Bing To Be Sole Default Windows Phone 7 Search Option

MSFT will allow Google, Yahoo apps, though

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Consumers shouldn’t expect to be overwhelmed with search options if they decide to buy Windows Phone 7 devices.  A high-ranking Microsoft employee has revealed that there will be only one default search engine: Bing.

Bing logoMicrosoft, with its 90,000 or so employees, supposedly ran into some technical problems when it came to accommodating search rivals.  Greg Sullivan, a senior product manager at the company, explained to Stuart Miles, "The search engine has been heavily integrated into the OS, so it would be hard to offer an alternative."

You can either blame or thank the physical search button that Windows Phone 7 devices will sport, along with Tellme voice search integration.

Google and Yahoo fans – along with antitrust regulators – don’t need to get too worked up over this issue, however.  Miles wrote, "Sullivan . . . said that Microsoft would allow other search engines to create an app, or even, presumably, a hub . . ."

Google.com, Yahoo.com, and lots of other sites should be pretty easy to access, too, of course.

It’ll just be interesting to see if the lack of default search engine options bothers the average consumer, or perhaps boosts the popularity of Bing.

Bing To Be Sole Default Windows Phone 7 Search Option
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  • Guest

    Microsoft needs to ban Google completely and attract the attention of antitrust regulators. That way, Microsoft can say, “hey look, Google is the dominant search engine and you are doing nothing about their “Google Base, Universal Search, Google Maps, blah blah blah”. Attract some attention to Google’s antitrust issues which are plenty.

  • http://www.duran-seo.co.il Duran seo

    only he who completely fears its competition, and is not sure of its ability to compete in the search market will do such foolish move as blocking other search providers.

    this shows Microsoft immatureness

    • Roy

      Would you let your wife’s high school sweetheart live in your house,eating your food, using your clothes? Same deal. It’s like divorce in Texas. Somebody is about to lose a trailer.

      I know, we live in a world where the government requires you to let your wife’s previous lovers to have a room in your house…

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    good news and great article, i hope bing also sole default tablets too with cheap price

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