Bing Now Powers 25.6% Of U.S. Searches

    August 15, 2012
    Chris Crum
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comScore released its monthly U.S. search engine rankings report for July, which sees Google leading the market at 66.8%, flat from June’s report.

Microsoft sites were slightly up (0.1%) at 15.7%, followed by Yahoo sites (flat) at 13%. The Ask Network managed to climb 0.1% reaching 3% market share, and AOL remained flat at 1.5%.

Search Engine Rankings for July

Still, in July, 25.6% of searches were powered by Bing.

Here’s a look at explicit core searches from June to July:

comScore numbers

As you can see, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Ask all saw growth in that department.

  • Tominguez

    Bing, Ask and Yahoo and now experiencing lots of visits because people realized that there is no more shopping, most paid inclusions are irrelevant results and that bing and yahoo have nicer and more useful results for the average user. We are now getting 35% from Bing and 15% from Yahoo, Google down 95% but we got almost 70% of the traffic we were getting from google without paying ads and with much less effort and bad surprises. Bing is great, windows 8 will make it more powerful and yahoo is getting nicer results and quality traffic, weeks ago we bing google’s butt and the we yahoo them forever.