Bing Partners With FOX News On ‘Non-Partisan’ Politics Site

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Bing Partners With FOX News On ‘Non-Partisan’ Politics Site
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Bing announced today that it has partnered with FOX News Channel and Foxnews.com to launch Bing Pulse, enabling users to give real-time feedback to President Obama’s State Of The Union address.

This is part of a new political destination site from Bing at Bing.com/Politics, playing off Bing’s Elections offering. The company describes it as “a non-partisan online destination designed to meet this growing need for up-to-the-minute political information and second-screen experiences.”

At this destination, users will be able to watch the speech live with commentary from FOX News pundits and “other political experts” via Twitter. They’ll also be able to participate in the Bing Pulse survey, filter news from left, center and right-leaning national and local news sources, according to Bing. Users will also be able to access original videos of Jimmy Carter and Newt Gingrich talking about the State of the Union address.

“The Bing Pulse will allow people to join the conversation by ‘voting’ every five seconds on their reactions to the President’s speech,” Mark Penn, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft. “Real time results of the Bing Pulse will be shown at Bing.com/Politics and on FOX News Channel. We think this will be the largest live online poll in history.”

Bing.com/Politics is also unveiling its “social sentiment tracker” called Bing Beat. This will analyze social sentiment on Twitter associated with the address – topics like immigration, gun control and the fiscal cliff.

The new Bing.com/Politics will launch on Saturday.

Bing Partners With FOX News On ‘Non-Partisan’ Politics Site
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  • Peter

    LOL! Fox News and “non-partisan”? What an incredibly stupid idea…

    • SUZANNE`


    • barb

      stupid people watch local news

  • Bud Sase

    watch a lot of news. Fox News reporters like Chris Wallace, Brit Hume, and Bret Baer, and Greta Van Susteren are exceedingly fair in they straight news reporting.

    Liberal commentators on the channel like Dennis Kusinich, Geraldo Rivera, Bob Beckel, and Lesley Marshall do an excellent job of balancing out conservative voices like Karl Rove, Charles Krauthamer, and Bob Goldberg.

    Yes, the 8:00 to 10:00 AM and PM broadcasts are conservative- leaning, but there’s no indication that the people behind those shows will have anything to do with this effort.

    Comments like Peter’s illustrate the extreme bias and ignorance of the extreme Left. They believe that including any conservative opinion at all makes an outlet “biased” and would rather shut all such opinion down. Funny how those who decry intolerance the loudest are the most intolerant themselves.

  • http://www.allmutt.com Tom

    Peter, If you actually watched Fox you would see that they frequently have both sides represented unlike CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and especially MSNBC.

    • http://shirleykigerconnolly.com Shirley

      If more would watch Fox News they would be able to see things with both sides of the brain instead of left or right leaning. It is amazing when you get a chance at the truth compared to the lie. Would that all media would do the same. I’m glad we have at least one channel we can turn to to see the entire picture and make up our own minds. But it takes a thinking brain to realize this.

      • Angela

        Shirley you are so right !

    • denille campbell

      I have watched them all and I find the best all around balance comes from BBC America.

  • Tom

    Fox does present both sides occasionally, although rarely in a balanced manner. Usually when a non-Fox viewpoint is presented it is done so in a way that discredits the non-conforming view in various ways, like using an unlikeable or disreputable spokesperson.

    • herbert noes

      left leaning Obama man don;t want to see as it is wants a welfare state

    • June

      Oh, Tom, as if the other major news outlets don’t do the same in reverse. Fox,Fox,Fox all they do is find horrible things say about Fox. Doesn’t that alone give you a clue that some kind of hive mindset is at play? It reminds me of the Borg! Do they even know who they serv?

  • Carmela Stein

    This is my first time on bing. I won’t be back. Anyone who thinks Fox news is fair and impartial has no credibility with me.

    • http://Bing Richard

      Bye Carmela

    • http://Bing.com William Ashford

      Carmela are you worried about the truth???? Please leave Bing and go back do your koolaid drinking leftwing Commie Lib BS network

    • edie

      carmela,u r a twit if u really believe fox is not fair & balance so leave god bless

    • RICH

      No greatloss

    • Edward Allred

      So long lady. Remain ill-prepared. Some day someone will wake you up from your dream- world. We like I anyway.

    • Phil Vasquez


  • Ernie

    The extent that Fox News goes to be fair and balanced is Chris Wallace “occationally” making a half-hearted attempt to push back when a guest makes a blatent, over-the-top lie.

