Bing To Users: We’re More Than Just A Pretty Picture

    January 23, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Been to Bing lately? If so, you may have seen a little tour of Bing’s homepage.

A bar appears at the top, which says “Bing is more than just a pretty picture. See why.” You’re then presented with buttons for “Show me” and “No thanks”.

Bing message

If you click the former, you’re walked through the following path:

Bing - more about today's hompage

Bing - move your mouse around

Bing - last week's pictures

Bing - what's hot

  • http://www.memoriasd.it Carl

    It should be a search engine. Nothing more.

  • Cecil

    I enjoyed the “Bing” without the advertisement – beautiful pictures from around the world – woke up to a different Bing and I do not like it. Will be looking for another Home Page! Is there a fix?