Bing Ads Launches Keyword Suggestions

    September 18, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Bing announced the launch of a new keyword suggestions feature for Bing Ads (formerly adCenter). Advertisers can now apply suggested keywords customized, based on the ads and keywords they’re already using.

“On the Bing Ads Opportunities page, we now provide you with exact match keyword suggestions that we think are relevant to your campaigns and will help your ads serve more often,” says Microsoft’s Manu Aery. “The suggestions are based on the keywords and ads you’re already using in each ad group.”

Bing provides an estimate of how many monthly searches you could reach by using the recommended keyword, a suggested first page bid, a recommended ad group and campaign, an “easy” accept option to apply the suggested keyword, and an option to add unique destination URLs and parameters.

To access the feature, go to the Opportunities tab, and then the Keyword Suggestions tab.

Microsoft notes that API users will call the GetKeywordOpportunities API to get the list of keyword suggestions that are relevant to the specified ad group.

  • http://www.yashsquare.com Yashsquare

    Its yet another measure by microsoft, to popularise bing, and make the optimizers turn their eye on bing’s keyword research tool.

  • http://nangngucnoisoi.vn/ nang nguc noi soi

    I like the improvements of bing

  • http://tip7mcn.com/ tip bong da

    To access the feature, go to the Opportunities tab, and then the Keyword Suggestions tab.

  • http://dongphucbaonhan.com/ ao thun

    i like bing, i hope bing is king……..

  • http://www.keywordseopro.com Google algorithm

    This can be Bing’s way of attracting more advertisers to their site. While everyone else is busy coping up with the updates that Google is making, Bing focuses on what can bring them money. Maybe it’s their way of making SEO for Bing easier.

  • http://marketbold.com/KeywordMapPro/ Google Wonder Wheel

    Kudos to Bing’s improvements. A company should always innovate and think of ways to improve it’s current strategies.