Ballmer Could Be Out Of A Job If Windows 8 Fails

    December 17, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Is Windows 8 a bust? It’s far too early to tell, but some analysts are already predicting some pretty major changes at Microsoft if the company can’t turn its latest operating system into a hit. In fact, the company’s CEO may be in trouble.

The success of Windows 8, at least according to analysts, is being pegged on its adoption in mobile. Consumers are increasingly moving their spending to mobile devices and Microsoft has been consistently late to the party. Windows Phone 8 is only starting to catch on after years of abysmal sales for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 line, and the Surface isn’t performing as well as it could.

Carolina Milanesi, an analyst for Gartner, told the New York Post that “there is lots at sake in terms of the mobile segment.” She went on to say that Microsoft “needs to be successful in mobile.” It’s this success that may decide whether or not Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has a job in the future. He has bet the entire future of Microsoft on Windows 8, and that bet may not play out.

Of course, all of this is pure speculation on the part of analysts. They’re paid to make predictions, and those predictions sometimes end up wrong. Microsoft made a smart move by making the Surface RT available at more retailers, and consumers may really just be skipping on the Surface RT in favor of the Surface Pro. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, and Microsoft’s mobile division may have its moment in 2013.

As for Windows 8 itself, it’s only been a few months since its release. The operating system is outpacing Windows 7 in terms of upgrades, but there’s still not much data to go on to make a definitive call as to its success or failure. I’d say wait until the middle of next year, and the potential launch of Windows Blue, to see if Windows 8 really is the failure that some analysts expect it to be.

  • gilmarinside

    Bye bye, Ballmer!

  • AL

    As far as I’m concerned,W8 is a bust. It’s a typical MS product where is first put on the market and THEN developed into something usable. If I could return my new laptop, I would, and buy something with a usable OS-like an Apple.

  • asdx

    Linux for life.

  • Gollum

    If Windows 8 epic failure manages to get MS rid of Ballmer, I’ll buy a copy of it for celebration and keep it as dear as my Precious!
    Of course, I’m not planning to install or use it, after 1 year of unspeakable torments using 8 betas I’m glad to see it sinking like lead.

  • Vaughn

    I read a lot about the new Metro interface mostly bad but some good. I went to a local store and spent about an hour trying out the new system. My opinion is that I will not upgrade as I don’t like the new interface at all. Another thought is why should I upgrade to a system I don’t like and then spend a lot of effort to make it into something I can like. I use a desktop and multitask with several programs open at one time. I have always upgraded with each release. Not this time.I will just wait it out until Win 7 is no longer usable.

  • Jerry Baxter

    Horrible. Widows 8 or upcoming windows blue. I will not use them. I will stick with 7 until its no longer usable and then make a decision.

  • Argonaute

    The nonsense one can endure when reading articles and comments is phenomenal. The business community is holding back while waiting for Windows 8 Pro Surface, I do anyway. Then again why the manufacturers should be unhappy? They will go in competition to beat Microsoft in price, tech specs, design, etc. They will kill each other and make Surface the most sought after hardware in the industry. The bottom line is that Microsoft will be laughing all the way to the bank. Linux? plase let me laugh!

  • Barry

    My old XP died so I looked for a Win 7 desk top. Coudn’t find one. Win 8 was pushed on me as the latest and greatest. After three days of terror and confusion I demanded- and got, my money back. A minor repair job restored my XP. I will NEVER TOUCH WIN 8 again. My tech is confident Win 7 will be available for a long long time- even XP. The Win 8 debacle could kill Microsoft unless someone wakes up and takes notice.