Apple Apparently Thinks People Still Buy iPod Touches

    July 24, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Apple is very successful at what they do. They are able to single-handedly convince people to hand over large amounts of money for iPhones and iPads. The company thinks that this tactic also works for their other products like the iPod line. It used to work, but I don’t see much point in trying to sell people what is essentially an iPhone without the phone.

Apple sees a point, however, with rumors from 9to5Mac pointing to a new iPod Touch to be released alongside the new iPhone this September. Continuing in the fine tradition of nerfing the iPod Touch to be one generation behind the current iPhone, the new iPod Touch will be more like a iPhone 4S.

The rumors point to the new iPod Touch at least having one thing that its newer contemporary has – a larger screen. Leaked front frame images show that that iPod Touch will get a slightly larger four-inch display. That’s where the similarities end, however, as the new iPod Touch is reportedly getting the current gen A5 chip and an iPad inspired shell.

It still remains to be seen if the new iPod Touch will be running on iOS6. The iOS5 for iPod Touch page features a teaser for iOS6 near the bottom, so it seems likely.

It’s a little disappointing to see the iPod Touch get increasingly ignored over the last few years. It would be nice if Apple would bring it up to par with the curent iPhone builds. Some of us just want an iPod Touch and it would be nice if we could be on equal footing with our iPhone toting brethren.

  • Dan

    You are obviously out of “Touch”

    Even my 12 year old son has figured this one out. The joke is on the people that buy iphones.

    My son uses his touch to do everything an iPhone can do. Because of the amazing amounts of Free Wifi, he can text, and call from basically anywhere he goes. He doesn’t have to pay for minutes, he goes to the bookstore, they have wifi, he can call me, he goes to MCDonald’s, the toy store, school, etc etc wherever there is wifi he can make calls FOR FREE, he can also FaceTime with me FOR FREE. At home he’s on our Wifi so he has his own phone number and texting.

    when there is Wifi around he can do EVERYTHING an iPhone can do with NO minutes fees or other fees. It’s just like an iPad that is not connected to a cellular network.

    In addition, his touch seems to operate Faster than iphones I’ve seen. There is still a huge market for this.

    He has said… why would I need an iPhone or iPad, I can do anything I need on my itouch.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      I can see that the iPod Touch definitely has the kid’s market cornered, but is it a viable platform for adults? While parents buy their kids these things, adults with disposable incomes buying for themselves make up the bulk of any sales. Sure, you can use Wi-Fi to emulate phones on the iPod Touch, but there are a lot of dead spaces without Wi-Fi unless you live in a large city with massive Wi-Fi coverage. I don’t doubt the iPod Touch’s appeal to kids and parents, but I don’t see it being that lucrative of a business compared to the iPhone.

  • bingethinker

    Over half the iPods sold are Touches, so Apple doesn’t just think people buy them, they KNOW people buy them.

  • Comeonnoles

    I love the iPod touch, what would be a gamechanger
    would be an IPod Touch with a cellular for data only! I think
    Apple fears that the touch could potentially canabalize
    the iPhone!

  • Fozzy

    My 30 year old wife loves her iPod touch. It’s a blessing when she’s traveling and can write a quick email from her hotel room. As adults, it’s much better for the price because we’re not paying $100/month for an iPhone with a data plan. My mobile phone costs $12/month and here’s costs $30.

    We have paid back the iPod touch and more in the monthly costs of an iPhone.

    I used to use my iPod touch until I got my iPad.

    This article really is ignorant of the iPod touch market.

  • Christine Nicoletti

    I think the iPod touch is great, does what I want it to do. iPod/Pad/Phone are expensive, particularly as here in the UK we pay in £sterling for what consumers pay in USD for the same product.