more productive.

For us, this goes way beyond a “search box” and links that rank URLs representing a set of web documents. For us, it’s about finding real tools that help real people get things done. Bing is about fast decisions, combining the topical graph with your social graph – as well as the geospatial graph – to connect the real world and the digital universe like never before. Doing this on mobile devices of all sorts is incredibly important to this effort, and our work with RIM will help both companies do great things for customers.

Yet more places to get Bing on more devices: http://tnw.co/jrO9cI 59 minutes ago via Seesmic Web · powered by @socialditto

It seems that Bing’s presence as a search engine is just growing and growing. In addition to this BlackBerry news, Microsoft recently announced a partnership with Nokia, which will also see Bing (as well as the company’s Windows Phone OS) coming to all Nokia smartphones and tablets. These two deals alone should be absolutely huge for getting Bing as the default search for more users, particularly as the smartphone and tablet markets continue to grow.

The Nokia deal was just signed a couple weeks ago. “Microsoft will provide Bing search services across the Nokia device portfolio as well as contributing strength in productivity, advertising, gaming, social media and a variety of other services,” the announcement said. “The combination of navigation with advertising and search will enable better monetization of Nokia’s navigation assets and completely new forms of advertising revenue.”

Nokia, while a force in the mobile industry for years, has yet to really make its mark in smartphones and tablets. RIM, on the other hand is firmly entrenched already. There has been talk about falling interest in the BlackBerry brand, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. BlackBerry is still huge, it has a new tablet to compete with the iPad in the BlackBerry PlayBook, and RIM just made a slew of new announcements, including new BlackBerry Bold smartphones, a new version of the BlackBerry OS, and improvements to enterprise/business use of BlackBerry devices.

What if Apple were to drop Google and go with Bing as the default search for iOS? That would be an exceptionally huge blow to Google, and it’s no secret that Apple and Google have developed an increasingly rocky relationship since Google entered the mobile OS game with Android (not to mention Chrome OS). Last fall, it was revealed that Apple and Google had extended their search partnership, but will this last forever?

As Bing expands its presence, things haven’t been completely rosy for Google. Sure, the company made the top of the list in reputation, according to new Harris poll, but Google still faces ongoing scrutiny over competitive practices (a new probe is expected to launch soon from the Federal Trade Commission, which some say could effectively turn Google into the new Microsoft, if it goes against Google).

Complaints have been rampant, with regards to the quality of Google’s search results, though they have gone to great lengths in recent months to address this with things like the Panda update, a new domain blocking feature, and the unveiling of the +1 button. But frankly, the average is probably not too aware. The average user is not looking to see what Google’s doing to improve its results. They’re seeing the results that they see, and if they’re not satisfied, that “Bing” brand that they keep seeing on TV may start to creep into their heads.

That’s another thing. Microsoft has been spending a ton of money on marketing Bing since it was launched, especially on television. Google does very little to market its search engine. Sure, they had that Super Bowl spot, but when was the last time you saw a Google commercial?

And speaking of television, that’s not the only advantage Microsoft has here. In the battle for the living room, Microsoft clearly has a giant edge over Google thanks to the success of Xbox. Google TV has not had much success yet. If Microsoft were to make the Xbox more web-friendly, and it seems only logical that they will sooner or later, Bing will no doubt be heavily emphasized.

What’s something else that people seem to be gravitating to almost as much as TV? Just ask fans of All My Children and One Life to Live. It’s Facebook. Guess who has a search partnership with Facebook. Bing not only provides web search results to Facebook, but continues to integrate Facebook into its own search engine in various ways. Friends are an important relevancy signal, and for many people, Facebook is where there real friends are. As I’ve said repeatedly, Google’s search results will never be as good as they could be without Facebook integration. I know not all of you are convinced on that one, but I still believe it’s a crucial factor in the advancement in search (at least as long as Facebook is the dominant social network).

As you now, Bing is also powering Yahoo, which was Google’s main rival in search not that long ago. Google has said repeatedly that Bing is its main competitor.

Bing says its share of the search market has grown every month since it launched. Many signs point to it growing even more in the coming months. Google still has many redeeming qualities, and I will still not go so far as to say it’s not the best search engine. I still tend to go to Google first for most of my search needs.. That said, I’m not blind to the events unfolding around it.

Do you think Bing has a good chance of catching up to Google in search market share? Comment here.

