Bing Highlights Why You’ve Been Using Google News

By: Chris Crum - June 25, 2010

Along with many other features Bing has launched this week, it has revamped Bing News, which now includes some new features.

For one, you can set your local hometown to get headlines from. Google has let you do this for quite some time, but Bing hasn’t, and now it does. Although you can include multiple locations in your Google News mix if you wish.

Bing News Gets New features

But that’s not all…

"You can easily tab through the details on the top stories, see more stories ‘above the fold’ and get the details of local weather," says Bing Senior Product Manager Jacquelyn Krones. "Now it’s the perfect place to start your day: get the headlines, figure out what to wear based on the forecast, and really get into the details on stories that interest you the most."

"For instance, let’s say that you are very interested in what Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is doing in Silicon Valley," she adds. "We’ve revamped our ‘story page’ for those times when you can’t get enough of a specific news event."

A story page will show several stories from various sources, sorted by best match. You can also switch it to most recent.  There is also a "latest stories" module that shows a timeline that indicates how many stories related to the topic were published throughout the week.

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  • Guest

    Great! I’m glad you guys are reporting more about Bing. I love Bing. I switched from Google about 3 months ago and I won’t be coming back!

  • me_too

    I switched to Bing a few weeks after it came out in June 2009. I was getting tired of the blank white Google screen, and wanted to something different. I still use a few Google products but fewer and fewer as time goes on. I’m trying to wean myself off of Google habit, and so far it is working. I now use a variety of non-Google services, of which Bing is just one component.

  • Google everywhere

    I switched to Bing about 6 months ago and came to google once or twice in that period. In MY view, Bing does search better and their contnte results are better organized. Say if I search YMCA Perth Amboy, NJ, Bing gives the address location and phone number well organized and google I get lot of links. Try it for yourself.

  • paintball barrel

    Sounds like it might be time for me to take another look at bing.. I havent used it in quite some time.