Apple’s Quarterly Earnings In Perspective

By: Shaylin Clark - January 27, 2012

Earlier this week Apple released their earnings report for the first quarter of FY2012. As we reported then, the company had its best quarter ever, bringing in $46.33 billion dollars in revenue, beating estimates by more than $8 billion. That’s an awful lot of money; more money, in fact, than most of us can wrap our heads around. To help with that problem, Ryan Orbuch and Caroline Quinlan have produced a website that puts Apple’s best quarter ever in perspective.

At you can see a list of things that, well, Apple made more money than. Here are some examples of things and people Apple made more than this quarter:

– 2,204 Mitt Romneys in 2011

– the amount that 1,447 Alex Rodriguezes would make in an entire year.

– the value of all NFL franchises combined.

– over 160 times the cost of the Louisiana Purchase (in 2011 dollars)

– the cost of sending the entire population of Vatican City to space. Twice.

– what is needed to buy 20% of Google’s outstanding shares.

– a stack of $1 bills over 3,000 miles high.

– twice as much as RIM did over the whole year.

– the amount needed to make 4 Large Hadron Colliders

– two Microsofts.

– the cost of all 10 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

– any non oil and gas company in history in a single quarter

– Me.

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