Will Bing Catch Google?
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  • Stewed

    I think there’s little doubt that Bing is making more and more in-roads every month when it comes to search. This deal with RIM will certainly be a step in increasing market share and if WP7 really takes off at some point, MSFT will be sitting pretty. Regardless of those things though, Bing has already been gaining some and people are becoming more and more aware of a viable competitor to Google. That awareness is more prevalent here in the U.S. but we’re starting to see signs in Europe too. As the global comminity becomes more aware of Bing and considering the quality I’ve seen in MSFT’s offering, I think Google is very likely to lost share over the next few years. Also, let’s not forget the potential of a Windows based tablet in the future that may become another avenue for MSFT to increase share.

    We’ll see how all of those things mentioned play out, but I think it would be rather foolish to deny that Bing’s potential to gain a significant market share is there. Certainly, some of the things I mentioned are still up in the air as to whether or not they catch on, but anyone should see the potential for Bing, even if some of products never become big for MSFT (I believe WP7/WP8/etc. will eventually become a player and that a viable tablet infrastructure will also catch on for MSFT at some point.)

    Bing continues to evolve and evovle very smartly in my experience. If they keep it up, I see no reason that Bing will not wield a good share of search at some point. It will be a battle and Google will attempt to do every thing they can to stem the tide. However, I find Bing to give me better results on average now and when others discover the same (Some people may not agree with that, but there will be others who do) I fully expect Bing’s growth to actually ramp up at some point, espeically globally. MSFT has made some smart moves the last year or so with Bing and the deal with RIM certainly counts among those smart moves. Plus, we can’t forget all the antitrust banter going on about Google. It’s pretty common knowledge what’s happening in Europe regarding that, but other regions and countries are also looking into antitrust claims and that includes the U.S.

    To close this all out, I just want to mention that I’m neither a Google hater/lover or MSFT hater/lover. I simply use what seems to get the job done and for me, that has become Bing more than Google. I still migrate back and forth to some degree, as I find certain things yield better results with Google, but, I find Bing consistently yields better results for me. Therefore, Bing has become the engine I use the most at this point. I think there’s room for both and others and Bing can open the door to other engines being able to compete someday. Of course, we could easily end up with a 2 horse race, but even that would be better for consumers than the 1 choice they’ve had for so long. When there’s competition, the players must than continue to evolve too keep up with each other (As we’ve seen for instance with browsers) and that usually leads to both being better and more user friendly. So, no matter which camp you decide to jump behind, it will benefit all os us if Bing gains the significant share they I see in it’s future.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      It will be very interesting to see how Microsoft does in the tablet space, which could indeed be key.

  • Paddy Reagan

    To me, this is just one more way Microsoft is trying to slime its way to market share when it’s unable to compete head to head. This time, however, they’ve picked a poor partner with Blackberry following Palm toward the garbage chute. This bing move won’t help. Most of the people I know resent lockout tactics. Search is a low interest topic–IE, not something that requires change. In that regard, I’ll keep Googling and the only Bing I’ll care about sings White Christmas.

    • sl

      Bing is definitely the future. We will see a very different picture in search by the end of year.

      • Peter

        are you willing to bet your life on that? :)

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      As you say, search is a low interest topic – could be why many BlackBerry users won’t care if Bing is their default search engine.

  • http://www.reydean.com Jeff Richecky

    I’m not sure if Bing will every actually surpass Google but it’s definitely going to make things interesting. Personally, Bing isn’t my search engine of choice. Google still ranks #1 for me. However, things may change in the future.

  • Mark Lane

    Bing became my search engine of choice last March after the last Google algo change. I find that Bing provides more relevant organic results and more of those results show above the fold. The Google algo change has delivered less relevant results for me personally, but most important, they tend to jam add content above the fold now…and the add content is looking more and more like organic content…very deceptive. For some searches (e.g., Cargo Carrier), there is an 11 to 1 ratio of ads vs organic above the fold.

    As long as Bing doesn’t fall prey to the same vices that Google has, it will continue to gain market share. My advice to Google is to go back to the days where you focused on delivering quality, relevant content vs. paid ads.

    • VG

      Funny, you say that about the algo change. I never mentioned this in my comment below, but this is exactly what I noticed too. It’s only after this that Bing results began to catch up/even beat Google results. I think Google screwed a perfectly good thing.

