Ben Parr Launches “The Peep Project”

By: Shawn Hess - March 1, 2012

After being fired from Mashable as editor-at-large, Ben Parr is working on his own startup. The project is titled, “The Peep Project”.

Parr comments on what he has in mind for the project:

“We are building an intelligent information assistant powered by time technology,”

“There is a massive information overload problem and we are going to fix that,”

The project was just listed on AngelList and here’s what he and his partners have listed under product:

The Peep Project (stealth name) is your intelligent information assistant. We’re focused on one thing: helping you manage your information universe. We are not building a Siri.

We think the way we interact with content is broken; we know there’s a better way.

We’re still in stealth mode, so we can’t say much more publicly, but send us a message if you want to learn more.

We’ll keep you updated on what happens with Parr’s latest effort. It will be interesting to see how the project manifests.

Shawn Hess

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  • ajay

    hi ya idea is good. Seriously it will be beneficial for most of the reader.

  • Ashli Norton

    I think we’re all looking for a better solution to the search engine. Go Ben for trying to make this happen.

    I can’t wait to see what it is exactly.