Anonymous Own3r Continues To Mess With GoDaddy, Links To Anonymous Message [Updated]

    September 12, 2012
    Chris Crum
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In case you haven’t been following, GoDaddy suffered a major outage on Monday, temporarily shutting down numerous sites across the web. Anonymous member Anonymous Own3r claimed responsibility for an attack on GoDaddy early on, and has been tweeting about the ordeal ever since.

This morning, GoDaddy put out a statement saying that it had not been hacked, and blamed the outage on internal issues. Anonymous Own3r’s response to that was:

Anonymous Own3r later tweeted, “I think I will have to bring down godaddy.com again, so this way they would admit instead of hiding the attack.”

Since then, it’s been a series of tweets including one linking to the following Anonymous message to GoDaddy:

Anonymous Message: GoDaddy

————–>Follow @AnonOpsLegion / @AnonymousOwn3r on Twitter<--------------

Hello Citizens of the world, We are Anonymous. Dear brothers and sisters. Now is the time to open your eyes and expose the truth!

It has come to our attention that Go Daddy, an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company has gained the attention of anonymous and the world yesterday as it was experiencing "intermittent outages."

As silly as it seems, many members of anonymous are still puzzled whether it was truly an Anonymous member or a government entity is still unknown. However, many of us have concluded that Go Daddy was taken down because of its support for SOPA, the "Stop Online Piracy Act."

Go Daddy has committed many blatant attempt to destroy the Civil rights of the Ninety Nine percent. Political website that contained stinging criticism of the Obama administration have been removed by Go Daddy because it was, in there words, "maliciously harmful to individuals in the government."

Therefor Anonymous asks the ninety nine percent to boycott Go Daddy and remove there hosting to another domain name servers.

Anonymous would like to point out that Go Daddy who is, currently running millions of sites around the world, is actively putting SOPA, a bill that was petitioned by four point five million people, into effect.

Manchurian Candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, has already committed many acts of destruction against the constitution of the United States claiming it as an "Imperfect document" and he has already signed such unconstitutional bills as NDAA "national defense Authorization Act"and Executive order NDRA "National Defense Resources Preparedness." These bills are violations to our constitutional and civil liberties.

People of the world, Our internet freedom is dwindling because of government tyranny. For the love of all our future and humanity, wake up and open your eyes before the United States of America follows in the footsteps of Communist China.

We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

we do not forget.

Expect us.

See: http://www.infowars.com/obama-truth-team-orders-godaddy-to-shut-down-website/ [Obama Truth Team Orders Go Daddy To Shut Down Website]

and http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2008/03/godaddy-silence/ [Go Daddy Silences Police-Watchdog Site]

Other recent tweets include:

No word on any of this from GoDaddy since the statement. There is talk on Twitter that the code he uploaded is fake.

Update: GoDaddy VP, Public Relations, Elizabeth Driscoll, tells WebProNews:

The “source code” released on Twitter is not Go Daddy source code. It is code from a 2010 app called ttpython. To see where the files originated, you can visit http://code.google.com/p/ttpython/source/browse/#svn/trunk/godaddy.

For more coverage, see this page. You can see both the latest tweets from AnonymousOwn3r and from GoDaddy from one page here.

  • http://www.godaddy.com Steve

    Apparently this anonymous members is illiterate. Maybe it’s time to pick up a book there guy.

    • TheSavage

      English is not his primary language…Not everyone speaks english! I swear us Americans have such a God complex sometimes. We go to other countries and say “Why dont you speak english?”…I swear the nerve of some people!…

  • http://twitter.com/vitaemachina Vitaemachina

    The source code leak is a crock of crap. It’s a line for line match with this:


  • Joe

    With this information I have decided to move my websites to Amazon. Since Godaddy has failed to say what has happen or how they fixed it. Ive lost alot money and it makes me even more mad now that is was an internal problem and not a hacker.

  • http://storiestrendingnow.blogspot.com/ Stories Trending Now

    There’s no point putting the contents and business of millions of people at risk just to make a name for oneself.
    There’s nothing to brag on this.

  • allen

    wow.. these anonymous had good reputation and now it’s just childish play. they’re eager for some mommy attention. it was proven they didn’t actually hack the FBI with apple’s data, and now it will be proven they didn’t hack godaddy. Idiots. their actions are making us all wanting net neutrality look bad.

    • Junior Cole

      Agreed. I used to like their viewpoint, even though I didn’t agree with their methods. Now they’re just being childish bullies. Now many of us who speak of neutrality aren’t taken seriously due to the actions of these so called “hackers”

  • http://alljknews.blogspot.com jknews

    Good old Anonymous: just liars and thieves, not real hackers.