    • http://www.blissseo.com.au Mark

      That’s a great point actually, I am finding Google more and more annoying to look at, above the fold its jammed with ads and places listings, it’s just messy to look at!

  • http://www.rhrunkel.org Bob R.

    Never! Not in my lifetime! Becaue Microsoft does just copies something else! Bing probably came from Google!

  • http://speedoflightenterprises.com Max E. Keele

    Umm, nope. All Bing has going for it a billion dollars worth of marketing campaigns. What they’d need to catch Google is an engine that provides some sort of improvement in search results. A feat which I do not believe MS is capable of.

    • Peter

      I don’t think it’s a technological issue. They could easily do the same kind of search as Google. Their problem is,… then it would be Google.

      So they have to be different, and that means less good because at the moment, Google leads and in the land of search they will keep this up for a good long time to come.

      It’s not like Google is perfect either. In areas as social networks, Google sucks. There it is facebook that leads and it won’t matter what Google does, they’ll never be a leader in social networking. Social networking is not what Google is, just like search is not what Microsoft is.

      Google was able to take over the smartphone world. Why? Because it’s new. All players have equal chances and Google is winning this battle. The main reason being that they started caring about smartphones a long time ago, long before the others and,.. perhaps more importantly, they don’t have the legacy of an old system.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I won’t underestimate the importance of having quality results, but I wouldn’t underestimate the power of a large marketing budget either.

      • http://www.blissseo.com.au Mark

        Agreed Chris,

        I’m still a fan of Google but if MS play their cards right and really utilize social signals in their ranking algos they could surpass the quality of Google’s results quite easily if it’s done right…

  • http://www.computersecurity-services.com Computer Security Services

    There was lots of uproar when the microsoft internet explorer held a monopoly and finally fire fox rose in usage by internet users. It is time that the same thing happens with search engines. Google has had an unhealthy monopoly over the search engine market and the healthiest thing that could happen is that strong competition from Bing rises to the occasion and becomes an equal to Google. This would be a day of rejoicing.

  • VG

    Like most other people I have been a fan of Google search because of its accuracy. I am also fond of Microsoft since all my work is on their platform. It is in my self-interest to see them succeed. So I have been giving Bing a go periodically. Each time I would switched back to Google because I continued to find it so much better. On my most recent switch to Bing – a week back – I was relieved. I don’t think there is a significant difference between it and Google anymore. I have stayed with Bing and not suffered much of an impact at work. Google should be concerned.

  • Peter

    I always was a Nokia Fan….. and then they decided to go with Windows on their phones. #$%##%$@#@%$#%$#$% So now I am an Android fan. In hardware it doesn’t really make that much difference anymore anyway. Nokia lost its advantage there. Smartphone are hardware, but it is the software that makes the difference now a days.

    Why on earth people even want to consider Bing and Windows over Google and Android I will probably never understand. It’s not like I am a Google fan till death (I decided against Nokia the moment they weren’t the best anymore), but why would somebody want “mediocre” if “great” costs the same.

    Blackberry phones,…. why are those so popular?


    ah yes, of course, just like Iphone people: Fashion! People tend to buy things that make a fashion statement. What their phone says about them is more important than what they can say about their phone.


    • VG

      I am carrying around a Samsung Intercept. Let’s talk in a month’s time, after you have discovered how shoddy the Android experience it. Cannot compare it to Windows Phone because I haven’t used it. But I have handled iPhone extensively, and Android does not even come

      • VG

        [Sorry, didn’t get to finish the comment…]
        I am carrying around a Samsung Intercept. Let’s talk in a month’s time, after you have discovered how shoddy the Android experience it. Cannot compare it to Windows Phone because I haven’t used it. But I have handled iPhone extensively, and Android is nothing more than a truly shoddy clone of it. Where Android grates is in the extremely iffy touch/tap/swipe interaction. Some things became worse after I upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2 – like switching between Landscape and Portrait mode. There’s only two kinds of people who will stick with Android – the devoted open source community; and those with extreme prejudice against Apple/Microsoft. You don’t seem to belong to either camp so I guess you have not been with Android for long.

  • http://www.bontemedical.com Tony

    Ah “WebProNews” one of my favorite sites.
    If Bing pushes add content above accuracy and simplicity of search, then they are doomed. The mistake Google is making now, as was mentioned in a previous comment. Search as we know it is evolving and standard method of add revenue models will have to change to be competitive in the long run. The search provider has little time to relay the proper info of relevant sites to the consumer. If they smother you with add copy then the searcher will go someplace else. Bings relevance to providing a richer experience will help it steal market share from Google.