  • Larry S. Jackson

    Fox News in not nonpartisan. Visit Media Matters for America which documents examples of their misinformation and Right Wing bias in real time on a near-daily basis. I’m disappointed Bling would associate with Fox’s propaganda machine.

    • http://Bing.com William Ashford

      Mr Jackson with all respect I do not Believe a thing on Media Matters. More of the left BS Another George Soros owned company…

    • Earl

      U can’t find a larg % of what fox news reports on ,on any other channel. Becouse of the ajenda most other news stations have.NO other station will tell the truth & offer there opinion on the news. And let u decide what u want to believe.All the other stations will only tell u what they want u to here, with all the drama to try and get u to think only what they want u to think. Good example— there are hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S.A .who have protected there selves & family with a gun.The problem is trying to make people feel shooting or killing a rober,murderer,or rapist is an injustice.U need a mentaly challenged person with a gun to try and convince people it was the gun .Not the person who is mentaly handy caped. Where is the common sence in this kind of thinking that I keep hereing about.

    • June

      Perhaps Bling doesn’t believe in censoring free speech!

      • BeaJae

        It is “Bing”, not Bling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.nua.ie Nuasoft Web Design

    I think Bing have really shot themselves in the foot by aligning themselves with Fox.

    It’s leaving them wide open to accusations of bias. (Whether true or not)

    Maybe the genius who thought this up is after a job at Google :)

    • doug rower

      fox news is fair and balanced as opposed to the main liberal news available.

      • http://Bing.com William Ashford

        Fox news is fair and balanced unlike the CBS, NBC, ABC At least Fox gives both sides of the issue. Then it is up to you to decide what is the truth or a lie (BS). I side with FOX but unlike somany others I use common sence to run my life…

      • Donna belcher

        I think you need to look at the liberal press which chooses not to make our president accountable.

    • http://goog pamelak

      If Fox is leaving themselves wide open to accusations of bias, what can we say about the other networks? Certainly, you are not insinuating Fox is more biased than the others. Fox can support their view that they are balanced. I have not experinced the same on any other network. In fact, the opposite is true.

  • http://Suddenlink Ray thielen

    I have read all the comments up till now an I can see why we’re in the fix were in now we have gone from a beautiful place to one that is very much broken it will take years to fix how can we have gone so wrong!!!!

    • charco

      People listened to the liberals or didn’t listen at all

  • iota

    It is important to have our eye on the big picture, and not get lost in the side shows.

  • james

    I personally think fox is the best to watch.there news not like the others is open annd is about news.Not a bunch of one sided bullshit.

  • Dave

    I trust Fox to give straight news. I think it is criminal the way magor news outlets push the democrats agenda

    • Ginny

      Yes they do if you listen to other news channels it is like these feel good churches all are just trying to get your vote or money

  • Sandra Garber

    Thank God for Fox New ! They report ALL the news, not just what the Liberals want to hear !

  • bud

    Fox news is where you get the truth

    • http://Bing.com William Ashford

      Amen Bud

    • http://msn MR. TIM


  • vicki

    the prime time shows on fox do call themselves news journalists – they are commentators, but if you watch the news shows in the afternoon it is fair and balanced. There is a difference but liberal comentators like to call themselves journalists

    • R Mitchell

      He sounds good but that is nothing new/ We need action, not just words.

  • http://bing nancy

    Tonight we the people can voice how we feel.

  • charco

    It doesn’t matter what Foxnews says or does there are many that wouldn’t believe the truth if it bit them on the nose. If Foxnews gets it wrong and finds out it was wrong they correct it the others don’t. If you watched the hearings on gun control where the man from Newtown asked a question of those there on cspan then watched it on msnbc and also on Foxnew then you would have seen for yourself where the truth tellers are. With FOXNEWS

  • Earl

    To Mr.Ray theilen. We voted ” Ain’t I all that” who can’t seem to tell the truth becouse he told every one else under him to do his job for him ( just don’t get him trouble doing it).In 4 another 4 yrs.

    • Angela

      Nope they ( Obama supports dont care)sure dont . X

      • Barbara

        The community organizer is at it again. Same old same old. Those lousy republicans are still wanting to push granny over the cliff. Too bad he doesn’t have a mentor like Dr. Carson

        • June

          Barbara; Get a new Liberal talking pint would ya?

  • Glenna

    How many of the people who voted for Obama are actually watching this. They don’t care. Nor would they seek the truth to understand it.

    • Betty

      O hey watch but don’t understand or care to!

      • http://msn MR. TIM


  • Betty

    Here we go again!

  • J Flynn

    A stage set with actors “a lot about nothing”, with the star saying nothing new.

