AT&T No Contract: Mobile Giant Joins The No-Contract Revolution

    May 9, 2013
    Shaylin Clark
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AT&T has announced the launch of their own no-contract mobile provider. The new subsidiary, Aio Wireless, is launching this week in three markets – Houston, Orlando, and Tampa, with a nationwide rollout planned over the course of the next year.

Aio Wireless will offer customers a variety of plans ranging in price from $40 to $70 per month, as well as a $15 per month tablet plan. The basic plan is available only for feature phones (i.e., not smartphones) and gets you unlimited talk, texting, and data. Of course, this is AT&T, so “unlimited” doesn’t actually mean unlimited when it comes to data. Under this plan your data connection is throttled after 250MB of use. The intermediate plan, dubbed Aio Smart (as in, smartphone) is much the same as the basic plan, except now your data connection gets throttled after 2GB of use. For $70 the Aio Pro plan will get you a whopping 7 GB of data usage per month before you get throttled. The $15 per month tablet plan gets you a paltry 250MB of data before you get throttled.

As with other no-contract providers, you are free to either bring your own phone to Aio Wireless, or purchase one of the models they have available. Their smartphone selection is decent but fairly iPhone heavy (they have at least two models of every iPhone since the iPhone 4), and light on high-powered Android devices. Of course, since there’s no monthly contract, you pay full price for any phone you buy through Aio.

There’s no information yet on which markets Aio will be reaching and when. Much will depend on how popular the service proves in Tampa, Orlando, and Houston. Given the recent popularity of no-contract mobile providers, though, it seems likely that Aio will be sticking around for awhile

  • http://Yahoo Joe Genna

    First I left ATT landline when their customer service was terrible, and switched to Cell Phones only via Sprint.
    Later switched back to ATT for cell phones because they had the IPhone. After two year contract was up they wanted to charge a reactivation fee for the three phones we had with them in order to renew!

    Needless to say we went with a different provider. How dumb can they be, when companies are fighting for customers and they let three walk away because of a needless fee.

  • Mary Wilkins

    Will I be able to use my current AT&T IPhone 5 my bosses bought off contract for me back in December when my IPhone 3GS started having a white screen and glitching? I currently use a Go Phone $50.00 pre-paid card on my IPhone 5, but cannot get picture mail. I sure hope so. I am already paying $50.00 per month. I would pop for the $70.00 per month plan. I hope I have as good coverage as I have with my Go Phone Card on it.

  • Rey

    You are too late! just switched to Tmobile.

    • RAymond

      I agree I too just switched to TMobile. More than enuf issues with AT&T and now they trying to make way for better service. They have to start with there customer service and making sure the job is done and customer is happy and recheck in a few days for a follow up. But thats way to hard. Always about the money and what I the customer can do for them…

      No thankx, I’ll give TMobile my time and effort awhile to see how well they have improved since i had them a few years ago..

  • Jerry

    Been using US Cellular $40 a month prepaid plan for over a year now. No complaints at all.

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    • http://solavei.com/siamese3 Leah Ulrich

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  • http://www.sem-advance.com Clint Dixon

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