  • http://www.sahelmarketing.com SEO Expert SF Bay Area

    I “Google” and not “Bing” even once the last six months.
    Foe the same reason most users are still entrenched in IE6, most users will still predominantly use Google as far as Search is concerned.
    We know what happens whenever Microsoft dominates a market: stagnation.

  • http://thewebsensesolution.com Jon

    Since the (re)launch of Bing, there has been vast improvements with that search engine. However, I still consistently receive more relevant results through Google.

    • http://thewebsensesolution.com Jon

      I think a more interesting story will be Baidu vs Google if Baidu ever decides to go global.

      • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

        That would be interesting.

        • Stewed

          It’s funny that some people won’t give Bing a try simply for some personal, vendetta type reasons against MSFT. You know the ones I’m talking about: I’ll never try Bing; I hate Microsoft; Microsoft is evil; blah, blah, blah and etc. Why is it funny? Well, that’s simple really. It’s funny because they seem to think by helping create another monopoly, that new monopoly will somehow do things better than MSFT did. I’ve got news the people who think that way: When a company becomes the only game in town, that’s when innovation, creativity and useful updates get stifled. Think about it for a minute. We’ve seen a lot of changes from Google over the last year plus and many of those changes can be attibuted to either keeping Bing down or equal features offered on Bing. It’s certainly anyone’s opinion as to whether or not those changes have been good ones, but they’ve been implemented none the less. Do you really think Google is going to spend any kind of time keeping the search at the forefront if there’s no competition? I’ll answer that for you. The answer is no. Especially with all the other markets that they’re trying to get into or gain ground in. It’s easy to look innovative and creative when you’re trying to catch up, but companies rarely, if ever, put that same effort in when they have no competition in a market. Why spend time and resources on anything that you’re the only game in town in? If you really believe somehow Apple, Google, etc. are somehow immune to the stagnation that MSFT went through than you are truly some naive people my friends. They look cool and creative now, because they’re playing catchup in so many arenas and there’s a healthy level of competition on those arenas. Let them gain control the way MSFT did, for the periods of time they did and the tale will be exactly the same. Some new glamour company will come around at some point and these same people will lambast the ones they helped create and praise everything the new player does. That’s the cycle and it will continue. Your favorites now could very easily be the evil giant you hate so much in the future.

          Personally, I try my best to give any product or company a shot before blasting everything they do. I also try not to let bias get in the way of common sense. I’m not always successful probably, but at least I make an effort. The reasons I mentioned above is a big part of that reasoning too. I know that Apple, Google or any other current or future player will be no better if they become the only game in town. That’s why I root for no company really and hate none either. If they put something on the market that looks good, I’ll give it a go. Even if it doesn’t compete initially, if it looks promising, I’ll revisit the product in the future. And yes, that includes products from a company that may have become somewhat stagnant and is now trying to play a little catchup because of some new healthy competition. The rest of you can do as you like, but I’ll not miss out on what could be a great product simply because I’m to petty or blind to see it.

          I hope what we see is Google and Bing both being players and maybe some others will come along as well. If we see that, we’ll see a better eperinece for all. I’m happy to see the new players in mobile and I’ll have no problem is MSFT joins that group again with improved products because of the competition. I’l be happy if they put a competitive tablet OS out there too. Just like seeing MSFT making improvements, I’m also happy to see some competiton starting in the OS market. Apple is gaining and Linux has more of a presence than a lot of people realize, maybe even Chrome will gain some share to. Either way, the drop in Windows users, albeit a slow one, will motivate MSFT to make Windows better too and I’m very ok with that. That what competition does. companies aren’t evil or good, they’re simply bodies trying to make as much as they can. Even open source stuff may change completely if they gain a very healthy market share, because one things for certain: Things tend to quit being free and open when there’s a lot of money to be made. Once again, anyone who thinks otherwise is very naive and has a lot to learn about how things truly work in this world.

      • Juan Sierra

        You’ve gotta be kidding. That is a vulgar copy of google

        • Kamakshi Sri

          No Juan,Stewed seems to be too rational and I am damn sure that that is what we are going to follow soon. We really do not have any personal liking for any SE we want relevant results for our query. We want what we want, irrespective of who delivers it. We may for a time stick to but may not afford it in the long run.

