Apple’s Siri Patent Reveals Even Brighter Future

    January 19, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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Very recently the United States Patent and Trademark Office published the patent from Apple’s Siri digital assistant service. The details of the patent reveal some interesting concepts about the design and theory of the interface. The information now has many speculating about where the technology is planned to go in the future.

Some items which are listed on the patent, as expected, which are slated to recieve Siri technology are iPod, iPad, iMac, MacBook but also an Apple TV and Camera. Interesting!! It sounds like the manufacturer is going to bring Siri into every part of our entertainment lives. Imagine a television (iVision) that even renders the remote a dinosaur. I like it!

From the same vein, I can see a camera that requires no user, and by that I mean, it can take your picture while you direct it from various vantage points without physically having a hold of it. This could have great private and professional utility. We’ll see.

If your wondering what kind of information a patent provides, I have included this (below) input/output diagram from Patently Apple. It definitely doesn’t tell the average consumer very much. I’ll follow up on this story when I can make more sense of the diagram….maybe.

  • MonkeyMo

    There’s a lot of interesting information in patently apple’s report. Some information a consumer could understand and other information is really suited for super geeks and engineers who eat these types of schematics for breakfast. It’s one of the reasons why I like that site. It’s okay if I don’t get everything. But at least it makes me think and that’s the fun part. Thanks for your report.

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    Apple always set a good example of “thinking big”. Siri, without any doubt, leads a another revolution of artificial intelligence to a greater extent. Maybe in the future we don’t need be so smart cuz the digital assistant can do us favors many ways.