Bing Lists Bing’s Favorite Bing Features

    February 3, 2012
    Chris Crum
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A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that when we visited Bing.com, Bing wanted to give us a tour of what Bing’s homepage. It was very helpful of Bing to show us that they have old Bing homepage images available for viewing, mouseover facts about Bing homepage images, and trending topics that are quite visible at the bottom of the page.

Today, in a blog post, Bing is sharing Bing’s favorite Bing features.

“This week we have been encouraging people to take another look at Bing,” says the Bing Team. “To help folks who may not have used us in a while find some of our favorite features, we’ve pulled together a quick list of some cool things you can do on Bing that you won’t find other places.”

This should be helpful for all of those non-Bing enthusiasts who follow Bing’s blog. Bing’s “favorite features” are:

  • Bing’s homepage
  • Bing Travel’s price predictor
  • Bing Video’s “smart motion preview”
  • Bing Music’s artist pages
  • Bing Events’ “FanSnap”
  • Bing Local’s Action Buttons
  • Bing Maps’ Mall Maps
  • Bing Shopping’s Deals
  • Bing Maps’ Airport Maps
  • Bing’s presence on Xbox, mobile and iPad.

Bing’s share of the search market has managed to see continued growth in the U.S. Last month, comScore reported that its share was at 15.1% in December (compared to Google’s 66%). Yahoo’s share was down to 14.5%.

Do you have a favorite Bing feature? What is it?

  • Dave

    The best part about Bing is staying away from it. Microsoft already has more than they need and I’m more than tired of Google, bing and any other search engine that invades my privacy. Just say no to them all. Search the old fashioned way… use a map!

    Go with scroogle. o r g If you actually value your personal info while searching the Interweb.

    Beware of tracking cookies… my friends