Beast Zuckerberg Now an Innocent Victim of People’s Instagram Anger

By: Josh Wolford - December 19, 2012

Beast, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s cute little Puli, loves cuddling and herding things (according to his Facebook page). So, it’s no surprise that Zuckerberg would post a photo on Instagram of Beast doing some herding. What is surprising is that angry Instagram users used the cute photo to lash out at Zuckerberg over “ruining Instagram.”

Some more comments from the angry users?

“I don’t want to see your fucking rich life here! Making more money off of other peoples ideas again is a dick move. I bet your personality is as dry as a desert. Cancel your account and go sit in a corner you asshole.”

“Fuck you, you’re going to ruin the internet age you bastard.”

Poor Beast. It’s hard being the dog of the guy who just ruined Instagram.

Except he didn’t just ruin Instagram. More on that, here.

[via Business Insider]
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    There is no point lashing out at Zuck. At the end of the day, he just realized that he paid too much to buy the company so now he has to get it back from the users.