Apple Unveils New iPad Commercial

"It's already a revolution and it's only just begun"

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Apple begun airing a new iPad commercial last night entitled "What is iPad?" The new ad is a slight departure from their "normal" advertising. As the name of the ad suggest, Apple asks the very simple question and proceeds to answer it in a very whimsical way…

"iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful. iPad goes anywhere and lasts all day. There’s not right way or wrong way. It’s crazy powerful. It’s magical. You already know how to use it. It’s 200,000 apps and counting. All the worlds” websites in your hands. It’s video, photos. More books than you could read in a lifetime. It’s already a revolution and it’s only just begun."

Do you have a problem with the way Apple is advertising the iPad in the new commercial? Let us know.

One of the reoccurring complaints I’ve seen is that people really hate the iPad being referred to as "magical". Personally, I thought it was a bit much… but you can watch the ad below and make up your own mind.

MacRumors points out that the new iPad ad pays homage to "What is Newton?", an Apple commercial from nearly 20 years ago. For those of you who don’t remember the Newton, it was the first PDA, which was released in 1993. They also state that "If Apple keeps up with the theme, we should be seeing a "Who is iPad" ad and "Where is iPad" to mirror Who is Newton and Where is Newton."

Do you have any complaints about the new iPad commercial? Tell us.

Apple Unveils New iPad Commercial
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  • GP

    I’ll wait for the Verizon – Google version. Jobs gets on my nerves and I don’t want to run everything through him before I make a purchase any way.

  • http://www.molej.com Mole J

    I don’t have a problem with the ad, but I do like the iPhone and iPod commercials better.

    My favorite are the iPod commercials, the music, the video, and the iPod go great together.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I’m sure Apple will go back to that, since it’s worked out so well for them in the past.

      They seem to do one “different” launch commercial, much like the 3GS heist commercial… then go back their traditional style of commercial.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://www.deanflory.com/ Dean Flory

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve heard or even read “electronic mail”. Time flies!

  • Joules

    I’m a Mac evangelist. If I had money for every person I’ve turned ‘Mac’ over the years (since 1986) I’d be a very rich man. Yet I find it hard to see who this gizmo is aimed at. You’re stuck with the storage you buy. It’s hard to get anything ‘onto’ it… other than via downloads. I’d like to be able to play DVDs on it… then it would make a great in-car thing for kids on a journey. I’d like it to have an SD (or similar) slot. Then it would be great… still not a laptop, but great.
    The commercials are very American to a Brit like me. I don’t find them offensive in any way and, love him or hate him, Steve Jobs is responsible for a modern revolution that’s taken personal computing from geekdom to freedom. The man’s a genius. I guess most people like that are flawed in some way or another, but we’ve all benefitted from his vision.
    I love Macs, but I’m not sure about the iPad at all. I think it may well follow the Newton into the thrift stores of tomorrow.

  • http://rohanpai.com Rohan Pai

    As i saw this one i found another one thats very funny!! Check it out –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R8mr5QS72I I love the new commercial it makes the ipad seem so bold and confident although it obviously doesnt state it cant play flash or multi task. The ipad doesnt seem like something i would take everywhere tho because i wouldnt want to damage such an expensive device.

  • Guest

    Its entirely too presumptuous and pompous.

    If I walk up to you, and try to sell you my car by calling it the best car that ever existed, your going to be insulted that I thought I could sell you with such broad and grandiose claims, instead of selling me on the real functions and quality of the car.

    You’d be right to be offended, because I’m basically assuming that I can sell you using a strategy that only works on people of low intelligence.

    This ad follows the same selling strategy, assumes that people already are / should be in awe of the i-pad, and that they can sell by merely affirming the publics assumed already great opinion of the i-pad. Because it sure doesn’t sell the i-pad on any real benefits, and even if it did, they would be drowned out with the hyperbole.

    Its very similar to the Dodge commercial thats out now, which essentially states that they are “giving people 60 days to decide, but they would be stupid if they were to take that long”. What do I know of Dodge from a hole in the wall? Why would I not need that time to evaluate a product which has a very low level of allegiance in the overall market, and which I have never owned? This commercial caused me to marginalize that company in my mind more than they already were, due to lack of respect for the intelligence and decision making power of the customer.

    The i-pad commercial, while not as bad, caused me to do the same thing with apple. The only thing that saves them is that they actually do put out very unique high quality products, that enjoy better allegiance and a better reputation. However, I don’t have an i-pad to help me to agree with their claims, and so the commercial still sends the wrong message. Its still insulting. I cant believe that these companies do any market testing of these commercials, because not only are they useless to sell their product, but they actually turn me, and probably others, off to their company.

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