Apache HTTP Server 2.4 Now Available

    February 21, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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The popular Apache HTTP Server software has just received a long-overdue update. According to an announcement from the Apache Software Foundation, Apache HTTP Server 2.4 is available now.

The update includes several major improvements, including better overall performance, asynchronous I/O support, better timeout and rate/resource limiting capability, and more. Apache HTTP Server was originally released in seventeen years ago. Since then it has gone on to power almost 400 million websites world wide, making it the most popular web server software available.

The Apache Software Foundation’s statement on the new release can be found here. A full list of enhancements and new modules in Apache HTTP Server 2.4 can be found here. Apache HTTP Server is free and open source, and is available for download from the Apache Software Foundation’s website.

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