  • Ryan Kempf

    I don’t think so just for the fact that Google is bigger and indexes more pages

  • http://www.mazahits4u.com Kazim Rizvi

    I think that Bing can give tough time to Google, but in the long scenario, it cannot compete with Google giant as it has much more resources than Bing or Microsoft or whatever their collaboration have.

  • Art

    Did IE catch Netscape?
    Did Word catch Wordperfect?

    It may be beyond expectations, but be ready!

    • sl

      When I started my first job, there was a debate of using Delphi or Visial Studio. The guy in charge decided on Delphi, in 2000. Everyone know what is Delphi now?

      When I learned SQL Server(6.5), people were in rush for Oracle. They never give a thought to SQL Server. 3 years later i end up converting Oracle application to SQL Server.

      Just three years ago, everyone were saying msft was wasting money on XBox. They don’t that anymore.

      One year ago, everyone say, msft is too late for the cloud computing wave. It will eat into microsoft bottom line. Today, msft is absolutely front runner in cloud computing.

      Three years ago, everyone say netbook threaten msft because 90% of them runs Linux. Today, you don’t Linux anymore.

      Today, everyone is saying microsoft is too late in mobile. again, msft is in danger. I say, Windows Phone will be #1 OS by end of 2012. This time I bet my life on it. I say Windows 8 will dominate tablet market by end of 2012, I bet my lift on it.

  • http://www.installhdtv.com David

    People still use blackberries? Who cares about the deal with RIM.

    • john hockler

      Not in our lifetime. Google is a verb; that’s pretty much all we need to know. When someone is at a computer they will use google. Who really uses search on a smart phone anyway?

      • http://www.blissseo.com.au Mark

        You’d be surprised how many people search from their smart phones, I saw some recent stats in an article, think it was WPN, anyway, it’s getting used a lot more than you’d think!

  • http://ultimatemarketingstrategies.net Peter Sundstrom

    A big marketing budget can make a huge difference. Just look what happened when Microsoft released IE and knocked off Netscape (which at the time had a huge market share).

    Admittedly, Google is not a Netscape as their fingers are in so many different pies.

    I think Bing will make some inroads, but I can’t ever see it overtaking Google as the dominant search engine.

  • http://www.rjdinternational.com Robert Duncan

    Very good points but they all have flaws. For example, bing partners with nokia and rimm. Is that because android has taken over their market shares? probably. I think android has grown faster than bing has with addition of blackberry and nokia. When was the last time you saw someone on the internet with a nokia phone?

    Bing buys tv commercials. Google doesn’t have to. In fact, bing is loosing tons of money. While google is obviously profitable.

    Bing partners with yahoo. If bing was to grow they would have to lose that partnership or the ftc would be all over them (again).

    Let’s face it. The reason soo many people are going from windows to apple and soon chrome is because everyone hates Microsoft. How is Bing going to catch Google if people can’t stand Microsoft.

    • Sam

      People can’t stand Microsoft or “you” can’t stand Microsoft? People who hate Microsoft are a minority and all are techies. Majority of computer, phone users don’t even know there is an issue with Windows, Microsoft or whether Apple is an OS. They couldn’t care less. It’s common sense. Microsoft hating is so 90s. Google is the new Microsoft.

  • http://www.mrmortgage.com.au Rick Adlam

    Bing will never catch Google.
    Google has 84% of the world market share, and Bing has 4%. Go figure. Google’s core business is ads from search. Microsoft’s core business is selling software.
    There is the problem. Search is not the most important thing to Microsoft, but it is to Google.
    Bing may be the default search engine on all Blackberry’s, but how fast can to reset that to Google? Out of the box or the first time you don’t like the search results? Take your pick.

  • http://africanmangoe.com/african-mango-plus.php DK

    It might be Bing for portable devices, and Google for laptops and desktops.

    I think that Bing’s partnership with Facebook will really help it. Now, for Bing to really become the SE of choice, I think that they’ll have to use FB to train a new generation of young people to use Bing as their default search engine. Then, maybe Bing will take over.

    But I do think that, indeed, Bing is catching up.

  • Sam

    I sure hope they catch up! I’m rooting for Bing. Google has become a joke. I don’t think Google will be around for too long. They are in self-destruction mode.