  • mary mossburger


    • Angela

      I agree Mary worst president ever .

  • joe bach

    Will Sharpton hold a vigil and a parade for the misunderstood Ca. cop killer (and others)?

  • http://bing Daniel Thomas Akers

    Do not look forward to tonight. Certainly, do not expect to hear anything new.
    President is not in touch with people of US.

  • Marcia granger

    I really don’t want to hear what he has to say!!!

    • http://msn MR. TIM


    • B.J. kUHLMAN

      why would anyone want to hear what he says. When his lips move he is lying.

  • steve

    He lies

  • Maggie

    Why the green ribbons?

  • Adrienne

    Why is gas so expensive and why so many out of work?

    • Adrienne

      Cut up your credit card, Me President!

      • Adrienne

        China uses so much coal. I don’t believe our president says the things he says.

        • Adrienne

          Where have we heard that before

          • Adrienne

            But business owners don’t do it on their own. I thought that’s what our president has said. I’m soooo confused. Oh we’ll maybe ill watch something I recorded on my DVR.

          • Adrienne

            Shame on us. We Republicans must be bad people. Our President thinks so. So, it must be true. NOT!!!!!

          • Adrienne

            How about drilling in Alaska. Lets get gas prices down. Such a shame Mr Romney isn’t our President.

          • Adrienne

            Terrorists must be laughing at us. Mr President I I feel unsafe while you are leading our country.

          • Adrienne

            Are you kidding about protecting our diplomats. Unfortunately, lol. Sadly, lol.

          • Adrienne

            You seem like a good husband BUT As President, that’s a different story.

          • Adrienne

            Criminals don’t try to buy guns legally. When did thugs who steal guns ever get a background check.

          • Adrienne

            Criminals don’t follow laws they just steal from the honest, hard working.

          • Adrienne

            What about putting criminals away for a very long time after they are found with a gun they NEVER purchased but rather stole.

  • Expound Truth

    “after a decade of war”……Like the enemy waging war against us, U.S., has stopped waging war, while he sequesters our ability to fight ‘n win.

  • Angela

    I am very ashamed to say I voted for Obama his first term . I regret that Desision . It’s a shame where Obama has taken n is taking this country . I voted for Romey in hope to get ride of Obama and his ways.

  • n. deo

    Green ribbons??????

    • Kathy

      What is that about?

    • Kathy

      What is that about?

    • Diane

      Red for Republican, Blue for Democrat, Green for Independent/Other party or no party affiliation.

  • steve

    Sad to see the pols to stand and clap every time like he is speaking truth….NOT! He LIES!

  • Pat

    Can’t watch this I;m going to hurl

  • steve

    Raising taxes is not good either!

  • Greg

    Lip service. Watch what he does not what he says. The only thing you can count on is rising taxes

  • Kathy

    He is delusional

  • steve

    Should never signed that stupid Obama care …regardless of what the nut job Pelosi said.

  • Kevin Cleveland

    ( WE THE PEOPLE) We are now divided and are no longer the United States. Make me your president and I will repeal every law possible.

  • http://bing Ginger

    Lies-Lies & more lies. They should have to take a truth drug before they give a speech!

  • Greg

    My healthcare premium went up 40% this year. Who is he kidding

  • Expound Truth

    When you look at SS, n medicare operations, its bureaucracy, n operation costs, eat up more than 65% of the tax dollars before even being applied to the citizens that law requires.

  • Mark crehan

    He just makes up numbers …. All BS

  • janyce myers

    That man can’t open his mouth without spewing nothing but lies. I still don’t know how he stole. The election.

  • n. deo

    Promised taxes would not go up. Haveo you looked at your paycheck lately??????

    • n. deo

      Where will the money come from to do all he is suggesting?? Hang on to your wallet

  • Maggie

    Why do I always feel that Mr. Obama is never talking to me. I cannot help but feel that he is talking to the uninformed. Mr. President, please do not insult my intelligence.

    • http://msn MR. TIM

      Pity the fools who aren’t as well informed as you. 1 st and last time i visit this site. Finally a non-partisan site sponsored by Fox news. Are you $hiten me? If that isn’t an oxymoron nothing is.

  • http://bing Ginger

    You can’t have a middle class with NO JOBS!!!!

    • Michael

      Agree ‘ ;not having a middle class , has been their agenda from ‘ day ‘ one .

  • William Slavik

    Lip service and most of all, just plan lieing

  • steve

    No…stop paying the worthless politicians in washington and tgat will help.

  • margie

    His lips are moving.. he must be lying..

  • Roger

    More and more bullcrap.

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