Apple’s New iPhone Ad Abandons the Word Barrage, Is Much Better

    April 26, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Apple has just released a new ad for the iPhone 5, and it’s good. Much better than their previous efforts, in fact. It’s a one-minute ad called “Photos Every Day,” and uses a simple fact to make a point about the device’s massive popularity.

“Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

And with that, the only words in the ad, Apple builds a nice commercial around the act of snapping pictures with the iPhone. Gone is the barrage of words that they’ve been throwing at you with their previous ads, and it’s been replaced by a subtle piano. Apple is at its best when making ads like this. Let’s hope it continues.

  • http://www.quantisoft.com Howard Deutsch

    The iPhone ad is effective. My next phone will likely be an iPhone. I and some of my family members and friends have had significant problems with all of popular the Android phones. I don’t know how many of the problems are due to phone quality and reliability problems and how much of the problems are due to Android. In any case, people I know with iPhones have no problems.