  • http://signature.eu.com/we-promote/search-engine-marketing/ Kent SEO Company

    The key is to control the medium people are using to access the internet. Microsoft aren’t new to this ofcouse having dominated the web browser market in the 90’s. Seems the “if it ain’t broke…” approach could work for them again. Although I’ve yet to hear anyone saying “hey let’s Bing it” – Just sayin’

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    I have try bing and it seems to force itself with graphics that most of the times I don’t like, google give you a choice, bing force you to their choices, I sense a dictatorship on bing and freedom in google. No thanks, I keep google as my main search engine.

  • http://www.blissseo.com.au Mark

    For the short term I don’t see them catching up but they are definitely going the right way about it and I think at some point in the future they will control a considerable share of the search market. I’d love to see a peek of the future in about 18 months time, could be quite interesting.

  • http://theuglyvirgin.com The Ugly Virgin

    I checked Bing search out just the other day and was very impressed with the change over the past year, since i checked them out last.

    They can catch up to Google if they stay focused and determined. google is great but I am not that happy with the latest changes. I think I have just become so used to using Google, it’s hard to get used to anything different.

  • Steve

    Bing is such a rubbish search engine. I cant believe that its gaining market share.

    Bing still has major indexing issues with sites randomly disappearing out of the index and .com.au sites not being ranked as Australian sites. These same sites have no problems in Google and rank well there.

  • http://signature.eu.com/we-promote/search-engine-marketing/ Kent SEO Company

    Google Named Most Reputable Company in U.S. – May 3, 2011
    Google has topped a list of the most reputable companies in the U.S., according to a Harris Interactive poll. Harris Interactive asked more than 30,000 respondents to identify the 60 most…
    (Full article at Mashable)

  • http://webhostingreview.info/business-hosting/ top business hosting

    i think there is no chance preferable i use Google as my search never tried it and like me there are lot will not go to it

    • me

      i love bing!
      i spent a decade using google and now done with it.
      bing suits Win7 so much better too – just visually, it’s a much ‘prettier’ webpage… :)

  • http://extremeseophilippines.com/ Jomer Gregorio

    I really hope that BING catches up. Google is acting like a “GOD” of the internet these days.

    They just need to improve on their algo..

    • http://www.wedgeim.com web design

      Never say never but I am sure Bing will Hurt Google , But lets face it bing has no depth that google has in the rest of its offerings. Bing is about money …so is google but at least they add value with products like gmail, Google apps, Apps for education, ect

  • http://www.maildistributioncenter.com Direct Mail Marketing

    I hope Bing catches Google. There have a chance to do it. Nothing is impossible!

  • http://anumuloyo.blogspot.com update pagerank

    I think google has known what bing strategy. Google has a lot of experience in facing their competitor. We hope bing could present good result serp and give us important life.

  • http://www.bestpassiveincomeideas.com Adrienne

    Bing doesn’t have to kill off Google, just wound them sufficiently enough to bleed away their absolute power.

    It’s beginning to occur to people that maybe Google’s constant algo changes are really the smoke and mirrors of a superficial authority (as made famous by Madonna and the Wizard Of Oz). Similarly, it’s beginning to dawn on people that Google’s defining “quality” content as being longer and less promotional carries the ulterior motive of providing a less competitive environment for their ads.

    All I know is that I have several sites that are on Page One of Bing and Yahoo and nowhere in sight on Google — a linked article is the best I can do.

    But don’t think that Google aren’t feeling the heat. Their latest innovation was to provide a giant background pic on the search page, kind of like…wait for it!…Bing. The backlash reduced them to turning it into an optional link within hours!

    P.S. Google should also keep in mind that people still have the option of “blocking” THEM.

  • http://www.jehzlau-concepts.com/ jehzlau

    2 to 3 years from now, Bing will rule the world! 😀 I’m beginning to love Bing now because it’s more accurate and I can easily find what I’m looking for.

    Google’s SERPs are frequently updated (almost every minute), but Bing is improving day after day. Live results and faster indexing of new pages will surely increase Microsoft’s search engine market share.

    For the search results, Bing has lesser spam than Google, and that’s an obvious advantage for Bing! :)

    I still use Google everyday, but my homepage is now Bing.com.

  • http://freelancewritingnet.com FreelanceWritersNet

    First Bing and Blackberry, then Bing and Nokia. Does Google have to be worried? You bet they do. Competition for the Big G is most welcome because we need alternative search engines to level the playing field over time.

