Bing Business Portal Affects Search Rankings

By: Chris Crum - April 13, 2011

Bing has replaced the Bing Local Listing Center with the Bing Business Portal, which is in beta. This is a destination where businesses can claim, verify, and manage their local listings in Bing.

“All existing listings on LLC have already been seamlessly migrated to the Bing Business Portal,” a Bing representative tells WebProNews.

It’s obviously a good idea to have a verified business in the search engine’s listings, but as an added bonus, it can actually improve your overall search rankings as well. “The details you provide can help modify how your business appears in the Bing algorithmic search results,” Bing says on a FAQ page. “Add photos, logos, contact information, payment types, menus, and other business details that help your business stand out from other local listings.”

“The BBP is just one of many ways Bing helps improve business rankings and local search results, and it’s a quick and easy way to help businesses improve their relevancy on Bing and increase the amount of quality traffic to their site,” the representative tells us.


Bing Local Listing

Businesses can identify specific search categories they want their listings to appear in.

There are even publishing tools that let businesses create mobile sites (and free QR codes) and menus (restaurants and bars) for inclusion on a mobile menu.

In addition, businesses can create deals, and these will appear in Bing search results as well (both mobile and desktop searches). They can also be published to Facebook.

“Any business can claim, customize, and manage their listing via the Bing Business Portal,” Bing says. “Currently Bing Business Portal is optimized for independent, locally owned businesses where the local business owner or store manager is responsible for making local advertising and marketing decisions. Examples include restaurants, bars, spas, florists, and the like.”

To claim your listing, simply search for it in Bing’s local results, then click the “change this business listing” link.

If you haven’t actually done this yourself, there is a good chance that there is still good information on the listing’s page, as Bing says it has worked with a number of sources to complete “as many details as possible”.

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  • Mike

    This is pretty sweet. I just updated a couple of my websites. It’s cool that Bing also gives you a free mobile website along with a mobile url.
    Great free advertising. I copied the mobile url’s and added it to the home page(s) so anyone that’s on a smartphone can click on the mobile url.

  • Janey

    They also give you a QR Code to all the mobile sites and stuff they create for you. Slick interface – makes google look like they’re still in the 90s!

    • Jim

      Actually its Bing that stuck in the 90’s. Google has abandoned QR codes (created in the 90’s) in favor of NFC tags. Microslop will still be playing catch up.

      • Janey

        You can’t put a NFC on print or TV advertising – so it makes no sense to see it as a replacement for QR Codes.

        I was referring to the interface – Google’s is still HTML form driven, no real dynamic navigation and use.
        The Bing people have made it more of an application. It will be interesting to see if this is a one-off, or whether they actually have the talent to take this to the next level.

        • Stu

          There’s not much point in responding to the children who try and post on here. Look at the comment he made. That person didn’t understand a thing you just said, just another foolish child trying to look cool by say things like, “Microslop.” No point if encouraging the kids by responding to them. Your post however was a good one.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    This looks like a great thing for business owners! Most business owners know that being listed in local search engines like this is extremely important, but they aren’t sure how to go about doing it. The easier it is to claim and customize your local listing the better.