Apple Vs. Samsung Verdict Has Big Effect On The Market

    August 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Unless you were away from the news this weekend, you no doubt know about Apple being awarded a little over $1 billion in their patent dispute with Samsung. We can argue all we want about the jury’s incompetence or a patent system that allows Apple to own the triangle, but it’s not going to change the verdict for now. While we wait for the inevitable appeal, let’s take a look at how the market is reacting to the decision.

It was revealed today that Samsung’s market value plunged 7.5 percent after the ruling. That’s more than $12 billion in market value that just vanished over fears of Samsung’s products being banned in the U.S. Those fears are not unfounded as Bloomberg reports a judge will be hearing Apple’s argument to have the Galaxy S and S II banned next month.

Unsurprisingly, Apple is doing much better. The company’s share price shot up to $680 this morning. The increase in price pushed their market cap up to $637 billion as well. It’s gone down a little to $676 per share, but the shares are still up by 2.10 percent from Friday’s closing price of $663.

Even though the case was about Apple and Samsung, we can’t forget about Google. There are some who suggest that Apple was only using Samsung to get to Google. The company said in a statement that the verdict has little to no effect on Android, but the markets obviously don’t see it that way.

Google closed on Friday at $678 per share. The company’s shares opened at $663 this morning and have been somewhat erratic since. The shares did hit a high of $670 per share, but quickly shot back down to around $663. The shares are currently climbing back up to around $668.

Verdicts like these are always going to disrupt the market in some way. I didn’t expect Samsung to lose $12 billion in market value, but the company seems to be taking it in stride. They just announced a new version of their Galaxy Player and are expected to show off other hardware at IFA this week.

Patent wars between technology companies are going to make the market somewhat tumultuous for the time being. Investors in Apple are the big winners today, but a future verdict may hurt them somewhat. It’s hard to see Apple, or Google for that matter, losing major market value, but smaller players like Samsung have much more to lose. Here’s hoping we can find a solution to the endless patent trolling and litigation before it really causes some harm.

  • brandon

    Apple’s just mad cause no one wants their post behinde the eight ball phone. Besides this is dumb they use Samsung chips in the phone hello #bullshit get a life apple you don’t own everything.

    • Nik

      Hey Brandon,
      This is nothing but protecting your own interests. Apple is doing what is right to protect 4 years of there R&D they spend into making there gadgets look the way they do.

      Samsung however got a designer to rip all that work of in 3 months, and Samsung dint have to make any design risks with approaches.
      They used apple success to make a name for themselves.

      Since Apple’s UI approach worked out, Samsung had to take no risks at all in making there devices look like Apple’s.

      If you need proof on that take a look at all Samsung phones post the launch of iPhone, and you’ll see what I mean.

      Apple has learned from its mistake it made in the past, with Microsoft stealing there Macintosh GUI concept and look where Windows OS is today compared to OS X, at least in terms of popularity. They just don’t want history repeating all over again. Not this time, with the Mobile revolution.

      Apple had the genius to build something great.. now its there time to protect that by taking copy-cats to court.

  • samson

    yeah damn right .apple’s a 3gen.. madness

  • Georgy

    first of all the prices at which apple sells its products is an outrage compared to the price at which it is manufactured…samsung delivers better at cheaper rates…people complaining about android..its getting better with every upgrade…this will hurt the customers more than samsung