  • http://stlouisseozone.com Dan@St. Louis SEO Zone

    It looks as though a split market may be coming further down the road. Bing seems to be making a valiant effort but they are no Google…not yet anyway…lol. I still find myself using Google 90% of the time. It does, however, seem as though Bing is not going to be ignored and that’s awesome. A bit of competition is usually good for us consumers.

  • http://webhostingreview.info/cheap-hosting/ top cheap hosting

    i think it will hurt the Google

  • http://www.joemartinez24k.ws/ Joe

    Make a Nice Living with your Own Home Business Visit http://www.joemartinez24k.ws/ Thank you Martinez24k

  • http://www.websitesfreeway.co.uk Websites Freeway

    I think with Bing’s connection to Facebook, then yes they may even overtake Google one day, although searches on social media sites may be mostly by a young age group. It’s always good to have choices and healthy competition to keep the big guys on their toes!

  • eelman

    Frankly, for me it’s purely an emotional decision based on 15 years of watching MS’s shenanigans in the software market. I’ll give them as little leverage as possible to suck me in to their world. Google is the anti-MS. No, Google isn’t a perfect; but it is a much better corporate citizen than MS can ever hope to be. So: No Bing, Go Google!

  • eelman

    I’d love to see the metric of how many people bypass their default Bing search to use Google anyway, compared to the opposite.

  • wilmont_proviso

    I use both Google and Bing, but I have been using Bing much more than Google. Too many ads on Google as people try to outcompete themselves for top placement. Google is overall more accurate but not always; mistakes come up in both search engines. For example, my home location:
    I live next to a lake. When I put my home address into Google Maps, Google Maps places my home in the middle of the lake. When I put my home address into Bing Maps, it puts my home right where it should be, on the street next to the lake. My neighbors have the same problem; seems like a glitch in Google. On the other hand, Google maps has more places and is more comprehensive.

  • http://www.rickgrossman-blog.com Rick Grossman

    The more that Google acts like Microsoft the more likely that Bing can catch them. Google has become the 800 lbs gorilla for those of us that seek to promote our web pages.

  • http://www.hedgehogdigital.co.uk/ SEO Bedford

    What if Apple were to drop Google and go with Bing as the default search for iOS?

    Don’t see this one happening anytime soon. It would be like Mac OS making a partnership with Windows.

    • http://www.freedomoffshore.com Freedom

      I think that Bing could catch up with google if they are allowed the freedom to do so and if the people behind Bing can rise up with the business strategies that could allow them to do this. While I am very grateful to Google for helping us all make money with their search engine rankings of quality web sites, I equally welcome competition from Bing who I hope implements even better SEO ranking policies than Google although I am grateful for what Google has done. Competition between these two and an equalization of their power can only boost freedom for all of us in conducting our business and SEO efforts.

      In Freedom

  • http://thewebtaylor.co.uk Web Design Portsmouth

    I think that Bing will have a big job trying to catch up with Google. Yes they may be in the hotseat for being the default Blackberry search provider, but Google is a household name. If someone talks about searching something online they refer to it as “Googling”, it would be very hard for another search engine to come in and take its place.

  • http://www.seonorthamerica.com Tom Aikins

    I’ve only recently used Bing a few times and the results I got were easily as good as Google’s. Google’s insistence on showing junk in their results — Demand Media’s crap like eHow and the rest — then I think Bing has a chance to gain some significant ground over the next few years.

  • Ken David

    yea i switched to bing
    goodbye my old friend Google.

  • Jason

    I am a mac and Iphone User, I liked google untill they entered the Phone market with Android, I now use Yahoo or Bing

  • http://www.mresforsale.org MREs For Sale

    Bing can catch google especially if Google keeps getting attacked by Uncle S. as has been going on of late. These attacks while deplorable and unacceptable will only weaken Google and allow Bing to possibly catch up. I hope Google stays in business because I really like Google and hopefully it will not become owned by Uncle S. since that would be bad for all of us. I would like to see competition between Google and Bing which will only be better for anyone who uses either one to make a living from.

  • http://www.infohiway.net/ Marvs

    Bing can catch Google but not in the near future. I’m seeing lots junks lately in Google results, if Bing can work on this and make improvements then they can gain a larger user base.

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